A Glimpse Into The Life Of Lynsi Snyder: Heiress Of In-N-Out Burger

If you are unaware of what In-N-Out Burger is, chances are that you’ve never talked to someone from California. The privately owned fast-food burger empire has exploded over the past six decades and has been passed down from family member to family member.

Lynsi Snyder Inherited The In-N-Out Franchise & Fortune

Now Lynsi Snyder, the grandchild of the original founders, has inherited the entirety of the company and is the trust’s full beneficiary. This places her net worth around $1.3 billion and makes her one of the youngest American female billionaires. Though it may sound like Lynsi Snyder hit the jackpot, there’s more to her life than meets the eye. Family problems, failed marriages, kidnapping attempts and a passion for drag car racing- this is the story of In-N-Out and the life of its newest heiress.

The Rise Of An Empire

In 1948, Lynsi Snyder’s grandparents Harry and Esther Snyder opened the first In-N-Out restaurant. It was the first drive-thru burger stand in California and was no bigger than 10 square feet at the corner of Garvey and Francisquito in Baldwin Park tucked away in the San Gabriel Valley. As a foreshadowing of the future and the quality standards of the business, Harry would visit the meat and produce markets before dawn and would handpick the ingredients which he would then prepare himself. During this time, Esther would take care of all of the finances at their home around the corner. Business was booming, but soon tragedy would strike. Twice.

Photo Credits: Investors.com
Photo Credits: Investors.com

The Business Grew, But Tragedy Struck

Over the course of the years, the business grew, and many of the In-N-Out traditions that we know today were established. This includes the updated logo, the introduction of the “Double Double” and “Animal Style” burgers, the first set of crossed palm trees, red aprons, milkshakes, and more. Then, after Lynsi’s grandfather died in 1976, her uncle, Rich Snyder, took over the business. During that time, the company grew to open a foundation, start an In-N-Out University, open a company store, and continue to prosper and spread across the state, and even into Nevada. Then suddenly, in 1993, Rich Snyder passed away in a plane crash.

Photo Credits: In-N-Out Burger
Photo Credits: In-N-Out Burger

Taking In-N-Out To New Heights

After Rich’s death, his brother Guy, who was Lynsi’s father, became the chief executive. Sadly, in 1999 he passed away due to a prescription drug overdose. Lynsi was only 17 at the time. Yet, under him, In-N-Out grew to 140 restaurants and Guy is remembered for his commitment to quality and taste, as well as his dedication for attempting to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in order to create the best customer service experience possible. Moreover, aside from his love for cars and drag racing, he is also known for creating the In-N-Out “secret menu” and even credited with inventing the Flying Dutchman secret menu item.

Struggling To Maintain Family Roots

After the death of Guy, his mother and original founder Esther Snyder stepped in as president of the company. However, Esther passed away in 2006, during a time during a time of great expansion for the company. This meant that the company was going to need a new president and fast. She knew this, so before her death, she ended up passing the presidency to the former vice president of operations Mark Taylor the company’s first non-family president. However, he was Lynsi brother-in-law, so he still had close connections to the family. Then on January 1, 2010, after participating in various roles in the company, Lynsi, then 28 years old, assumed the presidency becoming the sixth president of the company.

Photo Credits: Orange County Register
Photo Credits: Orange County Register

The Lawsuit Lynsi Dealt With After Her Father’s Death

However, back in 2006, Lynsi was among those named in a lawsuit filed by the then-company vice president named Richard Boyd who was also one of the three trustees overseeing her grandma Esther’s estate. Boyd alleged that Snyder has colluded with the company to fire him in order to take control of In-N-Out from her grandmother. Although everything was eventually settled in court, the entire lawsuit was difficult for her. She was being thrown into the public eye under awful accusations in which she commented “That was one of the hardest things, aside from losing my father…It was just the betrayal…all this false stuff out there.”

Lynsi’s Rise To Power

Before taking the presidency, Lynsi released a recorded message to all of the company associates ensuring them a smooth transition and success for the future of the company. Her signature then replaced her grandmother’s on associates paychecks securing In-N-Out back into the immediate family. In 2012, on her 30th birthday, she went on to take over her father’s ownership of 50% of the company and inherited all of the money that came along with it. Then, in 2017, on her 35th birthday, she inherited the rest of the company and her reported net worth is now $1 billion, making her the youngest female billionaire in the United States.

