Weird Jobs That Make Over $100,000 A Year

For some, salary is more important than vocation. Rather than focusing on a specific industry due to interests, some professionals choose to go the route of financial stability. It’s not a bad choice, due to the rising housing and living costs in some of the most populated cities in the country.


In New York City, the cost of living continues to skyrocket with rising rent costs. Even historically affordable areas, such as Queens, are seeing hefty increases in rent, auto insurance, and coffee. Residents of large cities struggle to find housing, even in the outskirts of rapidly expanding cities such as Austin, Philadelphia, and Denver, leaving little room for savings.

The majority of millennials, in fact, now prefer to spend more money upfront rather than saving long term for expenses. An article by The Huffington Post citied many financial problems millennials are up against, including rent, college loan payments, and health insurance. Many choose to downsize to cut expenses, but for those unwilling to compromise on a higher standard of living, a job with a sky-high salary is another option.

The most stereotypical jobs with high salaries, such as being a successful entrepreneur of high-paying actress or performer are unrealistic for some. However, with specific schooling and training, some more unpredictable or unknown professions are achievable. From project management to design, here are the top paying jobs with a salary of at least $100,000 a year.

Makeup Artist

Who knew applying fake noses and brushing blush across cheeks could bring in such a pretty penny? According to Makeup Artist Ash Matthews on Quora, well-connected makeup artists who constantly network make a high paying salary. Most are represented by agents, are constantly learning new techniques, and constantly update their portfolio to show their best work. Another alternative for a high-paying art position would be an Art Director, though many need to work in New York City.


Good with numbers? Get paid for it. Actuaries, who analyze financial risk, work with insurance companies, financial agencies, and other corporations to ensure wise spending. The most successful actuaries, according to, need to complete at least two actuary exams, have interned for a company, and graduate early to get a leg up on their peers. Other number related high paying jobs include Mathematicians or Financial Manager/Advisors.


Optometrists, or healthcare professionals who examine the eyes, make a comparable salary to doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. The more specific field can be great for young professionals that want to work in the medical field, but don’t want to focus on general medicine or dentistry. Optometrists require four years of undergrad, with an additional three to four years of schooling.

Patent Attorney

Patent Attorney

Want to be involved with the law without the crazy hours? Patent attorneys make over $100,000 per year, yet don’t work the demanding hours of other types of lawyers. Similar to a traditional lawyer, potential Patent Attorneys need an undergraduate degree in a relevant field with a graduate degree in law. Another alternative would be a Political Scientist, which requires a Master’s Degree and would likely need to reside in a large city such as New York or DC.