Warning: These Female Athlete Fails Are So Awful, You Can’t Look Away…

While many athletes strive for perfection, no one can attain that goal and we all have our share of embarrassing moments. However, it’s far worse when they are caught on camera! Here are some of the most epic fails featuring women athletes.

Look Out Below

Performing at the 2014 All-Around Women’s final, Australian gymnast Olivia Vivian appears to have lost control on the balance beam. But, don’t worry! Despite the terrified look on her face, Vivian managed to place fifth overall as the highest scoring Australian in the bunch with a score of 13!

The 27-year-old gymnast started her profession at just eight years old, claiming the uneven bars as her favorite apparatus. In 2008, she contributed the highest score of the Australian team at that year’s Olympic games with a sixth-place finish. She even competed for Oregon State University in the NCAA gymnastics for four years.

Even Gabby

Even the great Gabrielle Douglas, a world champion gymnast, has known her fair share of defeat. No matter how many times a performance is practiced, there is always that chance that perfection will not be obtained. Just one little slip from something like a balance beam can make or break an athlete.

Unfortunately for Gabby, this was not among her best moments, but the athlete still held onto the beam with every ounce of her strength and is an inspiration to us all. Douglas is one shining example of how female athletes manage to maintain composure and grace in the face of a challenge.

Laying Down on the Job

Retired American gymnast Nastia Liukin wasn’t having the greatest day at the Olympic trials back in 2012. Starting off on the unparalleled bars, Nastia was having what seemed to be a promising routine until she ended up face-first on the floor, “reaching” for the very goal she had just let slip through her fingers, literally.

In her defense, she had just ended her two-year sabbatical from the sport the summer before and was just recovering from shoulder injuries. Although she didn’t make it to the next round, she collected herself and finished her routine with grace. The audience still gave her a standing ovation.

Hmm.. What is Wrong With This Picture?

Every swimmer has to deal with tan lines, embarrassing or not, and they generally do not pay too much attention to their “miss-tanned” appearances, but this particular picture is a little hard to ignore. With what is definitely a bikini tan line, this swimmer rocks her one piece with confidence.

If anything, this swimmers tan lines only show the world that she knows how to have fun and relax in her spare time. But don’t be mistaken—when it’s game time, tan lines are the least of her concerns! With these awkward and somewhat embarrassing tan lines, could you do the same?

Don’t Blink or You Might Miss It!

Oh man… doesn’t seeing someone in a position like this make you nervous?! Fortunately for these types of situations, years and years of training, exercise, balance and diet kick in almost instinctively. This was taken at the 2012 Olympic Games in London during the Women’s Individual All-Around Gymnastics Final.

As much as it seems Romanian athlete Larisa Iordache is about to fall off of this beam, thanks to skill, practice and talent, she was able to hold her balance. We’re sure the viewers had a huge collective sigh of relief to see her regain her balance and finish the routine. Phew!


Not only does this look painful for her, but this picture is even painful to look at in general. With what looks like a miscalculation on the long jump or possibly pole vaulting, this poor girl took a wrong turn. Check out the placement of her neck too, yikes! We can only assume this is not the type of performance she “aimed” for, especially at the Olympics.

Let’s just hope that the athlete didn’t twist her neck or sustain any other injuries from the incident! Just looking at the picture can make anyone cringe, let alone imagining what this might have felt like.

Hey, She’s Just Trying to Get a Grope, I Mean Grip!

Source: Google Images

Considering the women in this league are only cloaked with lingerie, helmets, pad and cleats, wardrobe malfunctions happen quite often and lead to instant exposure (if you know what we mean). As #14 reaches for the beauty’s grip on the ball, it seems as though she has succeeded at grasping at something other than the ball, like the busty sports bra of her opposing athlete.

Whoops! We’re sure these ladies really thought nothing of it, as they clearly have looks of determination on their faces! Although, we can’t say the same for any onlookers who may have secretly enjoyed the little show.

Uh Oh Miho

Professional speed skater Miho Takagi may seem cool and collected in this picture, but there is so much more that meets the eye. When it comes to sports, athletes’ mindsets are far from their apparel and the way it appears, especially something as quick as speed skating. But in this case Miho should have taken a second look at her outfit that day…. can you spot why?