Lynsi’s Early Childhood Wasn’t Easy

Lynsi was born in Glendora, California to Lynda Lou and her father Guy. At the age of 12, she moved to Shingletown, California with her mother where she lived on a ranch and graduated from Redding Christian School, a private school that her parents help found. She has two older half-sisters through her mother that are significantly older than her. Traci is the half-sister married to the former In-N-Out President and former COO Mark Taylor. Throughout the years, she worked her way up in the family company and held numerous positions to help groom her for becoming the chief executive officer. But her early childhood wasn’t smooth sailing.

Not All Fine And Dandy

Although being the sole owner of In-N-Out Burger and inheriting such an enormous fortune might be what some of us call a dream come true, Lynsi’s life certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park. At a young age, Lynsi was exposed to the darker secrets surrounding her family. She was just 5 years old when she first went to visit her father, Guy Snyder, in “the hospital” which was really a rehab facility as he was battling a drug addiction. Then, when she was 12 years old, it was discovered that her father was having an affair which ultimately led to the separation of her parents. Only five years later, her father Guy passed away from a fatal drug overdose of prescription pills.

An Empty Void

After everything that her family had gone through with her father from the drug addiction to the affair, Lynsi maintained a close relationship with him. Upon his death, she said, “My world shattered. After my dad died there was no way I was going to be alone.” This fear of being alone was going to fuel the fire for a long string of failed marriages and unhealthy relationships in the years to come. A year after the death of her father, she married her high school sweetheart Jeremiah Seawell shortly after her 18th birthday. However, she recalls knowing that the marriage “wasn’t right” but went along with it anyway. Only two years later, the couple separated and were divorced in 2003.

The Initial Rebound

Regarding her first marriage, she said: “I paid the price with a divorce and jumped right into the arms of someone else.” After her first divorce, she began smoking pot and drinking heavily which was something she knew she wanted to stay away from because of her father’s addiction. However, she would soon learn that giving up substances was going to be harder than giving up men. During this time, she was also dating an In-N-Out employee named Richard Martinez. The two of them simultaneously gave up drugs and alcohol and were married in 2004. Then, in 2006, Lynsi gave birth to fraternal twins named Elias Jade and Silas Diego.

Val Torres And The Third Marriage

Lynsi’s marriage to Martinez lasted until 2010 when they split up and they were officially divorced in 2011. Yet, before their marriage, she wisely had Martinez sign a prenup although she still pays him $18,000 a month in child support. Before she was officially divorced from Martinez, she ended up dating drag car racer, Val Torres Jr. In 2011, she gave birth to their son named Valentino Guy whom she has never mentioned in interviews. After Lynsi’s divorce was finalized with Martinez, she quickly married Torres in a small ceremony. It was during her relationship with Torres that Lynsi’s passion for drag racing began to flourish although she had been racing since she was 18.

Drag Racing: A Family Tradition

The sport of drag racing has been in the Snyder family since Harry Snyder took a 50% stake in ownership of Irwindale Raceway in the 1960’s. It was here that he began selling his hamburgers out on the track’s concession and established the Snyders connection to racing. Both of his sons Rich and Guy continued to immerse the company in the sport through sponsorships after Harry’s death and Guy even raced himself. He passed on this love to Lynsi, who had been going to the track since she was a toddler and started racing when she was 18. Since then, racing has been a hobby of Lynsi’s and she competes in amateur National Hot Rod Association events. She says “It’s important to me…because I feel the connection with my dad.”

The Flying Dutchman Racing Team

Aside from just racing, while in the process of divorcing Torres, Lynsi began to take auto mechanic classes, and liked to work on her cars, which is good because she inherited 27 from her father. On top of that, she also serves as the crew chief of her Flying Dutchman racing team, an homage to her father’s secret menu invention. In 2012, The National Dragster magazine did a profile on her and described her as showing great promise in her first two races of the season. Furthermore, in 2015, she was featured on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where he showed off a car previously owned by her father.

