Check Out How These Famous ’70s Babes And Dudes Look Now

It may have been decades ago, but the ’70s was full of stars that we may never forget as generations continue to pass. Iconic films were made in that decade making for more iconic characters to come along with those films. Movies like King Kong came out in this era and that is a movie that everyone will remember due to its larger than life nature. Actors and actresses such as John Travolta, Harrison Ford, Jane Seymour, and Jodie Foster are among the long list of stars from this decade. Click through and see how these stars looked back then and how they compare now.

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood has been around the movie sphere for quite some time now. He got his start when he began to get roles in Westerns, and in 1973 he starred and directed in a Western called High Plains Drifter. His dabbling in both directing and starring in films did not stop there; he went on to do much more after that. He is getting up there in age now, but back in the day, he was a prolific action movie actor as well. A few of the films he has directed are Mystic River and Million Dollar Baby. If you are interested in watching one of his Westerns, then try out Play Misty For Me.