If The Crown Fits: Stunning Royal Women

Kate Middleton may have made headlines as the hottest commoner to become a member of England’s royal family, but all over the world there are other beautiful crowned women who go largely unacknowledged. Style, poise and impeccable taste in fashion set these ladies apart — jewels or no jewels on their heads.

Others on this list are known for exactly the opposite of Kate’s class and elegance… some of these royal women have indulged in pretty salacious behavior! Just because Kate might be more famous doesn’t mean she’s the most scandalous or controversial.

Princess Beatrice of York


Princess Beatrice is the older sister of Princess Eugenie. As the first-born to the Duke and Duchess of York, she is seventh in line to succeed current Queen Elizabeth II, her grandmother. She regularly attends royal events, even though she is not a working member of the Royal Family and therefore does not receive a royal salary.

But she still represents her family well in the various causes she supports, even being the first member of the Royal Family to run in the London Marathon when she raised money for Children in Crisis.