Can You Name These WWE Wrestlers Based On A Single Fact?

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David Seto/Wikipedia
David Seto/Wikipedia

Wrestling is chock full of awesomely gruesome moments. Like at Wrestlemania XIII, when Stone Cold Steve Austin was trapped in Bret Hart’s sharpshooter. Rather than submit, Austin just passed out with a face full of blood. Or how about the time The Rock used a flamethrower to set his own name ablaze for his epic entrance at Mania XXXII? Only the truest wrestling fans would remember these moments and some very crucial WWE facts. Are you one of these fans? Take this quiz to see if you can identify which wrestler we’re talking about based on a single fact!

This WWE Superstar had a signature move called the “Last Ride.”

He called himself “The Nature Boy.”

This WWE Superstar’s finisher is the “Sharpshooter.”

The “Five-Knuckle Shuffle” is one of the signature moves of this WWE Superstar.

He holds the longest time in a Royal Rumble Match.

This wrestler uses a signature move called “Old School.”

This wrestler has never held an Intercontinental Championship belt.

His finisher is called “The Rock Bottom.”

She was the first Superstar to hold the Divas Championship.

One of his finishers is called “Razor’s Edge.”

This guy has a signature move called “RKO.”

One of his signature moves is the “SpineBuster.”

This guy’s finisher is called the “Spear.”

She is the only female Superstar who competed at WrestleMania five times.

Watch out for this guy’s “Back-to-Back Backbreaker.”

This wrestler finishes their opponents with “Sweet Chin Music.”

He is the only member of The Shield to have held the Intercontinental Championship.

This villainous tag team began striking poses in the middle of the ring as one of their trademarks.

He became the first-ever WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

This wrestler became the youngest WWE World Champion at 25 years, 1 month, and 13 days old.

He tag-teamed with The Undertaker in 2000 to win the WWE World Tag Team Championships.

One of his finishers is called the “F-5.”

He won the shortest match in WrestleMania history, which was only six seconds long.

One of this guy’s finishers is called a “Tombstone Piledriver.”

These two wrestlers are the only ones whose battle was stopped because time ran out.

One of his finishers is called the “Whisper In The Wind.”

In 2001, he was the undisputed champion at Vengeance.

This wrestler’s finisher is the “Frog Splash.”

He was the special guest referee at Wrestlemania XX for the match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar.

One of her finishers is called “Bank Statement.”

This wrestler has a signature move called the “Superman Punch.”

His finisher is called the “Coup de Grâce.”

Her Women’s Championship reign lasted 10,170 days.

He has a move called the “Attitude Adjustment.”

This wrestler holds the record for most losses at WrestleMania.

This wrestler has a signature move called the “Flying Elbow.”

His greatest finisher is called the “Stone Cold Stunner.”

She holds the record for the longest Divas Championship reign.

He has a 21-year streak for winning at WrestleMania.

He holds the longest Intercontinental Title reign.