Check Out How These Famous ’70s Babes And Dudes Look Now

It may have been decades ago, but the ’70s was full of stars that we may never forget as generations continue to pass. Iconic films were made in that decade making for more iconic characters to come along with those films. Movies like King Kong came out in this era and that is a movie that everyone will remember due to its larger than life nature. Actors and actresses such as John Travolta, Harrison Ford, Jane Seymour, and Jodie Foster are among the long list of stars from this decade. Click through and see how these stars looked back then and how they compare now.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has been around the movie sphere for quite some time now. He got his start when he began to get roles in Westerns, and in 1973 he starred and directed in a Western called High Plains Drifter. His dabbling in both directing and starring in films did not stop there; he went on to do much more after that. He is getting up there in age now, but back in the day, he was a prolific action movie actor as well. A few of the films he has directed are Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. If you are interested in watching one of his Westerns, then try out Play Misty For Me.

Barbra Streisand

Streisand is more than just an actor. Much like Eastwood, she has done more than just appear in front of the camera. She also isn’t getting any younger, but she still holds some of those good looks she had when she was a much younger woman. Streisand is a singer with her early works coming from the ’60s. She has collaborated with artists like John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Blake Shelton and tons more. On top of being a singer, she has produced her own fair share of films as well. The multi-talented actress has had a great career with all she has accomplished.

Jane Seymour

Once a Bond girl, always a Bond girl. And let’s face it, you have to be hot to score a role as a Bond girl. Seymour was and is still looking rather well for her age. She has gathered two Golden Globes and one Emmy during her career. One of her more recent films and roles was Wedding Crashers when she played the hot cougar that wanted to jump Owen Wilson. You can say her good looks come from her staying in shape. In an interview, she says, “A lot of people give up on keeping in shape. I want to be in optimum health until the day I die.”

Cybill Shepherd

Shepherd won Miss teenage at the age of 16 and from that moment on, doors began to open up for her. In 1966 she earned Model of the Year. Shortly after that, she appeared in her first movie, The Last Picture Show in 1971 which was critically acclaimed. She also was in a few more movies in the ’70s such as the film Taxi Driver. However, it was not until the series Moonlighting that she saw her career in acting stabilize. If it were not for her modeling career, a director would never have seen on a cover of a magazine which led to her playing in The Last Picture Show.

Michael Caine

Michael Caine is more than just Alfred Pennyworth for those of you who loved The Dark Knight. The Oscar winner has been in over 100 films and got his career breakthrough with Zulu. He has been in films with Sean Connery and Laurence Olivier back in the ’70s. There really is not a role he has not tackled with the force of an NFL linebacker looking for a new contract and that just shows his work ethic and skill in the world of acting. That is one of the reasons he is widely respected in the industry and still gets roles even at his age.

Meryl Streep

A walking legend is what you can call Meryl Streep. You won’t believe that she wanted to be a lawyer but when she overslept an interview for law school that dream sailed away with the wind. Others would panic in that situation but she turned into a successful actress and some even consider her to be the best actress of this generation. She went through the ’80s playing a plethora of different roles which showcased her talent. Although, it was the ’70s was when she came into acting for her role in Julia. The Oscar winner is surely one of the greats.

Harrison Ford

Is the force with you? Well, it is most certainly with this one. Harrison Ford has a career that has lasted over 40 years with highlightable roles. He played a few roles in the ’70s which got the ball rolling for him but it was not until the ’80s came when he struck gold. And of course, it was in the late ’70s is when his role as Han Solo was born. And the fateful year 1981 is when Indiana Jones came about and Ford was one of Hollywood’s front men after that. Sequels for both Indiana Jones and Han Solo were created only further boosting Ford’s fame.

John Travolta


The list of prolific films John Travolta has starred in is impeccable. Grease, Be Cool, and Pulp Fiction are just a few. Travolta dropped out of school as a junior, but lucky for him he turned out to be a really good actor. He is associated with the ideology of Scientology, which is a highly questionable religion that questions the members. More recently, Travolta has got an Emmy for American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, a TV movie he produced. You can also say he has retained his good looks after being a heartthrob in Grease. Ladies still adore him.

Sylvester Stallone

Humble beginnings to luxurious winnings are what happened with Stallone. He was homeless at one point in time and had to star in a softcore adult movie to make money for himself when he was sleeping on the streets. This action star is notoriously known his role in the Rocky films which started back in 1976. Stallone is also a writer, director, and producer. The New York native has been in dozens of films and even reprised his role as Rocky in the recent spinoff of the film, Creed, alongside Michael B. Jordan. Stallone has done a lot for his resume.

Olivia Newton-John

The Grease co-star Olivia John Newton is also well known for her music. In fact, she has had number one hits with “Magic” and “Physical.” She has come out with 15 albums since the hit Grease was released. Years later after Grease she was in another film, Xanadu, but that film was nowhere near as successful as the John Travolta film was. She is an advocate for breast cancer which is a noble cause after being diagnosed with it back in 1992. She uses her music to raise awareness for it. Battling Cancer is a serious matter and she even a released an album dedicated to helping people relax.

