Did You Know These Stars Are Still On The Market?

Being a high-profile celebrity means one’s love life gets a lot of attention. Being in the public eye 24/7, having a healthy bank account, and being appealing to the eye attracts many. That goes for males and females. Stars can basically get anyone their hearts desire, so why is it that some stars are still single?

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There are some high caliber celebrities who are still on the market. It is quite unbelievable that no other star has won their hearts for good.

Of these celebrities, you have Rihanna, Adriana Lima, and Zach Efron to name a few. Granted, Rihanna just recently got out of a relationship with “One Dance” singer, Drake so there is that. But what about Mr. Efron? How does the former High School Musical star have no mate?

Those three are only the tip of the iceberg because the list runs deep so just focusing on the most surprising singles will be more appropriate.

For starters, how about pop sensation Taylor Swift. She seems to always be in the media about having a new boyfriend or having just gotten out of a relationship. Lately, news surrounding her relationship status has been rather quiet. This is also probably why she has not released an album in some time. She only makes number one songs after a bad relationship or so they say.

If there is anything predictable about Swift, it is that she does not take long to bounce back into a new relationship. Let’s count the days until she is back in the headlines with another boo so we can get another hit song to groove to!

Switching from music to acting, we have the incredible actor, Michael B. Jordan. The young and upcoming star has been in several award-nominated films in recent years, including Creed, when he got the ability to showcase the heavy artillery he has concealed under his shirt.

Surely, he has to be off the market by now but the exact opposite is the case with Jordan. In fact, he is so single that there were rumors going around that he was into other guys. The Fruitvale Station actor took to Instagram to address the rumors saying, “whoever is angry, bitter, upset for whatever reason—grow the [expletive] up. Because karma is real.”

He did also say that he usually takes the high road on negative comments but apparently, calling him something he is not is where the future Black Panther villain draws the line.

Then we have actress Rachel McAdams who’s love life is often the hot topic of discussion. Many wanted her to stay with Ryan Gosling forever but you don’t always get what you want.

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She has been in other relationships since him but nothing has been long standing which leaves fans baffled as to why she has not settled down yet. There are past reports that she likes to keep her relationships private but we all know that media outlets would spot her out getting cozy with another man in a heartbeat.