Photo Credits: Business Insider
Photo Credits: Business Insider

Searching For Enlightenment

However, in 2013, she filed for divorce after realizing that Torres had married her for her money and had been consistently unfaithful over the years. She notes that the first time she caught him cheating she thought, “Well I deserve it… It was terrible”. Although Lynsi has always been a devout Evangelical Christian (In-N-Out ties with the church) it was during her third marriage that she truly found Christ. She described her third marriage as being abusive and the worst experience of her life and it is what helped push her towards her faith. She says that this helped her conquer her fear of being alone, and allowed her to spend some time on her own and find herself.

Lynsi Finds Her True Match

After some much needed alone time and reflection, Lynsi finally met the man that she had been waiting for. In May 2014, Lynsi became engaged to Sean Ellingson, a former In-N-Out employee. They were married in Malibu, California and Lynsi eventually gave birth to their son Layne, her fourth child in total. Ellingson is also a religious man, and the two currently serve the Los Angeles community through their foundation Army of Love. The Army of Love’s mission is “to act as an outstretched arm of the body of Christ to embrace people in need of direction, encouragement, prayer, discipleship, healing, training, and freedom”.

The Estate Built From Burgers

After they were married they lived in Lynsi’s mansion that she purchased in 2012 for a whopping $17.4 million. The home includes 7 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a tennis court, a basketball court, indoor batting cages, movie theatre, infinity pool, an eight-car garage, and more. Yet, in 2017, it was announced that she is trying to sell the massive 19,000 square foot estate $19,799,000 located in the San Gabriel Valley. While they patiently wait for a buyer, it is unknown exactly what their next move is going to be.

Kidnapping Attempts

Although Lynsi runs such a well-known company and has recently been in the public eye after becoming the sole owner, she has been described as a bit of a recluse. She certainly doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight and likes to keep her life private. She’s been borderline criticized for constantly declining interviews and making few public appearances. She attributes this to being the victim of two kidnapping attempts as an early adult. The first attempt was when she was 17 years old and still attending high school in Northern California, and again when she was 24 working in management of In-N-Out.

Lynsi’s Impact On The Company

Furthermore, regarding Linsy and her families resilience for being in the spotlight, she replied by saying to CBS News that “We don’t want a bunch of attention, and we don’t wanna do what we do here, and that’s to serve some good burgers to our customers. It’s not about us here, it’s about this. Since taking the position as president, she has expanded the company to two more states now making it available in six states. Aside from that, she has changed almost nothing about the company sticking to its roots and values. She has also promised that the company will never go public because her heart is fully connected to the family business.

Other Philanthropy Projects

Although her lifestyle may seem a little bit extravagant, Lynsi also funds Healing Hearts & Nations, a non-profit corporation that builds training centers in Africa and India and trains local community leaders for the purpose of providing different forms of counseling to the underprivileged population. She is also actively involved with the In-N-Out Burger foundation which supports abused and neglected children. Although she may be extremely wealthy and in charge of a business that shows no signs of slowing down, she makes it clear that she’s doing her part to give back to the community using both her faith and position as resources to help inspire change.

Photo Credits: The In-N-Out Burger Foundation
Photo Credits: The In-N-Out Burger Foundation

Lynsi’s Responsibility

Now, as the president of In-N-Out, Lynsi oversees over 300 restaurants in six states that are staffed by over 17,000 employees with about 25% of them being full-time employees. The company has been thriving for more than six decades even up against nationwide competitors such as McDonald’s, Carls Jr. and more. One of the biggest challenges that she faces is preserving the style and way the company works including how the food is prepared and all of the processes involved while competing against other chains in a 21st Century marketplace.

Lynsi Snyder On The Same Level As Zuckerberg, Tops Google In Workplace Ratings

At 35-years-old, Lynsi Snyder has elevated herself to become a notable CEO. In fact, FierceCEO has compared her to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, Rich Lesser, CEO of Boston Consulting, and Bob Bechek, CEO of Bain. Why? That’s because all five of these CEOs, including Snyder, have top approval ratings for providing a great workplace for its employees. Snyder’s company even topped Google, with a 96% approval rating. Snyder’s grandparents and father would be so proud of where she’s taken the family business.

