Beyond Belief: The Ghastly Truth About Ghost Hunting Shows

“What was that? Did you hear that?” is something you’ve heard time and time again watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. We can’t turn away from these shows, even as the hairs raise on our arms. Our cultural obsession with the afterlife has left us wondering what’s around the corner. These shows attempt to show us the truth, but are they really just feeding us lies? Dive in with us as we explore under the covers of your favorite ghost hunting shows.

There’s Probably Nothing Touching Them

something touched me.jpg

Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

The most prominent trick ghost hunting shows use is “something” touching one of the investigators and freaking out. Watching the hosts react to the unknown causes the audience to react too, but did you ever realize that there may not be anything touching them at all?

When paranormal investigator Vincent Amico was asked, he said, “Most of that stuff on TV is bunk…We’re hoping she’s in the mood to answer some – holy [expletive], something touched me!” The bottom line, he adds, is there is no way to prove that it didn’t happen, but there’s a good chance it’s just for show.