Revealed: Celebrity Secrets Exposed By Their Bodyguards

When it comes to their staff, celebrities are incredibly fussy. Most hire ex-military personal to keep them safe while they live the high life. These guys are hired to protect A-listers 24/7… and they see to see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some keep tight-lipped about what they witness, while others go on to share scandalous tales of Hollywood’s elite. Join us was we take a look at some of these shocking secrets divulged by bodyguards. You might be surprised at what Jen and Brad were up to behind Angie’s back…

The Real Slim Shady

Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images
Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images

Eminem has made his relationship with ex-wife Kim extremely public, having mentioned her in songs since the very beginning of his career. We all know that Em likes to rap about violence, but bodyguard Byron Big-Naz Williams said his reality was quite different.

Williams did the the dirty on Slim and wrote a tell-all book about his years with the rapper, detailing how Em was actually scared of Kim. He described incidents where Kim would be violent toward Marshall, not the other way around. What’s more, apparently Eminem had a penchant for sleeping with his fans while he was supposed to be with Kim.