Christmas Gifts From Clueless Grandmas Can Be Hilarious

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. No fear of Halloween haunts and you don’t have to worry about whose house you’re going to for the turkey. No, Christmas is the day where you can sleep in if you want or wake up early in your cozy pajamas, go to your presents and be prepared to be filled with bliss. The only issue you might face when opening your gifts are the weird items that clueless, but well-meaning, grandmothers give. This list is full of epic gift fails from grandmas.

Don’t Forget To Wipe


Grandmas and those who are not very versed in the realm of gift-giving all need a proper lesson. The only thing positive about this present is the smile that this guy gives. It could be a sarcastic one but still, at least he makes this moment half bearable.

In all honesty, did his grandma think he was having a baby soon? What made her think he would enjoy some on-the-go wipes? There may be 55 in this pack, which is a lot but this really wasn’t the best gift option. Giving someone any type of toilet paper is sort of disrespectful. Her grandson deserves better.

How Kind Of You, Grandma


This Reddit user posted this image and described what exactly was going on. “My 84-year-old grandmother apologized for having to wear her nightgown in front of us,” he wrote. “I said it was no problem and that it actually looked very comfortable, so she immediately offered one to me. It’s not like I could have rejected this generous gift.”

It sounds like grandma lucked out and just gave her grandson this gift instead of trying to go out and buy on. At least it’s better than two dollars, right?

So You Want An iPad?


You can expect that during the holidays, electronics are the number one requested gift. That usually translates to some Apple product since everyone loves iPhones and iPads. Speaking of iPads, for future reference, next time you request one be sure to be specific.

Tell grandma exactly how many gigabytes you need because if you leave it up to her, this might be the situation you end up in. Receiving an eye pad instead of an iPad would put a damper on anyone’s Christmas. Would you be upset or understanding if this happened to you?

Someone Call Verizon For Granny


This gift took a long time coming, literally.This grandma missed the memo that people send picture messages through their phone and not through the mail. The Reddit user who posted this said this was the “slowest picture message ever,” and he was not wrong with that assessment.

She looks to be so happy to be taking this picture for her grandson too! Oblivious to the fact that she could have sent this in a matter of moments, what a shock it must have been once her grandson got this in the mail as a gift!

Sorry Cousin, It’s Mine Now

This guy is enjoying this gift a little too much. Look at how he has the dog in the picture as he rests on the bed with that finger in his mouth. Is he flaunting this fail of a gift off or is he being funny?

“Opened my present from grandma early,” he wrote. “I think this present was intended for one of my girl cousins, but I’m keepin’ it.” It looks like he is happily showing off his gift that was more than likely meant for someone else. Because clearly, unless his wife gave that to him, why else would he have reason to wear this?

It All Leads Back To Grandma

We’ll start things off with this unhappy man. Newspapers run this type of feature every year for the holidays. When Kevin Mack from Grove City, Ohio was asked what his worst gift was, he didn’t hesitate to tell Columbus Alive.

His life apparently is worse than some of the gifts you are about to see. And if you trace it back, you could say his grandma is responsible for this gift.

Did You Ask For Heavy Duty Or Not?


Receiving stationary as a gift isn’t as bad as it sounds. You could get a really neat notebook that you always pass by but never purchase because it doesn’t fit your budget at the moment. You may also get some cool writing utensils so you never know.

However, there are some stationary gifts that are just dreadful to have to open up on Christmas. For instance, what if you get some staples? Who would want that? But is that really as bad as a heavy duty tape dispenser? According to the recipient of this gift, it’s the worst Christmas present ever.

How Kind Of You…


Did you read what the letter wrote? “You won $2 dollars. Here is that $2. Merry Christmas!” There is no way that grandma went out of her way to give this as a gift. Grandmothers should know better. But when you think about it, the older they get, the gifts they give begin to become less extravagant.

The original idea of giving the lottery scratcher was a good idea but we all know how hard it is to resist scratching those things. But next time, grandma has to try a little harder not to ruin the gift.

Cover Your Nose, Sweetie


How’s this for a fail? For all of our male readers out there, would you ever picture yourself wearing something like this in your teenage years? We like to think the majority of you said no because this is probably only wearable when you’re alone at home or if it’s a part of a costume.

If this boy were to wear this school then he would be the laughing stock of all his friends. The Reddit user said, “My 94-year-old great-grandma made this for me because she said it is too cold.”

Is This Necessary?

If this isn’t the most out-of-left-field gift anyone could get then we don’t want to know what’s worse (oh just wait, the list gets crazier). Grandma must think her son is Bob the Builder to make a gift purchase of this magnitude.

