Crazy Tom Cruise Movie Facts To Get Your Pulse Racing

For nearly 40 years, Tom Cruise has been one of the biggest movie stars in the world. From his breakout role in Top Gun to the franchise lead in Mission Impossible, few stars boast the resume that Cruise has. He’s also worth a cool $500 million. He’s kind of a big deal. With four decades of movies under his belt, it’s fair to assume a lot of interesting things have happened behind the scenes. Here are the craziest Tom Cruise movie secrets you need to know!

He Won’t Sign Onto A Movie Unless He Gets To Do His Own Stunts

Murray Close/Getty Images
Murray Close/Getty Images

Tom Cruise famously performs the most dangerous stunts in all his movies. Watch any Mission Impossible movie, and it’s shocking how much danger the action star is willing to put himself in. Cruise reportedly refuses to sign onto movies that won’t let him do his stunts.

Say a movie wants to cast Cruise but won’t let him jump from high rise to high rise for a critical chase scene. The producers better start looking for a different, more risk-averse actor. Tom Cruise feels the need, the need for speed!