‘Counting’ All The Duggar Family’s Facts And Secrets

The Duggars’ story started out like many others: two people got married and quickly became a family of three. But very soon, they were a family of five, then ten, then fifteen… and now that number stands at an astonishing 21. Their unusual clan drew lots of curiosity, and their fame grew rapidly once TLC started following them for a reality series about their lives.

On 19 Kids and Counting (previously 17 Kids… and 18 Kids…), parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar tried to paint a picture of their big Christian family as happy and normal, but it’s clear that there were some bizarre things going on behind the scenes that contradicted what they publicly preached. Read on to learn all about the most eyebrow-raising facts about the Duggar family.

Jim Bob And Michelle Got Married When They Were Still In Their Teens

Michelle Jim Bob when they were young

Jim and Michelle Duggar were married when he was 19 and she was 17. Michelle couldn’t wait, sharing on her blog later that she “was just all bleary eyed and in love. I couldn’t wait to be married and be called ‘Mrs. Jim Bob Duggar.’ That was the dream of my life.”

Every year on their anniversary, July 21st, all their kids gather around to listen to the audio recording of Mom and Dad’s wedding ceremony. Unsurprisingly, many of the Duggars’ children have gotten married pretty young, too.