Actors Who Went Through Insane Physical Transformations For Their Roles

Call it whatever you want – method acting, dedication to their craft, or straight up insanity – actors will give anything to pull off a role, sometimes transforming into a completely different person. That means dropping massive amounts of weight in shockingly short time frames, shaving off all their hair or spending hours upon hours in the makeup chair. Check out these most outrageous transformations in film history and the crazy lengths these celebs went to achieve their new look.

A Real Psycho Diet

Christian Bale caused jaws to drop thanks to his incredible bod in 2000s cult classic, American Psycho. His perfectly chiseled abs, strong arms and overall hunkiness had all the girls loving him and all the guys wanting to be him. He credits this role with teaching him the workout foundations he would later use during his Batman bulking-up days. But it was also his hardest transformation. Bale says, “Not including The Machinist, Rescue Dawn or The Fighter – where I had to lose weight – my role for American Psycho was my most restrictive diet-wise. There were no cheat meals. It was all lean protein. No sugars, good fats and low carbs.”