Photo: Orange Coast News
Photo: Orange Coast News

They Treat Employees Really Well

In-N-out is known for treating their employees really well. All employees start work at $10.50 per hour, and according to those who work there, it is easy to quickly move up and make more money. Even more impressive is that all managers start at $100,000 salaries, plus bonuses. Lynsi Snyder is the president of In-N-Out. The 35-year-old has taken the family business to new levels while staying true to her grandparents’ vision. Here’s what you don’t know about one of the most popular burger businesses around.

The Snyder family, the founders of In-N-Out, always make it the utmost point to treat their employees with respect and hold them in high esteem. The chain also refers to them as ‘associates’, to give them a feeling of ownership for the restaurant. Reportedly, the benefits package is also very generous, especially when compared to the offerings of other fast food chain employers. In-N-Out was even ranked above one of the biggest tech companies on the planet for ‘best place to work!’

Secret Menu

At In-N-Out, there is a somewhat famed secret menu. Some regulars know about it and others have never heard of it. Well technically there’s a not-so-secret menu which you can even find on their website, and there is an actual super secret menu of other interesting orders and side orders.

Some items on the not so secret menu include double meat, the 3×3 meaning three patties of meat and three slices of cheese, and a 4×4. The super secret menu includes a root beer float, yellow chilies on any part of your order, and bun doughnuts. Wow, that sounds amazing and delicious. Who’s hungry?

In-N-Out Heirs Worked in the Back

The Snyders, Harry and Esther, were definitely very serious about keeping their family humble even amongst their tremendous success. They made their sons, Guy and Rich, do work like everyone else at starting at the company. They believed that placing them doing entry-level work would prevent them from being spoiled.

Guy’s daughter Lynsi, who is now the owner of the entire company, also had her first job working in the kitchen. Orange Coast Magazine reported, “She started out like everyone else in prep work, coring tomatoes, peeling potatoes, and slicing onions. ‘Of course, I would cry every time,’ she laughed. ‘I was really excited to work there, because it was the family business. It was fun, and I thought it would make my dad happy.’” After her father’s death, she is now the sole owner of the company, which she inherited at age 24.

Harry Snyder on the Atkins Diet

On that special secret menu, you will find the “protein burger,” which is actually just the meat wrapped in lettuce. This is not a new addition that is often attributed to diets like Atkins. However, in the 1970s, founder Harry Snyder started having his burgers made without the bun because he was trying to lose weight by going on a diet.

General Manager Carl Van Fleet said back in 2004, “Some people think that the protein burger came about recently because of all the Atkins dieters, but it’s been around since the late 1970s.” It sounds like the protein burger would be just as delicious as the one on the regular menu.

The Food Really Is Fresh

According to a former employee of In-N-Out turned journalist named Courtney, working at In-N-Out didn’t turn her off of fast food forever. In fact, she ate there every day. One reason is the food is always fresh. The vegetables are all prepared in the kitchen. The potatoes are peeled and sliced, the tomatoes are sliced hourly, lettuce is constantly being chopped, and the meat is never frozen.

It is also said that damaged produce like dark or wilted lettuce and bruised tomatoes are thrown out. Wow, talk about attention to detail. They also locally source their ingredients in order to maintain the freshness. There are even any freezers or microwaves located in the restaurants, which is a pretty amazing feat in this day and age.

There Are No Leftovers

Everything is made to order, which means there are never any leftovers for employees to take home. Associates say that every now and then there is produce to take home, as the store only works with fresh produce so anything from the day before would be thrown out anyway.

After hearing so many horror stories about fast food restaurants, not to mention the countless articles about employees doing disgusting things in the back while preparing food, this is definitely a breath of fresh air in the fast food world. Not to mention, knowing that everything is fresh makes you want to eat there even more.

Going Crazy in the Kitchen

According to a user on reddit with the screen name dravila9, sometimes employees will get a little bit creative and make up their own recipes to try out their ideas. He said, “I’ve made donuts putting the buns in the fryers with syrup from the shakes and coring out a potato and frying it and filling it with chopped meat patties, melted cheese, onions, chilies, and grilled tomatoes. Too good.”

