Inked! Rare Photos Of The Weirdest Tattoos In History

The art of tattooing has been in practice for centuries. However, the style, location, and complexity of tattoos has changed over time. They originally were meant to be used as part of religious or coming-of-age ceremonies, but have since evolved into a form of decorative self- expression.

We gathered some of the rarest photos of tattoos in history so that you can learn about this unique art form and get inspiration before the next time you “get inked!”

We have included famous people with tats, tattoos found on mummies, and more.

Keep on reading to see the rarest, weirdest tattoos in the world!

Maud Stevens

Maud Stevens

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Maud Stevens Wagner is the first known American woman to sport a tattoo. After decorating her body, she joined a circus and toured the world as part of a “freak show” exhibit. She made the modern-day equivalent of millions of dollars. That’s really not a bad deal, if you ask us!