Angelina Jolie Has An Ultimatum For Brad Pitt

Apparently Angelina Jolie has some opinions about who her ex-husband Brad Pitt hangs out with. Jolie is reportedly not happy with Pitt’s newfound friendship with rapper Kanye West and his given him an ultimatum.

Pitt has been spotted at many of West’s Sunday Service events and recently hasn’t been shy about offering praise to him.

“It’s a pure celebration of life and people. I think [Kanye] was doing something really special there,” Pitt told Entertainment Tonight.

Jolie does not agree with Pitt’s feelings about West, according to Radar Online. She apparently dislikes the entire Kardashian family and does not support their friendship with the father of her children. The actress has even reportedly given Pitt a choice: be friends with Kanye or see his kids.

“Angelina can’t stand the Kardashian clan and wants her children nowhere near them, and she’s told Brad as much. She’s pretty much issued him an ultimatum,” a source told Radar Online. “Brad can obviously be friends with whoever he wants. but he knows Angie has the power to really mess with him if he continues to see Kanye.”

The couple has been divorced since 2016 and battled over custody of their children for two years, before finally coming to an agreement in 2018, so we’d hate to see something like a friendship with Kanye West create more drama for their kids.