Hmm that does sound pretty delicious, and we wonder if In-N-Out will ever allow any of its employees’ recipes to get on their menu or at the very least the not so secret menu.

You Are Videotaped

While the founder’s son Rich Snyder was the one running the company he realized that employees learned better from their mistakes when they could see what they were doing wrong. And thus, he introduced big brother. Just kidding…kind of. He actually introduced the method of videotaping his new trainees, and he used the footage to analyze their performances and techniques.

From there he created training videos for new employees based on the analysis he created. Wow, are we sure Rich wasn’t an analytics major? Sounds like he would fit right in as he kind of conducted his own study on his employees.

Seven Different Ways to Order Your Fries

According to employees, there are actually seven different ways to order your fries. Wow! For such a small menu that is certainly amazing. You can order fries well-done which are extra crispy fries. You can order fries light well which are a slightly more done than regular fries, but not all the way crispy like the well-done.

You can order fries lite, which have not been cooked as long as the others. You can order fries no-salt which are exactly what they sound like. You can order cheese fries which have two slices of melted cheese on top of them.

Craving Fries Yet?

And of course, you can order the famous animal style fries which have the melted cheese, plus grilled onions, and the famous secret spread used on the burgers. There are also a number of alterations for this one.

And lastly, you can order lemon fries, which you can make by yourself by grabbing a lemon wedge (which is next to the ice tea) and squeeze it on your fries. Alright, surely there are much more ways to dream up having your fries made now that we’ve gotten started, but this is a pretty amazing start. Excuse us while we salivate, but this definitely has us wanting to go grab some fries. Who else is craving some?!

In-N-Out Will Not Franchise

According to the founder’s granddaughter, Lynsi Snyder In-N-Out will never franchise. She told the OC Register, “We’re definitely not franchising and we’re not going to sell. So don’t expect mass expansion of In-N-Out anytime soon.” They reportedly do this in order to maintain tight control over all the stores’ operations. Lynsi continued, “Our focus (is) on quality. I think the customers really respect that.”

It’s also thought that if In-N-Out expanded too rapidly it would lose some of its attractiveness to customers as a special kind of fast food joint. Lynsi continued, “We’re not changing things like many other companies do. That’s kept us unique; it’s kept the customers feeling like we’re not a sellout.” And yes, that photo is Bernie Sanders making an In-N-Out stop.

Religious Message Inside Cups

Since the 1980s, In-N-Out has discretely included Bible verses within purchases from the store. Discretely printed on the bottom of their cups and wrappers you can find John 3:16 and the like.

John 3:16 is a very famous Bible verse which says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life,” which is the backbone of Christianity in a nutshell. After Harry Snyder’s death, their son Rich ran the company. Rich became a born-again Christian during this time period.

Born-Again Burger

When he made the decision about the Bible verses he told the company spokesperson, “It’s just something I want to do.” In 1991, Snyder also approved a radio ad to be run at Christmas time that was overtly Christmasy. It said, “Ask Jesus to come and live in your heart today. Choose life by choosing Jesus. In-N-Out Burger wishes you a full and abundant life forever.”

There was some controversy surrounding the ad and the company took some heat for using the company to spread their religious beliefs but it clearly did no harm, as In-N-Out is doing better than ever. Tragically, Rich died in a plane crash in the 1990s.

You Must Go to University

In 1948, In-N- Out established their own “university” which was, of course, started to train service staff and managers how to be the very best at what they do and maintain consistent quality. Bloomberg reports that around 80 percent of managers came through the university ranks and later became career team members.

According to reddit poster dravila9, it is possible to rise to assistant manager or even manager positions without getting an actual college degree or even having previous management experience. The company would probably ask you to go to their own university, however. Still, it sounds like a pretty great deal to us!

Famous Chef Loves In-N-Out

Allegedly the uber famous late chef Julia Child was a massive In-N-Out fan, and she even carried around a list of restaurant addresses in her purse. This is kind of amazing as she specialized in French cuisine. Clearly, no one can withstand the power of an In-N-Out burger.

