Believe It Or Not, These Two Women Are Twins

Twins account for about one in 100 births around the world. Of that number, many are fraternal twins, which are born from two different eggs. But even if fraternal twins can inherit different genes, they usually still look quite similar to each other. This can’t be said of bi-racial twins Lucy and Maria Aylmer. No one believes that these women are twins, but they and others like them are here to show you that while it’s rare, it’s possible! When you see what they look like now, you’ll think they’re complete strangers to each other!

This Woman Gave Birth To Both Of These Little Girls On The Same Day

Photo: Bored Panda
Photo: Bored Panda

Donna Douglas of Gloucester, England was shocked when she found out she was having twins in 1996. At the time, Douglas and her then-husband Vince Aylmer were already a family of five, with two boys and one girl.

Their sons were five and three years old, while their daughter was four. It can be pretty tough raising three young kids who are only a year apart. You can imagine that the stakes felt high for Donna and Vince, but having raised three babies already might have made having twins seem less daunting.