In case you’re wondering, we’re referring to the fact that you can clearly see straight through her outfit and to her skivvies! Hopefully onlookers were too distracted by her impeccable performance to notice this wardrobe faux pas!

Where Will Shawn Land? Nobody Knows!

We all know and love Olympic champion Shawn Johnson, but after seeing her in this picture we love her so much more than we ever thought we could. Jumping from beam to beam, the camera man caught Shawn with this awesomely worried look on her face, but being the star athlete she is, she nailed this performance!

Johnson is a Vanderbilt alumna, where she studied sports psychology and nutrition. She won one gold medal and three silver medals at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Due to continual issues in her left knee, Johnson announced her retirement from the Olympic team in 2012.

Some People Just Need a “Leg Up”

In the intricate sport of synchronized swimming, there are times when athletes need a leg to rest on, especially in this epic shot. While this seems so inappropriate and seriously awkward, this particular athlete is really in need of some extra assistance by her teammate, hence the leg up! But hey, anything helps right?

We wonder if the look on this swimmer’s face is one of surprise or discomfort? It very well could be that she’s just gasping for more air after being in the water. Maybe she didn’t even notice that there was a foot in her crotch, since she was too focused on the routine!

Not the Time for Break Dancing

With what looks like an epic break dancing routine, U.S. volleyball athlete Destinee Hooker takes a hard spill during the 2012 London Olympics. Judging from the celebratory reaction coming from their opponents, we assume this massive leap ended in failure, but you can’t get them all! Had this actually been a shot of a sweet break dancing routine, this action shot would have been killer!

In the end, Brazil beat out the U.S. in this match in a 3-1 upset, causing the U.S. to lose its chance at winning Olympic gold that year for Women’s Volleyball. Destinee scored 14 points in that game and was named the second-best scorer at that year’s London Olympics.

Unfair Advantage

In what seems like a brutal match, but in a 2014 episode of RAW, it was four against one in a Handicap Match featuring WWE Diva Nikki Bella. Her predators were Alicia Fox, Eva Marie, Cameron, and Rosa Mendes. She seemed to take quite a beating as all four girls pounced, kicked, and stepped on Bella.

Beaten and battered by the end of the match, the camera closed up on a pained Nikki, whose chest got a little unwanted exposure! But we suppose it’s just another average wardrobe malfunction in the world of WWE, just like others on this list…

Setting In…

Reliving the worst moment in Morgan’s life and career, she pounds against the stubbled track with anger, defeat, and sorrow in her heart and eyes. Knowing the time, work, effort, and love she put into training for something as fleeting as the 1500m, Morgan is not accepting her choices in this picture.

After she fell, she laid on the track and stayed there well until the race was over, before finally getting up and leaving without a word. Terrence Mahon, Morgan’s coach, told USA Today, “It was a tough one. Hard to handle when you do everything right and something like this happens to you.”

Trampled In The Steeple

In this action shot, we see Portuguese runner Clarisse Cruz being nearly trampled to death in the Olympic event known as the steeplechase. This particular event is similar to a mini obstacle course that spreads out to 3000m and is considered one of the most difficult in the games. Clearly, there are “downfalls” to such a tricky event and Clarisse knows that better than anyone.

While the steeplechase is Cruz’s specialty, she ended up finishing in 11th place that year with a final time of just over nine minutes and 32 seconds. We can only imagine how much better she would have placed had she not fallen!

The Long, Hard Road to Victory

Cycling is one of the most exhilarating but intense and potentially dangerous sports around and can easily result in some nasty spills along the road… spills like the one we see here. One person going down could potentially be disastrous since they could get in the way of all the bikers behind them!

In this photo, we witness the collision between professional bikers Na Ah of South Korea and Fernanda da Silva Sousa of Brazil, which also led to a domino effect of destruction for other bikers in the race. While we have seen worse cases of this scenario, any incident like this in a bike race is pretty worrisome to watch!

No Sleeping on the Job

With what looks like one of the most uncomfortable napping positions of all time, Russia’s Ksenia Afanasyeva fell hard at the 2012 London games on the mat. Floor routines, as “grounding” as they seem, are extremely difficult and all about precision, spacing, and balance. For falls as hard as this, we can assume that Ksenia really did need a nap after.

