Disturbing Truths About VH1’s Dating Naked Series

Not everyone dares to appear on a show called Dating Naked. One of VH1’s most ambitious projects, Dating Naked only lasted three seasons. Those seeking romance bared it all in the name of love. Some found what they were looking for while others weren’t as fortunate. Now that the show hasn’t aired any new episodes since 2016, some behind the scenes information has surfaced. Learn some surprising facts about one of the most awkward and revealing shows in TV history.

No Censor, Big Problem

MS Shepherd/Pinterest
MS Shepherd/Pinterest

Contestants of the show were told their private parts would be censored in production. While for the most part that is true, the network had one mishap with a model. Jessie Nizewitz received tons of messages from people who say they saw her private female part on national television.

She was wrestling with a date on the beach and found herself in a compromising position. If she had been censored, her being on all fours and mooning the world wouldn’t have been a problem. After she found out, she filed a lawsuit for $10 million against Viacom in 2014.