What was the allure of this gift that captured the attention of this buyer? All this item is, is a walking broomstick. Now the owner of it doesn’t have to walk to where he keeps the broom to be tidy. He can accomplish a drive-by sweep.

One Sick Joke

This “gift” was a stocking stuffer. And we hope the recipient understood that this was just a joke and he or she didn’t take it so hard. It’s usually the batteries that aren’t included so the joke is right there when it says gift not included with the battery ready for use.

Sometimes, you expect there to be at least a decent gift in your stocking but to get this is just all bad. This is a great prank to play, but not such a great one to have played on you. Good job, grandma.

A Child’s Worst Nightmare


You’re 11 years old and Christmas is your favorite day next to your birthday because you get all the gifts that you asked for. Candy, games, and toys are your favorite things at this age so anything that has to deal with actual work is just a drag.

But on one Christmas morning, your grandmother gets you a “game” thinking it will be exactly what you like. Once you open up the gift, you find out it’s the only game you don’t want to play! This kid was bummed, to say the least.

Spicing Up Your Gifts With This One


“My friend’s grandma or G-Ma got him this present for Christmas,” wrote a Reddit user. Well, it could have been worse. It could have been an inappropriate picture. However, the fact that she’s tilting her glasses down a bit on the top picture makes this a bit creepy. Why is your grandmother sending you pictures like that?

Not only is this gift a fail but it is also a tad unsettling. We hope his friend didn’t laugh at him hysterically once he saw this. This is quite funny with a touch of absurd.

The Granny Sweater


Getting someone clothes that they didn’t specifically ask for as a present on Christmas is tricky business. For one, you must know their size and secondly, you have to know what type of style he or she likes. The look on this girl’s face says it all.

This is not the style she likes and it’s probably something that’s never going to leave its place in her closet or dresser. When it comes to gifts from grandma (unless its a prank) you can bet its always from the heart. But this gift isn’t cutting it for her.

The Snack Attack


Let’s all stop for a second and think. Can you count on your hand how many times you’ve received some kind food (not including candy or sweets) for Christmas? If you so happen to get food a lot as a gift then maybe this gift isn’t all that surprising to you. If someone were to give you a bag of baby carrots, however, would that be a good food gift to give?

This is something anyone can get at their local grocery store. It’s not like it’s an exotic treat or something that’s limited. Grandma must really want someone to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Another Apple Deception


Like we said earlier, electronics are the number one requested gift during Christmas time. And as we also said, when requesting an Apple product, sometimes you need to be a little specific. This could have been another genuine purchase made by grandma. You tell her iWatch and she goes out and finds you exactly that so can you be mad at her?

As a matter of fact, it probably was harder for grandma to find this watch. You don’t see an actual “eye watch” around that often.

Mildly Inappropriate Shark Gift

The thought was definitely there with this gift but was the placement of the shark’s fin properly thought out? If the boy was older, this would have been even more sketchy. At least he has an excuse of “he didn’t know any better” but this is still very interesting to look at.

Rather, this is almost disturbing to look at but we’re willing to bet whoever took the picture couldn’t contain their laughter. This is the year the kids stop asking granny for a gift.

Not-So-Subtle Message


For a man, accepting that you’re balding is a tough pill to swallow. You’ve known your hair and taken care of it your whole life and for it to decide on its own that its time to vacate the premises can be heart-crushing. And it’s even tougher to hear it from others that your hair is going bye-bye. So for this man’s grandmother to gift him with this is a below-the-belt punch for the ages.

She probably didn’t mean any harm by it and she was just trying to help, but this is terrible for the psyche of this guy.

Didn’t You Know That You Smell


This is either a really good pun or a poor attempt at trying to satisfy a grandchild. We’re going with the latter because not every grandma is that funny. And clearly, by the caption that’s on this picture, you can see that whoever got this was not a happy camper. A bottle of body wash and a mini-flashlight as a gift is a combination that probably no one has asked for in the history of Christmas. At least now this lucky gift recipient doesn’t have to make a trip to the store for some new body wash for a while.

Did Grandma Know?


“My grandma got me this shirt, I don’t think she gets it,” wrote this Reddit user. The question is if grandma really knew what this meant or if she thought her grandson only like freshly trimmed grass.

Either way, this man can’t wear this and keep a decent image out in public. It would be a great shirt to wear around the house and to show your wife but if you wear this out in public you might get a couple of dirty looks and some laughs. But do you want that kind of attention?