Deadspin pointed out that NBC didn’t even air the incident—and team Russia’s dramatic reaction—to its American viewers since the U.S. at that point had already secured the Olympic gold. Before the disastrous moment, Ksenia Afanasyeva was a reigning world champion in the realm of gymnastics.

Tai Down

Even badminton can get intense in the Olympics, which is why we see Taiwan’s Tai Tzu-ying flattened out like an athletic pancake here. We’re not exactly sure how a racket game can result in this type of position, but it is clear that Tai was giving it everything she had. Unfortunately, she ended up “falling” short.

In March 2017, Tai made history “by becoming the first All-England badminton champion in any discipline from Chinese Taipei,” saying, “I was very well-prepared for this match. I did a lot of work on defence. I am very happy that in this match I had a quick start, unlike my game before,” reports The Straits Times.

Out Of Breath

Women’s weightlifting has to be one of the most challenging sports in the Olympics and requires years of training, placement, lifting, dieting and much more than we even realize. Thailand’s weightlifting athlete Rattikan Gulnoi is out of breath in this aerial shot after competing in the London Olympics in 2012. We cannot even imagine how tired she would be – look at that bar!

That year, Gulnoi originally finished in fourth place, but after Ukraine’s Yuliya Kalina was disqualified for prohibited steroid use, Gulnoi was promoted and ended up earning the bronze medal. It seems that her look of exasperation was well-earned after all.

Make It Rain

Although field hockey is one of the lesser known sports in the world, it really tends to stand out in the Olympics with composite sticks, intense athletes and serious blocking like you see here.

In this picture, US player Rachel Dawson went head-to-head with New Zealand’s Anita Punt at the 2012 London Olympics as Rachel slipped on the wet astroturf. This should go without saying, but field hockey is not meant to be played on wet turf, or any wet surface for that matter. But these ladies powered through it, proving that women can work through whatever challenging conditions they may face when there is gold to be won.

That Bod!

Source: Complex

Dutch tennis player Arantxa Rus is well known for both her talent on the court as well as her rockin’ bod, so this shot comes as no shock. Throughout the game, you will see all players adjusting their wardrobe as it tends to shift with every grunt, whack, and cut, so Arantxa just “caught” up in the moment in this picture.

The impressive tennis player has won a dozen tournaments over the span of nearly ten years, earning nearly $900,000 in prize money. With accolades like that, we’re sure that picking out a little wedgie here and there for the tennis star was no big deal.

Many Moons Ago

Again with the mooning! It is no surprise to see another WWE smackdown resulting in the loss of pants, right? Considering these women are trained to grab, kick, punch and throw chairs against one another, it makes sense that articles of clothing would peel off in the chaos, much to the enjoyment of male fans.

In fact, Rosa Mendes’s infamous mooning incident previously mentioned in this article was so popular, that she and Alicia Fox (who exposed Rosa’s cheeks to the world) planned to do another similar stunt in at future match, but had trouble making it look like an accident.

Serena Williams Exposed

As the most famous female tennis player in the world, Serena Williams is under the microscope when it comes to press at all times – even during her matches. Simply just trying to enjoy a sip of water in between sets, the press caught Serena’s famous “asset” up in the air. But, considering Serena is well known for her short apparel, this photo probably just rolled right off her muscular shoulders.

While Serena is most likely no stranger to having her bits exposed in compromising photos, she has told the press that she is generally a shy person and likes to keep mum on her private life. However, news broke in late 2016 that she was engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

WWE Glampire

This intense photo reveals a weirdly intimate moment in the ring between Total Divas stars Paige and Natalya. Both of WWE fame, Natalya—whose real name is Natalie Neidhart—is the first third-generation female wrestler, being from the Hart family of wrestlers. Paige, whose real name is Saraya-Jade Bevis, was apprehensive about wrestling as a profession as a child but obviously overcame her worries.

Paige decided to spice up their matches with a little “glampire” fun, but Natalya was not happy about Paige’s tactics and looked highly upset about them! Or maybe Natalya is just disgusted at the fact that Paige is attempting to lick her face like a dog, even while they are both probably pretty sweaty!

Who Invited The Camels?!