Richard Dreyfuss

When that creepy, yet iconic theme song plays, you can’t help but think of the freakishly huge man-eating creature of the sea, Jaws. If ever had the chance to make it to Universal Studios, then you have had the opportunity to witness just how large Jaws really was. During the film, it must have been a bit nerve-wracking for Dreyfuss to be around a shark that big even if it was fake. Nonetheless, he did an amazing job. Jaws was not his only notable film, as he starred in The Goodbye Girl too. Dreyfuss is now politically active and advocates for human rights.

Pam Grier

You know her from the ’70s due to the films she starred in like Foxy Brown and The Big Bird Cage. She started out as a switchboard operator in LA before a director discovered her. Her film debut came when she played a seductive inmate in the movie Big Doll House back in 1971. She got her mainstay in acting in the ’70s by starring in what are called “blaxploitation” films. These films were mainly for African American audiences harping on black stereotypes. In the ’80s, she stepped away from the genre a bit and started doing more mainstream films.

Lynda Carter

Maybe playing Wonder Woman carried over to real life and made her ageless. Of course, you can tell that she has aged a bit, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t as beautiful as ever. Age is beautiful and you only have to take a look at her to prove it. She thought she was going to become famous for music, but sometimes out plans do not turn out as we want. Carter won the title of Miss USA before being cast as Wonder Woman and truthfully, winning Miss USA is what got her the recognition to have more doors opened for her. She started making guest appearances on TV shows before blowing up to what she became.

Al Pacino

Say hello to Al Pacino! Before he made his way to being the infamous drug lord, Pacino had to play the role of a heroin addict in the film The Panic in Needle Park. Not only has he acted in many roles, he has also directed a handful of movies, too. Pacino’s performance as Michael Corleone, along with the performances of all the other actors helped propel the film, The Godfather, to be considered one of the greatest films of all time. 1983 is when he starred as Tony Montana in the huge hit, Scarface. Drug dealers seem to be his thing.

Raquel Welch

All it took was three little lines in one film to rocket this woman to sex symbol status. That is understandable if you are looking at her then picture and even in her now picture she still is considerably attractive. Playboy featured her on their list of “100 Sexiest Stars of the Twentieth Century.” The film where she uttered those three words was One Million Years B.C. back in 1966. The bikini she was in set it off for her and caught the attention of many viewers. in the ’70s, Playboy also gave her the title of “Most Desired Woman” of the decade.

Kim Basinger

We have another Bond girl on our hands with this one. After she was finished with acting school, Basinger headed out to LA and began nabbing small roles. One of her more notable ones was in Charlie’s Angels in the ’70s and she then even starred in a TV movie Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold. Soon she was cast as a Bond girl to play with Sean Connery in Never Say Never Again. For good promotion, Basinger posed nude in Playboy! It seems to not have affected her because she went on and won an Academy Award. A storied career for Miss Basinger.

Jessica Lange

Does she look familiar? Maybe try to imagine her being held in the hand of an oversized gorilla! Maybe then you can see that this was the damsel in distress that King Kong chose to swoop up. Jessica Lange was originally a model and it turned out to be what led to her acting. She was left by her husband, so she turned to modeling and being a waitress to make extra cash. When the producer of King Kong called her modeling agency, Lange was suggested for the role in King Kong. The movie was released in 1976 and it was a hit.

Jodie Foster

Talk about skills, Jodie Foster was nominated for an Oscar at only 12 years of age for portraying a child prostitute in Taxi Driver back in 1976. It was tough to follow that up at such a young age but Foster performed well in many of her films as she got older after Taxi Driver. One of the films she is known well for is The Silence of the Lambs. Foster has more recently added film director and producer to her list of skills to go along with a great actor and she is successful at all of them. The former child star has a had a career nothing short of great.

Robert De Niro

What has not already been said about this man? The term iconic actor just does no t do Robert De Niro justice, so what else can we call him? Call him great. The Oscar winner dropped out of high school at the young age of 16 to start studying acting. Big decision for such a young person but clearly it panned out. Much like many other actors who played in it, De Niro established himself with his role in The Godfather: Part II in 1974. He also played alongside Jodie Foster in the film Taxi Driver. Recently he has appeared on screen next to young and up-and-coming actor Zach Efron.

Sally Field

If you are a fan of Spiderman or Andrew Garfield, then you will know this to be one of the most recent actresses to play Aunt May. In 1973 she acted in the sitcom The Girl with Something Extra. On that show, she had ESP, but she could not have foreseen that the show would only go on to last just a season. In ’76 she got the role in a bodybuilding movie called Stay Hungry. It featured the likes of Jeff Bridges and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1979 she finally got her first Academy Award for her role in Norma Rae where she was praised for her performance as a mill worker.

Susan Dey

The actress who played Laurie Partridge in The Partridge Family continued a successful career since the ’70s. Susan Dey was awarded Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama, and is a three-time Emmy Award nominee and six-time Golden Globe Award nominee for her part as Grace Van Owen in L.A. Law. It’s been anything but easy, however. Since her time on The Partridge Family Dew has overcome a severe eating disorder, alcoholism and losing her first husband. She is healthy and happy with her second husband, TV producer Bernard Sofronski.