The Incredible Story Of An Alaskan Community That Befriends A Local Wolf

Wolves are gorgeous creatures, and they even look like sweet, friendly dogs, but it’s important to remember that wolves are wild animals. These aren’t creatures that you can just cuddle up to. You have to give them their space so nobody gets hurt.

In 2004, Nick Jans, an Alaskan wildlife photographer, was taking his dog for a walk in the snow. That’s when he came across a huge wolf just outside of his home. Nick was afraid that the wolf might hurt his dog or someone else, but what happened next took everybody by surprise.

A Wolf Came Out Of Nowhere

Nick Jans
Nick Jans

Back in 2004, Nick Jans was sitting on his porch in Alaska with his dog Dakotah by his side. While Nick was admiring the Alaskan landscape, a large black wolf came out from behind the trees and stood in front of Nick’s home.

Before Nick could even react, his dog Dakotah went running straight towards the wild animal. Either she thought the wolf was another dog who wanted to play, or she was preparing to defend her master from this fierce predator.