Diplo And The Jonas Brothers Collab For The Country Song You Didn’t Know You Needed

When you think country music, you don’t usually think of the Jonas Brothers and Diplo, but the music superstars want you to think differently. They’ve just teamed up for a country-themed single for Diplo’s upcoming country album released under his birth name, Thomas Wesley.

The new song is called “Lonely” and was released alongside a music video. The video pokes fun at how Diplo live-streamed Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s wedding earlier this year. In the video, Diplo persistently contacts Joe and his brothers to apologize for ruining the “private moment” of their wedding. The video ends with the group finally calling the DJ back, only for his phone to die.

They started to tease fans about the collab earlier this week when Diplo “hacked” the Jonas Brother’s Instagram account. He posted various pictures and stories on their account, and fans weren’t sure if it was for real or not. The brothers were commenting things like “seriously this isn’t funny” and it had some fans concerned. Clearly, it was all for show and played well into the theme of the music video.

“Lonely” is the first collaboration between the Jonas Brothers and Diplo, and the third collab off his new country music album. He previously released “So Long,” featuring Cam in May and “Heartless,” with Morgan Wallen in August.