Even with some of the most athletic bodies in the world, these bikers fell victim to the dreaded fashion statement of the camel toe. It definitely does not help that parts of the uniforms are flesh- colored on top of it, which makes this a very uncomfortable picture to stare at. Either get those girls some pants or find their team another uniform designer!

The unfortunate victims of this poor design choice are the Colombian Women’s Cycling Team, who fell victim to an immense amount of internet ridicule. To make matters worse, it was actually one of the team members who designed the outfits. We’re sure this is one regret she cringes at when she looks back on these photos!

The Comeback Kid

As one of the most famous comeback stories in the history of running, track runner Heather Dorniden took a hard fall in the 600m at the 2008 Big 10 Indoor Track Championships. Despite falling on her face in the last lap, Dorniden managed to not only catch up to her teammate and front runner, but finish first! Judging from first glance, you would not think that a fall like this could be the motivation to win, in fact, it looks like her face is being stepped on!

The fact that she got back up and ended up winning the race just proves how resilient female athletes of the world can be!

The Real Winners

As the poster child for good sportsmanship, 5,000 meter New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin threw the race at the 2016 Olympics after accidentally being tripped by Abbey D’Agostino. Seeing that Hamblin was down for the count, D’Agostino goes back and actually helped pick her up off of the track. As both runners proceeded with the race, it was obvious that D’Agostino had sustained a leg injury from the incident as she limped to the finish line.

Both runners were praised for their sportsmanship, even though Hamblin finished 16th and D’Agostino limped in at last place. When D’Agostino first helped Hamblin up after the initial incident, Hamblin told reporters that her competitor told her, “Get up, get up, we have to finish this.”

Let It Go

Unfortunately for 2012 Olympic competitive weightlifter Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero, of Ecuador, weights of that caliber can sometimes be too difficult to manage without some type of bodily reaction. The young woman unfortunately wet herself and dropped the weight during the event, but held her head high for such an embarrassing and public moment.

It has been Escobar’s dream to win an Olympic medal and she’s even competed in 2004 in Athens, 2008 in Beijing, and 2012 in London. Unfortunately, she has yet to achieve her goal, but was still honored to represent her country in the opening ceremonies in those games.

Watch Out!

Sporting events are not a place to be strolling around when there are athletes competing, and this girl learned her lesson. The look on the man in the left corner’s face says it all when this female bystander ran into one of the competing athletes and ruined his chances at success. I guess some people just learn this the hard way.

Not only was the athlete in question probably disappointed and aggravated at the fact that he was denied a win because of this, the woman who got in his way is probably extremely embarrassed about the whole incident! Oops!

Relaying Difficulty

Relay like the women’s 4×100 event require speed, yes, but they also require accuracy for a moment as simple as the passing of the baton. Even in that brief moment, things can go awry and often do. Here we see Allyson Felix getting bumped by one of the Brazilian track runners, causing her to drop the baton and ruin the chances for her team’s success.

The look on Felix’s face says it all: disappointment, devastation, and frustration. Because of the slight collision with the Brazilian runner, Felix failed to pass the baton to her teammate English Gardner. Maybe next time!

Pass It On

Again with the baton blunders, USA runner Torri Edwards has a very disgusted look on her face as she attempted to pass the baton to her teammate Lauryn, but failed to get it there on the first try. With all of the training, pain, agony and effort that goes into to physically preparing for an event like this, it is truly a travesty when something as easy as passing the button messes up the chances of gold.

This incident happened at the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing. Apparently, dropping the baton in this type of race is a frequent problem for American relay teams.

Hates To Lose

Serena Williams, would you like a glass of water to go along with that nasty tasting defeat? Considered to be one of the worst defeats for Serena in her entire career, Simona Halep handed Serena a plate full of humiliation and Serena definitely did not like the taste. You can tell by the look on her face!

After the match, Serena is quoted as telling the press, “I knew if I wanted to win this, I had to step it up in the third set. I knew that I could play a lot better, and I felt like I kind of lost my rhythm a little bit in the second set. Also, Simona started playing really well. She kept going for shots, and she did what she needed to do.”

