They Win Some And They Lose Some! The Hottest Women Who Have Competed on Reality TV

Reality television shows have dominated prime time television in the last twenty years. The “American Idol” craze is where it all began. We all watch with anticipation as Simon Cowell harshly criticized contestants who just did not have that certain something special. Some people who were not celebrities in the beginning quickly became famous through their appearances on reality television programs. And sometimes celebrities compete on reality television shows as well, and they even come up with the short end of the stick at times. We remember some people from these shows for their smokin’ appearances and not necessarily for their skills. Here are the hottest people who have appeared on competitive reality television shows.

Mya Mystifies and Dazzles with her Dance Moves

Mya Marie Harrison, better known as Mya, is an American recording artist, songwriter, and actress. She comes from a family of musicians. She signed with Interscope Records in 1998 and released her eponymous debut album that same year. Mya and Dmitry Chaplin appeared on “Dancing With the Stars.” They fared pretty well and even made it to second place.