Brightburn Unleashes A New Horror Genre – Superhero Horror

Sony Screen Gems
Sony Screen Gems

Leave it to James Gunn to reinvent the superhero wheel with Brightburn. The film, about what would happen if Superman came to Earth and was a villain instead of a savior, opens this weekend with the hopes to start a new genre – superhero horror.

The film, which sports a fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes, was written by Gunn’s brothers and directed by David Yarovesky. The Critics Consensus reads, “Although Brightburn doesn’t fully deliver on the pitch-black promise of its setup, it’s still enough to offer a diverting subversion of the superhero genre.”

If Gunn has his way, superhero horror will become the next big genre of movie. To help separate it from the Marvel crowd, the filmmaker and his collaborators made sure to up the violence factor beyond what is expected from horror films. For some, that will make Brightburn too much too handle. For others, it will be a dream come true. For Gunn, it might be a little therapeutic.

Brightburn hit the development circuit right after he was fired by Disney from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 for questionable past statements. He has since been reinstated, and even picked up another superhero movie, The Suicide Squad, along the way.