Too Much Weight

20-year-old Genesis Gomez Rodriguez let the 106kg weight get the best of her after she competed and fainted with the weight above her head in the Pan Am games in Ontario, Canada. She steadily and successfully lifted the weight above her head, before dropping it behind her and falling to the mat shortly thereafter. Had the weight not fallen behind her, it could have caused a serious to fatal injury.

Thank goodness Genesis made a quick recovery, but she had the world in quite a scare with this terrifying, dramatic and potentially fatal incident. After recovering, Genesis successfully lifted the 109kg weight and ended up winning the silver medal.

A Falling Beauty

With such an elegant and beautiful outfit, and even a composed face, U.S. skater Gracie Gold did not live up to her last name at the 2014 Winter Olympics. With this epic failure of a fall, Gracie placed fourth in the competition – marking it the first time that the U.S. did not place with a medal since 1936. Tough luck Gracie, but at least you look beautiful! This goes to show that even the most practiced routines can go wrong.

17-year-old Adelina Sotnikova of Russia ended up coming out on top in that competition, much to the joy of the home crowd, since the event took place in Sochi.

Woman Overboard

When it comes to hurdling, there is always a possibility of tripping or stumbling over the equipment and poor Vania Stambolova knows exactly how this feels. Unfortunately, in this sport, it is practically impossible to continue competing after falling over a hurdle in such a fast-paced activity. This young Bulgarian had to admit defeat in 2012 due to this blunder, and it doesn’t help that “Stambolova” sounds like “stumble”.

What makes the incident even more embarrassing for the athlete was the fact that it was the very first hurdle! Although she got up unscathed by the mistake, it was too late to salvage her chances at placing in the competition.

Ladies, This is Not the Time to Play Twister

Dominos are fun to stack up in a long row for the purpose of knocking them down. It is a very unique site to see a long row of about 500 dominoes all stacked up just to be knocked down. This is what is known as the domino effect. This means one thing starts a chain reaction to other things.

One unfortunate track runner just happened to be running and might have collided with another one. The other track runners just happened to experience the “domino effect” and they went tumbling down like a ton of bricks. This is quite embarrassing isn’t it?

Collateral Apparel

Just like Steph, this water polo player fell victim to the embarrassment of the nip slip. Considering this is such a dirty sport, especially under the water, this comes as no surprise but it is still shocking. As girls are getting kicked, clawed, punched and jabbed all under the still water during matches, any type of clothing can disappear within an instant. Not to say that this isn’t still embarrassing though!

Embarrassing or not, we’re sure the women in this game take no notice to what’s being exposed as they are deeply embroiled in a sport that is truly cut throat!

Again With The Hurdles

Sports bring joy, shame, victory and loss… but most of all fails! Ouch… we have seen some pretty nasty spills in this article, but this has to be worst hurdling one. Maybe it’s the angle that captures the serious pain that girl is in or it’s the actual fall, but we really feel for this serious fail.

For the sake of the runner in question, we can only hope that she recovered with grace and poise. Hopefully, she was able to finish the race and actually place, unlike the previous runner we mentioned who fell victim to those pesky hurdles.

The Unbalanced Beam

You may see the chalk on the hands of some athletes in the Olympic games. The chalk is used so that an athlete can have a grip onto a bar, beam, or pole during a performance. Sometimes chalk helps and sometimes it does not.

In the case of Jennifer Pinches (how ironic that she has a name like Pinches), the chalk seems to have gotten wet. She was trying to hang on to victory but it just happened to slip when she was competing in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. Maybe a little more chalk and a little less sweat will do next time.

Crash and Burn on Ice

This has got to be one of the worst crashes ever on ice. This seems to be a bit confusing on how someone could crash through a wall like this on ice. When one thinks of ice skating, you think of certain athletic moves and skillful maneuvers being performed on ice. When you have this type of coordination, you may be prone to a few mistakes, but nothing on a level of this caliber.

It seems like this ice skater may have somehow skated in a straight line and crashed through the wall. The worst thing about the image is that there is a spotlight pointing at the unfortunate woman.

Here’s a New Dance Called the Ice Fall!

It is amazing to see someone balance themselves on one leg. It is very interesting to see someone lean back and try to balance themselves on one leg. Anais Morand has gone above and beyond athletic skill and grace as she has either created a new dance or she has mastered the art of balancing on ice.

