Bowser Is Literally Taking Over Nintendo


Nintendo of America announced today that President Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring and Doug Bowser will be taking his place. This is not a joke, Mario’s arch nemesis is literally going to be running the show for Nintendo in the United States. Bowser introduced himself on Twitter with a picture of Mario and Luigi tied up in the background while he held a sign that read, “Thank you for the warm welcome.”

If that wasn’t scary enough, then know this; Bowser has been planning his corporate takeover for years. When the Nintendo Switch came out, he was the man behind the scenes running the marketing efforts. The Switch was huge for Nintendo, helping bring millions of customers back after the failure of the Wii U.

Fils-Aime has spent 13 years as the President of Nintendo of America. Under his leadership, Bowser was the company’s Senior Vice President of Sales of Marketing. Before stepping into his new role, Bowser had this to say, ““It has been my great fortune to work with and be mentored by Reggie for four years at Nintendo of America.  And rest assured, we will continue to build on his work to evolve and expand our brand, furthering Nintendo’s global mission of creating smiles. There are millions more of those to come.”

We don’t know how this surprising move into power will effect Mario, the unquestioned face of Nintendo.