Yes, This “Rumps Against Trump” Protest Really Happened

The most recent Trump protest took to the streets bare bummed and angry. The protest took place along the Chicago Riverwalk where protesters took off their pants to protest the new administration.

Butt-Trump-Protest-Chicago 1.jpg

The protest was organized to compare Donald Trump’s three weeks in office to where the sun don’t shine. But, this protest didn’t come at a cost, it was actually completely legal. After a Maryland court ruled that mooning people is a form of protest in 2006, anyone can drop their drawers for the chance to take up an argument against the president.

Even though this protest was one of the more humorous, it isn’t the first protest to occur during Trump’s first month.

The now-famous Women’s March was one of the biggest protests against Donald Trump and his admittance to sexually assaulting a woman. This Washington D.C. march brought in more protesters than the Inauguration itself and inspired 673 smaller protests all over the world. This big march proved that women are not only the future, but can change the course of history.

Protests began to pop up for other groups of people in the United States as well. In New York alone, bodega owners were inspired by the successful Women’s march. Bodegas are small convenience stores, usually located on every block in Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. The owners of these bodegas are typically immigrants.

The bodega protest and walkout took place on February 3 and consisted of over 1,000 Yemeni bodega owners. The bodega owners marched to city hall to protest Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, proving that Muslims or anyone alike belongs in New York City and the United States. After word caught on that Yemeni owners were striking, other bodega owners, of all nationalities closed up shop for the day to stand in solidarity.

Even though these protests are different in nature, they convey one very important thing. Donald Trump’s executive orders and positions are being fought against.

Trump has only been in office for three weeks, but his controversial press conferences against the media and his stance of Isolationism are being fought through grass roots protests. According to experts if these protests continue to engage more people, and if Congress listens to the people, Trump will not last more than 100 days.

As of right now, Donald Trump’s approval rating is at a very low 40%, which proves even more that the country does not respect his thoughts or orders. More shockingly is that over 55% of the country is extremely unhappy with the president. This statistic alone shows that half of the country hates the new administration, including both Donald Trump and his cabinet. According to CNN, this statistic is also the highest disapproval rating of any newly elected president.


These protests around the country, no matter how silly they are in nature, are helping to show that the country will not stand for Donald Trump’s racism or sexism. Even if you have your pants around your ankles, any type of protest can help America’s fight against this administration.