“You’re Fired!” Behind The Scenes Of The Apprentice And What It Was Really Like On The Show

Applicants Have 30 Seconds To Impress The Casting Crew

apprentice auditions.jpg

Photo by Peter Kramer / Staff

After The Apprentice gained popularity in the mid-’00s and beyond, more people applied to be on the show. In fact, in the later seasons, more than 50,000 hopefuls applied for each season. To earn one of the coveted spots, contestants have to come to the audition ready to impress — and they better be able to do it fast.

Applicants have just 30 seconds to impress the casting crew, who tends to ask simple questions like Why you should you be on The Apprentice? What makes you so different? This is why contestants come up with some truly ridiculous answers. After all, the more ridiculous you are, the more likely you will be remembered.