Bear Grylls: What You Don’t Know About Him

We all love Bear Grylls! The British adventurer with an impressive set of survival skills is most famous for his “Man vs. Wild” television series, but here are some other facts about Bear that you may not have known.

Bear Grylls Has Done Over 5 Shows Since “Man vs. Wild”

After Bear Grylls completed his wildly popular reality show “Man vs. Wild,” he continued to take his talents to the small screen with five additional survival shows. These survival television shows include “Mission Survive,” “Discovery Channel’s Escape From Hell,” Channel 4’s “The Island With Bear Grylls,” “Get Out Alive,” “The Island,” and “Running Wild With Bear Grylls” — all on NBC.

A Scary Parachute Accident Left Bear With Crushed Vertebrae

We have all seen Bear Grylls defy death in some of the most scary and dangerous places on Earth, but nothing came closer to death for Bear than back in 1996 during one of his SAS skydives. Bear was descending down when his parachute ripped – causing him to descend quickly to the ground and crush three vertebrae.

Eight Months After The Parachute Accident, Bear Climbed Mount Everest

Bear Grylls has seen and survived it all, but after his scary parachute accident in 1996, many thought he would finally call it quits on his dangerous adventures. Those people would be wrong! Only eight months after Bear Grylls almost died from a parachute accident, he took a dangerous but successful climb up Mount Everest.

Bear Gets Heat For Sleeping In Luxury On Set

While raising funds for charities in 2007, he got into trouble after it came to light that he and his camera crew spend their nights in luxurious hotel rooms, rather than camping in the wild as his show depicted. The show was taken off the air and returned with a disclaimer: “Bear Grylls and the crew receive support when they are in potentially life threatening situations, as required by health and safety regulations.”

Bear’s Diet Includes Urine and Animal Hearts

When you have been performing survival tactics for as long as Bear Grylls has, they become second nature to you, and in some cases, preferred options. It has been said that on many occasions, Bear has been partial to drinking his own urine and drinking the hearts of dead animals

Bear’s Son Is A Hero

Many people do not know this, but Bear is  married with two kids. Even more surprisingly one of his sons is already following in his old man’s footsteps when it comes to survival. Back when Jesse was 7-years-old he saved a friend who fell into a stream and started to drown.

Bear Used A Sheep’s Corpse As Flotation Device


Bear Grylls has been known to make food, shelter and clothing out of pretty much anything dead or alive around his environment, but have you ever heard of using an animal corpse as a boat? In one of Bear Grylls’ adventures down a river, he used a sheep corpse as a flotation device, and it carried him safely downstream.

Injuries Are Second Nature to Bear

Being out in some of the dangerous and harsh environments that Bear has encountered leaves him vulnerable to getting some serious injuries, whether from the weather or nature. Here are just some of the injuries he has suffered over the years: crushed shoulders, a sliced finger, a broken elbow, a smashed knee cartilage, a broken big toe, a chipped shin bone, a dislocated hip, as well as various bites from snakes, bats, scorpions and a ton of mosquitoes.

“Man vs. Wild” Became The #1 Cable Show In America

When his survival television show “Man vs. Wild” first aired in 2006, Americans were shocked. They’d never seen such an adventurous daredevil risk his lives in dangerous environments. The only television figureto compare to him at the time was Steve Irwin. Over the five years the show aired, it became the #1 cable show in all of America, and reached a global audience of over 1.2 billion viewers in over 200 countries.

Bear Served As An SAS Reservist For Three Years

Not many people know this about Bear Grylls, but he served as a reservist with the 21 SAS Regiment (Artists Reserve) for 3 years until 1997. It was through the British Army that Bear Grylls learned many of the survivalist techniques that he utilizes on all of his television shows.

Bears Will Eat Anything For Survival

We have seen Bear eat some pretty disgusting things on his shows in order to demonstrate how anything can become a source of protein when put into a life or death scenario. Over the years Bear has racked up quite the list of interesting dishes including: raw frozen yak eyeballs, camel intestine juice, raw goat testicles, a live snake, maggots as big as a hand, pulsating with yellow pus, and a giant live spider. Are you hungry yet?

He Has Broken World Records And Reached New Heights

We knew that Bear Grylls has performed some amazing feats in order to survive in all types of environments. But never would we think about him conducting his acts of bravery in the sky! Bear Grylls is currently a world record holder for holding an open-air formal dinner in a hot air balloon at 7,600 feet.

Bear Grylls Is Not His Real Name

When you are as tough and rugged as Bear, you need to have a tough and rugged name to go along with your lifestyle. “Bear Grylls” is definitely one of those names that sticks out as one that is appropriate for somebody who knows their way around a forest, mountain or desert. A little-known fact is that is actually not his real name. Bear’s real name is Edward Michael Grylls, but his sister gave him the nickname of “Bear” when he was a baby.

Bear Is A Successful Author

Not only is bear a successful survivalist and television star, but he is also a very successful book author as well. With over 12 books written around how to survive in dangerous environments and scenarios, Bear can claim himself an author. Bear has also written a series of four teenage fiction books about survival, titled Mission Survival.

Bear Is A Second Dan Black Belt In Shotokan Karate

When you are out on top of a mountain, or in the depths of the jungle, you are bound to run into some angry and dangerous animals or even humans, so it is important to know how to defend yourself. Luckily, Bear Grylls is a second Dan black belt in Shotokan karate.

Bear Is The Youngest Briton to Conquer Mount Ama Dablam

When Bear Grylls is not eating animal hearts or building spears out of sticks and animal husks, he is usually out doing the impossible, like by climbing the “Unclimbable” mountains. In 1997, Bear became the youngest Briton to climb and conquer Mount Ama Dablam, an “unclimbable” mountain in the Himalayas.

Bear Floated Naked In A Bathtub Down the Thames River

Bear does not always use his amazing survival talents for television viewership and money purposes, he also uses it for charitable causes. Bear once rowed along the Thames river, naked and in a bathtub in order to raise money for a friend who had lost his legs in a climbing accident.

Bear’s First TV Break Was In A Deodorant Commercial

We have seen Bear on many television shows since 2006, but not many people know that Bear Grylls actually got his first television break when he appeared in a Sure For Men commercial that showed him climbing Mount Everest.

Bear Became The Youngest Chief Scout Ever At Age 34

In case you were wondering, a Chief Scout is the person who is the head of the Scout Association (Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, etc). Bear Grylls became the youngest ever elected Chief Scout at the age of 34. Bear Grylls still holds the title of Chief Scout to this day, in fact.

Bear Continues His Adventures With Running Wild

Bear Grylls has done a ton of shows since his widely popular survival show “Man vs. Wild.” His most recent television hit was NBC’s “Running Wild,” which stars Bear and six celebrities as they are taken into remote locations and forced to survive harsh conditions for 48 hours. NBC just announced that they are bringing “Running Wild” back for a season two which will feature Kate Winslet, Ed Helms and James Marsden.