Anais Morand was actually trying to balance herself from a fall. Her instincts kicked in and she made the whole I’m gonna crash face before she initially fell down. Some moments just seem funnier when they are caught at just the right moment.

It Looks Like Someone Missed the Ball

Hand-eye coordination is the key to every athletic performance. One wrong move and it could cost an athlete a score. A football player could drop a ball due to bad hand-eye coordination and let their opponent score, or someone could get popped by a foul ball in the game of baseball due to bad hand-eye coordination. In the game of basketball one bad dribble could cost you a point.

In the game of volleyball, one wrong move and you could either fall flat on your face, or in the image above, you could possibly get hit in the face and suffer utter embarrassment.

That’s My Ball, No, It’s My Ball

Teamwork is what it takes when an athlete and their team is trying to win. Everyone on the team participates to achieve one common goal and that is to have a w in the win column. Sometimes a little pain, or a lot of pain, could be involved when it comes to trying to get a w and avoid the dreaded l in the loss column.

These ladies understand the concept of team work. They are so dedicated to the teamwork concept, that they are having a difficult time trying to catch a fly ball. A little collision puts a new spin on the teamwork concept in the image above.

Sally Pearson Gets the Bad End of the Stick

Sally Pearson is considered by many in the world of track and field to be one of the best hurdlers in the world. She is the 2011 world champion in the 100-meter hurdles. She is also an Olympic champion in the 100-meter hurdles, which she achieved in the 2012 Olympics. With these achievements it would seem like Sally Pearson would be the happiest person in her sport.

Sally Pearson has taken the bitter with the sweet when it comes to her performance in this race. The image shown displays a bitter moment that was caught on camera. She came up short in this track meet and it was not taken lightly.

U.F.G – An Unidentified Flying Gymnast

What exactly is going on here? Houston, we have a problem. This is no trick ladies and gentleman. It seems like this gymnast is flying through the air. At the same time, it seems like she is falling. How do you fly and fall at the same time? This is beyond comprehension, but apparently, this gymnast seems to have rearranged the laws of gravity.

Along with bending the rules of gravity is the facial expression that reeks of an athletic fail. This image may be the thing that meme dreams are made of. Hopefully, she made a soft landing because it already looks painful going through the air.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Make Her Mad!

You have heard the old saying “a face only a mother could love.” I think this tennis player is even past that point. There are good days and bad days in every sport, and this woman seems to be past what is considered to be a bad day.

You may think of certain sports and anger going hand in hand, especially contact sports. You might have seen a football player getting into an argument with a referee or even getting into it with an opponent. Hockey is always associated with aggression as well. Tennis is usually not associated with anger on this type of level, but this woman is in Hulk mode.

When Did Ice Skating Become Professional Wrestling?

Are there any wrestling fans out there? This seems like a new trend that could be starting in the world of sports. The combination of ice skating and wrestling may or may not work, but according to the image above, it is definitely worth giving a try.

Here we have two ice skaters. We have a lady holding a guy and all of a sudden she gives him a pile driver. A pile driver is a common move in the sport of wrestling and the lady has the right form in the image, but she probably did not know that a person’s head does not actually hit the ground when the move is performed correctly.

It’s Playtime During Competition Time

There are some people who participate in athletics who believe that competition is not the most important part of the game and that having fun is what it’s all about. You may be saying “how is this possible?” when it comes to international athletic competitions when medals are at stake.

People will not like their jobs if it doesn’t not bring them some type of enjoyment. This also goes for athletes. Although the ladies in the image are in a competition of some kind, they are also having a little fun while doing it. Or maybe they’re doing an impersonation of a fountain fish?

Where is the Crystal Ball?

Have you seen the new crystal ball? It is the most unique crystal ball in the world right now. You can see into the past, and also into the future. You can see just about anything through this new crystal ball. It is the new craze amongst athletes as well. Olympic athletes look into the ball and see if they are going to win or lose in their particular sports event.

The crystal ball has not failed anyone yet. It is 100% accurate. The swimmer in the photo above seems to be looking into the ball. Oh wait, there is nothing there. What’s going on? Only the swimmer in the photo knows.

