Amish Facts You Need To Know: Rumspringa, Buggies, And More

The Amish Do Not Reject All Technology

Three Lions/Getty Images
Three Lions/Getty Images

Though the Amish widely tend to their crops using handmade tools, they don’t reject all modern technology. It really depends on how strict the specific Amish affiliation is (and there are about 40 throughout the whole country). Contrary to popular belief, Amish people thoughtfully use new technology. They deeply consider which technologies will add to their lives and only start using the ones that do.

For example, one Amish man in Lancaster admitted he checks his voicemail four times a day and has a propane-powered forklift he uses in his shop. He uses refrigeration to store milk. Other Amish subgroups use almost no modern technology. The Amish population widely accepts the use of electricity but rejects the power grid that allows it to be brought into American homes.