Allegedly, she had her assistant go grab her some cheeseburgers while in the hospital recovering from knee surgery. It would have been amazing to see Julia Child do her own take on an Animal Style burger while cooking on her show. Actually, now that we think of it, we will probably see Bobby Flay do something like this at some point if he hasn’t already.

Palm Trees

If you live near an In-N-Out chain you might have noticed the palm trees out front. This isn’t just because the restaurant originated in California but they were actually placed there for a reason. Founder Harry Snyder started the crossed palm tree look back in 1972.

He actually got the idea from a film called It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. In the film, the characters look for buried treasure beneath crossed palm trees. The film was made in 1963 and starred a bunch of Hollywood heavyweights (at the time, anyway) like Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney, and Milton Berle.

Amazing Benefits and Lowest Turnover Rates

According to an employee in Austin, employees really enjoy working at In-N-Out. The anonymous tipster submitted this comment to Glassdoor, “The benefits are amazing. I work part-time and have the option of dental, vision, and life insurance as well as paid vacation time.” Wow! There are pretty much no other places of work, much less fast food restaurants that offer such amazing benefits especially for only part-time workers.

The amazing way they treat their workers obviously accounts for the fact that In-N-Out has repeatedly been named as the fast food restaurant with the lowest turnover rates. Managers reportedly stay there an average of fourteen years. Even better, college students who have worked at the chain report that In-N-Out was very accommodating of their studies allowing them to shift their schedules to fit their class schedules. In-N-Out certainly sounds like an amazing place to work.

Best Way To Order Animal Fries

We mentioned earlier all the different ways you can order fries but this right here is insight on the best way to order animal fries. In an interview, a former manager who was referred to as Kathy gave the scoop on tips and tricks about In-N-Out and this was one of them.

“I like fries that are a little soft,” Kathy said. “But if you’re going to eat Animal fries, the best thing to do is to order them ‘fry well’ because the fries will hold their shape. They won’t get soft and mushy under all the sauce, especially if you take your time eating them.”

The Tastiest Secret Menu Burger!

Of course, everyone loves the original burger options at In-N-Out. You can get the burger, cheeseburger or double. If you know about the secret menu then you can have some fun with your burger. Well, Kathy revealed which burger not on the menu that is the best one to eat.

“The best burger I’ve eaten (that I never would’ve thought to make myself) is a Double-Single,” Kathy said. “It’s two burger patties, one slice of cheese, chopped chilies, chopped onions, and one tomato slice. The bun gets a spiral of mustard and a squeeze of lemon juice.”

Secret Item For Each Location

The secret menu is almost known by everyone now, but there is a bigger secret that customers do not know about. For each specific location, there is a secret item that only employees get to enjoy! Why don’t they share the goodness with everyone! The possibilities are endless for what they can be cooking up there.

“Every store has their own secret item that only the associates know how to make,” Kathy said. “Some stores will cut potatoes long ways and will make [fancy French fries] called mojos.” Others finely dice tomatoes, onions, and chilies, and top their burgers with the improvised salsa, she revealed.

Popular Location Means Wealthy Manager

We’ve already revealed how well employees are treated, but let’s dive a little deeper into that subject. A busy store can mean a big year for managers. If you are working at a location you know gets tons of traffic, then it might be in your best interest to grind so you can become a manager and here is why.

“There are store managers who have busy stores who make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year,” Kathy told us. “I knew a store manager who made $350,000.” That much money to manage a fast food place is nuts!

Inside Man

Like the case with many other establishments, a great way to get hired somewhere is if you get referred by someone who already is employed at the job. In-N-Out is no different in that department. Now if you want to make your way your up so you can reel in that big payday for management positions and you don’t already work there, you better go get to know someone!

“They have a program called Multiplying Winners,” Kathy said. “If you refer someone who gets hired, you get paid.” She also said that plenty of siblings work together.

Managers Get Exclusives

By now you know that being a manager at In-N-Out comes with great perks, but there is something else that managers get that we have not mentioned yet. On top of the immense potential earnings, you have a shot at seeing the world for free! In-N-Out seems like the place to be.

