Beam Me Up, Scotty! The Hottest Women Who Have Appeared On Star Trek

Sherry Jackson as Andrea


Sherry Jackson made her appearance on Star Trek in the season 1 episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Andrea was not a human. She was an android created by a mad scientist. Why would a mad scientist create a beautiful woman? It gives us chills to question.

Andrea had the ability to mimic what she saw, but she could not display human emotions. Despite her epic beauty, that probably meant she was a terrible date. Andrea was used as a test subject for Captain Kirk. In the episode, Kirk gave her a kiss and she wasn’t that into it (since she couldn’t feel human feelings). She later developed the ability to feel, which was sparked by a crush on Kirk. Unfortunately, she ends up getting destroyed later in the episode.

Sherry Jackson


Sherry came from a family of entertainers. Her mother, Kathleen Gilbert, greatly supported her career and provided lessons for drama, singing and dancing when Sherry was young. When her father passed away, Sherry and her mother moved to Los Angeles. This is where she received her first role in a feature film at the age of seven.

Sherry has a star dedicated to her on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition to her work on Star Trek, the actress has appeared in Batman, My Three Sons, The Wild Wild West and even Playboy Magazine. Jackson also had a rich personal life. She was in a five-year relationship with business executive Fletcher R. Jones until he was killed in a plane accident in 1972. Jackson sued his estate, asking for over $1 million, but was denied.