Hey Look, Its Shark Girl

As mentioned before, an athlete in any event should have fun while they are competing. Some people cannot hide their emotions as they are engaged in athletic performance. The image of the lady above is having so much fun it shows on her face.

This is just too funny. This swimmer is definitely enjoying the moment. The question is, what type of moment is she having? Is she diving or did she come out of the water like a fish jumps out of the water trying to catch a worm? Look at the expression. She is so overjoyed it is unbelievable.

Aim for the Ball and Not the Team Mate

When a team mate is down, a person should help that team mate. The whole concept of team work is to pull together when times are tough. These ladies seem to have a problem with the whole team work concept.

The one lady on the ground seems to be shooting the breeze, as the other lady is trying to hit the ball. The lady who is trying to hit the ball should have at least gotten her feet off of the ground and jumped in order to hit the ball. A lack of team work equals a total sports fail for these individuals.

Exposing the WWE

This one is for all of the WWE fans! Do you remember this epic fail? Live and unedited, Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes have a donnybrook outside of the ring. As Rosa tries to enter back into the ring, Alicia grabs for her tights. In this case they weren’t so tight though, as they came down — exposing her buttocks to the crowd and world. Rosa ended up getting reprimanded, even though Alicia is the one who exposed Rosa’s bottom.

Of course, it was a popular moment for Rosa, who gained a surge in social media followers after the incident. If you think that’s bad, you wouldn’t believe what happens to the likes of Nikki Bella and Charlotte Flair, later in this article!

She is Aiming for the Wrong Goal

We shouldn’t have to say this, but the concept of soccer is to get the ball into the goal. The goal is at either end of the field. The goal has a huge net and it is guarded by a goalie. There seems to be a problem with this photo in which the woman who is kicking the ball needs a little assistance.

The lady kicking the ball is aiming for the referee’s hindquarters. Raising the ire of the referee is not likely to score her team any points, although in her defense it was probably a greatly miscalculated kick.

Morgan Down!

Famous track runner Morgan Uceny sadly lived one of her greatest nightmares at the 2012 Olympics at the feet and mercy of her competitors. According to a report by USA Today, “At the start of the final lap, the back kick of a Russian runner struck the inside of Uceny’s left knee, causing the spill. She had run 1,100 meters on the inside of Lane 2, keeping herself out of a box and free to move when the pace quickened. Tactically, she had done everything to prevent such a calamity.”

Tripping during the 1500m, Uceny missed out on the chance to bring gold, silver, or even bronze back to the US and will forever relive this simple and life-changing mistake in her head..

This Is Not the 400m Hurdles or is it?

It’s our old friend Morgan Uceny again. She has been featured in this particular article which is all about fails that occur in the world of sports. She has been seen falling, and even beating on the track. It is understandable to be angry when you are a champion runner and all of a sudden you slip and fall.

What would happen if Morgan did not slip and fall on the track? She would have to make adjustments and treat the track as if they were the 400m hurdles. The only problem with the 100m hurdles is that you would need the actual hurdles to hurdle over to make the event complete.

Touchy Feely

A signature sign of celebration or gratitude in sports is the standard “butt slap,” which is most commonly seen in male sports, but in this case, the tradition found its way to the water. These female swimmers appear to be in a celebratory mood after what looks like an epic win, when one woman is so excited by her teammate’s triumph that it could only be acknowledged by a firm pat on the tush.

Granted the moment was most likely not as bad in person, but the capture of this celebration is just a bit too awkward for us too handle…

A Shot Putters Face Up Close

Things may appear to be different that what they actually are. The camera has a way of making someone look good or look bad. The shot put is perhaps one of the least known events in the Olympics, but it is one of the most challenging events.

You have to not only be strong in the shot put, but you have to be extremely coordinated. The lady in the image above is getting ready to throw the shot put. There is a lot of grunting and disgruntled faces involved when trying to throw the shot put. The woman in the image is putting her all into the throw. It seems scary in a way.

Falling On the Track Can Be Fun

Jemima Sumgong hits the track floor during one of those domino effect collisions. Another lady on the far right seems to have felt the domino effect, which actually looks more like an aftershock from an earthquake. These ladies are running at a speed of about 15 miles per hour, which may explain the whole aftershock effect.