“My store manager went [on an all-expenses-paid trip by In-N-Out to Germany,” she said. “He stayed at a five-star hotel. And he said that he realized that if he worked all of his life, he probably could never afford something like this on his own.”

Get Lemonade

If you have ever noticed in the condiment section they have lemon wedges. What these lemon wedges are used for is entirely up to you but there is one method that can certainly quench your thirst. Many people pass on buying a drink and go straight for a water cup, well next time this is what you should do.

On top of lemons being there, you can also find sugar. Now you have all the ingredients to make some fresh lemonade! Tell your friends, tell your wife, tell anybody so they don’t have to waste money on a fountain drink anymore.

Three in One

For those who love sweets and like to have dessert after a meal, this one is for you. Sure, you can order an original shake but why go so basic. This is one of the secret menu items that is worth it and tastes amazing. It is called the Neapolitan shake.

Just ask for one next time you have the urge to pair your savory with something sweet. You will for sure be full and might even fall into a food coma once you finish all the food. The shakes are thick so be prepared to have your lungs tested!

Paris Blamed the Burger

Maybe it was a secret to Paris Hilton how good In-N-Out burgers until she had her first one. Once she got the experience of the succulent burger on her taste buds, she had to get more. At least, that is what we are assuming what happened because she was ready to risk it all for one.

One night she was pulled over while she was on her way to get some In-N-Out. She was arrested for drunk driving. She told Ryan Seacrest that she was driving “a little fast” because she “just wanted some In-N-Out”. Secrets out of the bag, In-N-Out can cause you to get arrested.

Can’t Get Any Bigger

A 4×4 burger is already pretty intense and massively contributes to clogged arteries, but did you know you could have ordered something bigger than that? One time in Vegas, some customers ordered a 100×100 that ended up costing them close to 100 dollars. They ate it and posted the experience online.

After this, management prohibited anything larger than 4×4 to be ordered. Just take a look at that picture, would you want to have to chef up something that huge? And to the customers that ordered it, there is no telling how they were feeling after they finished that beast of a meal.

A Mix of Burger and Fry

This was not included earlier on the list of fries you can order because technically, it could be qualified as a burger as well. Sometimes people just have the urge to eat a patty with fries. What would you call that? A fry burger possibly, but this is called Roadkill fries.

Even though the name has fries in it don’t let that fool you. What it is exactly is animal style fries with a flying dutchman on top. Two patties with cheese in between lay atop some of the most delicious fries out there. This will certainly please your belly with one bite.

Chili Cheese Fries?

This is so much a secret that we should not even be posting this here, but this is one of those “legend has it” deals. Because have you ever heard of anyone getting chili cheese fries from In-N-Out? Well, today is your lucky day because you are about to learn how to get some.

Look at the picture, don’t they look amazing? In order to get your hands on this treat, you must be ready for rejection. If you go in and ask two times for an order or chili cheese fries and they say no, once you ask for the third time you will be rewarded.

Revolutionized The Game

While Harry Snyder was out picking up fresh ingredients, Esther Snyder was in charge of accounting when In-N-Out first opened. The chain is marked as the first one to have a two-way speaker for drive-thru capabilities. In a Steve Jobs manner, Harry came up with the intercom idea so you can really get in and out.

Before 1948 when this came about, there were drive-ins where carhops completed your order and took your food to you. That is similar to how Sonic does it today. Clearly, this was a revolutionary idea to implement so kudos to Harry.

That Arrow Was Not Always There

That huge yellow arrow was not always a staple of In-N-Out. The sign used to say “No Delay” all way up until 1954. That means before 1954, the burger lovers didn’t get to enjoy the iconic arrow that we of the modern time have come to love.

Whenever one sees that huge arrow in the sky when they are on the freeway its almost like euphoria runs through the body even if you are not going to get any food. Californians relate the symbol happiness because those burgers are known to make you happy. Just like kids love seeing that big M for McDonald’s.

By Request

The truth about the animal style burger is here. The restaurant did not come up with that idea. Requests from diners are the real reason the burger came into existence. Seems like it must have taken a certain amount of requests to finally get that idea added to the secret menu.

