The Best TV Shows Of 2019 Left Audiences Wanting More

There were dozens of new and recurring shows that took over our TV screens during 2019, and most of them weren’t even on a major cable network. With the myriad of streaming platforms available TV fans were left with so many options ranging from sitcoms, dramas, horror, and more. It was probably impossible for anyone to watch every show that came out this year, but we made sure to include ones that really stood out. These are the top TV shows of 2019.

Russian Doll Was On Everyone’s Watch List

natasha lyonne pulling her red, curly hair

Having a plot where the main character lives the same day over and over may seem redundant and over-done. Russian Doll takes that as a simple guide and transforms into a show that can’t simply fit into one genre. Natasha Lyonne stars as a cynical New York woman that strives to figure out why her life keeps ending and restarting.

There’s comedy, drama, mystery, horror, thriller, and much more. It works well because the protagonist is almost unlikable, but after the audience learns of her backstory they want to know how she will break away from her greatest demons.