Awkward Break Ups That Broke The Internet

How many of us have made statuses about the hope and forgiveness of love that completely contradict our actions? Maybe we want to seem like the bigger person when secretly we are wishing our ex would get trapped under a burning bus. (Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh.) Well, for this particular individual it is more than okay if she was wishing this about her ex-husband. Someone that has the nerve to impregnate their wife’s sister, let alone cheat with her in the first place, really deserves the what they have coming.

break up.jpg

You Got My Sister Pregnant

The greatest part about this is not even the response that she gracefully gave her ex, it’s the five likes from people that support and love her, unlike him. Most likely they are leaning more toward the “dumb[explicit]” comment, but it is nice to know people are there for you in awful times like this.