Vintage & Obscure Soft Drink Ads, Campaigns, Products, And Mascots

Known as soda, pop, soda pop, soft drink, cola, or generally as “coke,” the fizzy carbonated beverage we’ll just call “soda” is a staple on lunch and dinner tables across the globe, and its advertising products are a major part of classic Americana for collectors.


Soda: A Medical Miracle?

When they were first produced, soft drinks were thought to have medical properties, although that myth has been debunked as many products contain less-than-desireable amounts of high fructose corn syrup, sodium, and artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes. Regardless, cola companies have evolved into multi-billion dollar international corporations and their advertising history attests to their meteoric rise. Take a look at some of the … let’s say advertising exaggerations that made those companies what they are today.