You’ll Be Surprised These Actors Have Never Been Nominated For Academy Awards

The Academy Awards is the biggest show for Hollywood every year. Any actor or actress lucky enough to win an Oscar instantly joins the A-list. And anyone even nominated is rewarded with instant credibility. With so many movies coming out every year and only five nominees allowed in every category, some big-name actors have never had their name called. Can you believe that Alan Rickman was never nominated? Meg Ryan, despite her decades-long career, has never been nominated either. To learn about Rickman, Ryan and other actors left off the ballots, keep reading!

Alan Rickman Won A Golden Globe, At Least

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Cambridge Jones/Getty Images
Cambridge Jones/Getty Images

Alan Rickman got a late start to his storied career in Hollywood. He was 41 years old when he made his big-screen debut as Hans Gruber in Die Hard. Near the end of his career, he was cast as Snape in the Harry Potter franchise.

In between starring in those major roles, Rickman starred in critically acclaimed movies, one of which even earned him a Golden Globe. That movie, Rasputin, was made for television though and was not Oscar eligible.