From Bella Swan To Jar Jar Binks, These Annoying Film Characters Were Insufferable

In the world of cinema, one person’s favorite character can be another’s worst nightmare. From Derek Zoolander’s horrible “accent” to American Pie’s Steve Stifler, who only seems to have one thing on his mind at all times, we’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of being introduced to some pretty annoying big-screen characters.

It’s worse when one of those annoying characters happens to be the face of the franchise. Alongside emo Anakin Skywalker, insert the sparkly vampire known as Edward Cullen here. Heads up, you may have purposely forgotten about some of these characters, but it’s time to take a stroll down annoying-character lane with these gems.

Jim Carrey’s Riddler Was More Like Ace Ventura On Speed

Jim Carrey's Riddler Was More Like Ace Ventura On Speed
Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

It’s unfortunate because Jim Carrey could have brought something new and unique to the Batman franchise. Instead, his turn at the Riddler was over the top, even for Carrey. Tack on the horrid orange wig and awful dialogue that he spews at the top of lungs for no apparent reason, and you have one of the more annoying characters to come out of Gotham.

But let’s go back to the orange hair for a second. Is it actually a wig? Or did the makeup artists decided to take a few hundred bottles of orange spray paint and go to town? Not knowing makes the character that much more annoying.