Jemima Sungong was clipped by Aselefech Mergia. Jemima takes a hard fall to the floor. Look at the expression on Sungong’s face. She seems to take it all in stride. It appears that she is actually smiling as she is on the ground. She is trying to hide the embarrassment of the fail.

Excuse Me, This is My Ball

When push comes to shove, there is always someone who ends up on the ground. The poor soccer player just happened to lose one of her eye contacts, and the UCLA players just happened to take advantage of the situation by stealing the ball and then going for the score.

All kidding aside, it would seem like the lady wearing the number three uniform possibly slipped on the field. She just happened to be carrying the ball at first and then lost control. The skillful UCLA players took advantage of the situation, going for the score, while number three has to deal with the fail.


Kazakhstan gymnast Moldir Azimbay does not look like she is having the greatest day in this shot, does she? Although this picture portrays a fall that was more serious and harmful than it ended up being, it is never good when an athlete takes a tumble during a floor performance like Moldir unfortunately did.

She was performing at the 2012 Olympic Games that were held in London. While this misstep may have cost Azimbay a medal that year, we just hope that she recovered mentally and physically, and that she didn’t sustain any serious injuries from it. Just look at the way her neck is bent… Ouch!

Where is the Ball Going to Land?

A little coordination can go a long way when it comes to playing volleyball. Diving in order to save the ball from hitting the ground takes skill. It may look easy but it requires timing to the utmost extreme. Speed and the all important hand-eye coordination comes into play, especially in the image above.

What would happen if your hand-eye coordination is off just slightly? You could not only miss the ball, but you could get hit in the face if you just happen to miss the ball with your hand. In the image above, it looks like it is going to hurt pretty badly.

Charlotte Shows The World

As if we didn’t already see enough unsolicited cameltoe in this article, leave it to the WWE Divas to give us more than we bargained for. When Charlotte Flair entered the ring to go against Sasha Banks in the SummerSlam 2016, the viewers saw more than they expected.

Charlotte got up on the ropes and was about to fling Banks to the ground but as she did so, Banks took Charlotte down with her in mid air. As both of the women came crashing onto the mat, the camera panned a little too up close on Charlotte, who gave a full view of her shorts that rode too far into her crotch.

AJ Lee Had Enough

In the WWE SmackDown of 2014, it was Eva Marie and Natalya tag teaming against AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka. When Natalya was having it out against AJ Lee, it seemed that Lee wasn’t able to handle the premeditated moves that Natalya was delivering.

For someone who enters into the profession of wrestling, you would think that they’d be able to handle some of the most uncomfortable positions, so watching Natalya twist and wrangle AJ, you’d expect her to fight back. But no, it seemed that AJ tapped out at the first chance she got. Maybe consider a different profession?

The Match With All The Mistakes

In a 2009 episode of RAW, Gail Kim and Mickie James were some big-league players who went head to head in a match that everyone expected to be good. Gail attempted a leap from the top turnbuckle, but fell to the ground and knocked herself out.

Although James showed a glimmer of sportsmanship, she seemed visibly frustrated that she wasn’t able to put up a good, true fight against her opponent. As a result, she didn’t’ even get to perform any of her signature moves, which would have made for a great performance and given more validity to women’s wrestling.

They’re Just Here

We’re not sure the context of this photo, but this girl is sure happy about the way her chest looks in that bathing suit. We’re sure if they were on the side of a water polo match everyone would be distracted.

Maybe these ladies are cheerleaders for water polo. If that’s the case, they have the ability to bring more attention to the game then ever before! If you didn’t know what water polo was, you…. still won’t.

Professional Body

Clearly, this pro volleyball player has the best coach and training regime in the game. She is built for sports with her strong legs and quick reaction time. Running, jumping, and setting up on the sand is a full body workout, and boy will it get you in shape!

This pro has had plenty of time spent on the sand, as you can see from her incredibly toned body. You gotta work for it!

Bikini Distractions

She looks like she should be competing at a bikini pageant, but maybe she’s at a sport game catching everyone’s eyes who initially came there to watch the match. Just look at the guy in the background!

We’re hoping that guy isn’t there with his significant other, otherwise, he’s going to be in the dog house when they get home. But really, who can blame the guy? This spectacular spectator is worth a second look.