Being Famous Isn’t Easy: These Stars Were Attacked By Fans

Being a celebrity is no easy job. You’re constantly held on a pedestal and people either love you or hate you. People’s emotions towards a celebrity can also spiral out of control. It can lead them to become obsessed, violent, or just plain scary. Today, with social media, it’s incredibly easy to contact these celebrities, know what they’re doing, and watch them from afar. This makes it easy for people to send death threats, obsessively stalk them, or plan an assault. From horrifying death threats to unsettling stalkers, these are the scariest things that have happened to celebrities.

We’re lucky Steve Buscemi is still alive…

Catherine Zeta-Jones Received Graphic Death Threats


Photo Credits: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Back in 2005, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones found herself in court with her stalker, Dawnette Knight. Between 2003 and 2004, Zeta-Jones had been receiving graphic phone calls and letters from the woman who appeared to be obsessed with her husband Michael Douglas.

Eventually, the notes and phone calls became threatening to the point where Zeta-Jones legitimately feared for her and her family’s safety. Knight was then arrested in May 2004. Knight’s lawyer claimed that she had a “girlish crush on Douglas” and that the threats weren’t carried out by her. However, the court remained unconvinced, and Knight was sentenced to three years in jail.