It came around in 1961 and the burger game was changed forever. It is cool for the chain to take the requests. It’s one thing to listen but it is another to actually do what they were being asked to do. If you live in California then there is a high chance you have had an animal style burger.

The Monkey Style Burger

This is another item that began as just a rumor. The monkey style burger is a double-double with animal style fries shoved inside, scrumptious. When it was just a rumor, trying to order one would infuriate the employees. Even until this day, you might get an unkind look if you order one of these bad boys.

Why are they mad about this order? Probably because you can easily do it yourself. Also because it most likely is not on the computer for the list of items to order so the cashier might have to enter in the pricing manually.

Did Someone Say Medium Rare?

When you go to an actual sit down and eat restaurant and order a burger, you have options on how you want that burger made. The waiter or waitress usually asks how would you like that cooked and per usual you say medium rare. You cannot do that at Burger King or Wendys.

Lucky for you, In-N-Out has that option. They may not ask you, but if you tell them while you order then you are sure to get the type burger you want. The medium rare with the pinkish hue to it. The only place you can’t do this is in Nevada.

Order for Pup!

Have you ever wanted your dog to enjoy the luxury of eating an In-N-Out burger? Rewind, have you just ever wanted your dog to enjoy the same food you eat simultaneously? That is something dog owners think about at times. They are always just munching on their plain old dog food.

Well never fret, In-N-Out is here to save the day. They have a secret menu for dogs and you can order a treat for your dog. It is called a Pup Patty which is a salt-less patty. Now you can order for your dog and eat your burger with him or her!

The Grilled Cheese

Sometimes a patty is not what you want. Sometimes you just want everything that encompasses a classic In-N-Out burger just minus the meat. As wild as that sounds, it’s quite fine. You can order the grilled cheese. It is basically everything that comes on the hamburger just without the patty.

This option is most likely for those who do not eat meat. Those who have had give it positives reviews and plus they wouldn’t have it on the secret menu if it was a bad thing to eat. One day if you are feeling adventurous, pick up one of these instead of the regular one.

That’s What Hamburgers Are All About!

For those of you reading this and do not reside in an area that is home to In-N-Out, then we are sorry. This article probably did not make things better for you. The silver lining is, next time you are on a road trip you might want to swing by a state that has an In-N-Out.

Just by looking at the picture above you can tell that these burgers are no joke. People wait in immense lines just to have the chance to have one of the greatest burgers on the west coast. With all the combinations you just learned about there should be many trips to In-N-Out in your future.

In-N-Out Adds Hot Cocoa To The Menu, People Freak Out

A restaurant adding hot cocoa to their menu might not sound like a big deal, but it is for In-N-Out. That’s because it’s the first time the burger chain has added a new item to its menu in 15 years. (The last item they added was lemonade.)

Photo: Instagram @lafoodieguy
Photo: Instagram @lafoodieguy

Once In-N-Out started teasing adding a new item, it’s diehard followers started to get more than excited about it. The item ended up being hot cocoa, which In-N-Out announced in January 2018. Made with hot water, cocoa and topped with mini marshmallows, the item costs $1.60.

There’s A Story Behind The Cocoa

Photo: Instagram @aziza_sikstar

In-N-Out could have added onion rings, fried zucchini, or a variety of other items that would have complimented their menu. But there’s a reason behind the selection of hot cocoa. Lynsi Snyder explained her decision in a statement: “This is actually the return of hot cocoa. My grandparents, Harry and Esther Snyder, served it for many years beginning in the ’50s. I’m not sure how it fell off the menu, but it’s part of our culture and something special for kids, and I’m happy that we’re bringing it back. So it turns out, Snyder added the item to honor her grandparents, who started it all.

Cocoa Had Previously Been On The Menu

Even the most diehard followers of In-N-Out may not have known that cocoa had previously been on the limited menu. Back in the 1960s, hot cocoa at In-N-Out cost just 15 cents. Snyder said, “For a certain generation, hot cocoa is an In-N-Out classic, and we hope it will be a favorite of a new generation. It’s quality cocoa from Ghirardelli, and yes, we serve it with marshmallows!”

In the image above, you can see that hot chocolate is listed at the bottom of the menu for 15 cents, along with milk and lemonade.