Beyoncé To Receive The ‘Billboard’ Executive Of The Year Award

Honestly, Beyoncé deserves all the praise she is constantly showered with. Billboard recently highlighted the work of her and Parkwood Entertainment COO Steve Pamon for their “2019 R&B/Hip-Hop Players” issue. They were chosen to receive the Executive of the Year Award this year.

Billboard says the two were chosen to be honored because of Parkwood Entertainment’s ability to “forgo traditional media promotion.” Parkwood Entertainment is a management and entertainment company that was founded by Beyoncé.

“Parkwood has become known for shock-and-awe productions, foregoing traditional media promotion – or hype – and using the power of the unexpected to harness the energy of social media,” said Billboard.

Beyoncé chose Pamon for her COO because of his “good character.”

“It was important that I found someone with good character as a human being, with values whom I could truly trust, and someone who understands that my priority for my company is always creativity and art over commerce,” Beyonceé told Billboard.

Pamon returned the praise to his boss, saying Beyoncé is “unstoppable.”

“She is so secure in what she’s doing – which came directly from how she was raised – that she gives opportunities to people who don’t think like her or look like her,” said Pamon. Seems like they’re both deserving of the important honor!