Aquaman Is The Hero DC Needed

Don Arnold/WireImage

It’s officially official, after three weeks in theaters, Aquaman is DC’s the highest gross superhero film in their DCEU. Worldwide, the film has earned $942 million, giving it a $70 million dollar advantage over Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. By the time it’s theatrical run is over, it should be the first DCEU film to cross one billion dollars.

Stateside, Aquaman still has a long way to go to take the mantle of top dolphin. Today, it’s made over $250 million, but still trails Man of SteelSuicide SquadBatman Vs. Superman, and Wonder Woman. Still, after the disappointment of the start of the DCEU, two critical and commercial hits are major news for DC. Wonder Woman revitalized interest in the shared cinematic universe, setting the table for what the underwater adventure needed to be.

DC and Warner Brothers forged ahead with the release this past Christmas, even after the disastrous reception of Justice League. Facing stiff competition against Mary Poppins Returns, the Jason Momoa led superhero flick proved to be too powerful to stop. The success puts DC firmly back on the superhero film map, giving the hero they needed, even if they were unsure if they wanted him.

Next up, DC will drop Shazaam, a quirky superhero movie starring Zachary Levi as the teenager turned superhero. It’s should be weirder than Aquaman, which might be the best thing for studio. When it comes to the DCEU, they appear to prefer the strange to the Marvel knock offs.