Victoria’s Secret Doesn’t Want You To Know These Beauty Secrets

Victoria’s Secret boasts that they have the sexiest bras, panties, lingerie, and clothing for women. This company’s influence has become so renowned that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show has become a world-wide event for viewers. From Photoshop to beauty treatments, Victoria’s Secret has some serious secrets, though – ones they’d prefer we didn’t know.

Victoria’s Secret – The “Perfect Body” or Body Shaming?

body campaign- Victorias Secret.jpg

After their 2014 annual fashion show, Victoria’s Secret launched a campaign titled “The Perfect Body” featuring their gorgeous models. But this campaign was criticized for missing the point, which put the brand under fire. Women of all shapes and sizesfelt insulted by the incredibly hard-to-reach standards of beauty the brand projects.

The “Perfect Body” Backlash Came From Social Media


Numerous women on social media pointed out that the average woman doesn’t look like these Victoria’s Secret models on the “Perfect Body” ad and were offended that this expectation was being pushed on women and girls. The Victoria’s Secret brand then changed its campaign to “A Body for Every Body” to counteract the backlash.

And then there was Photoshop

Airbrushing error - Victorias Secret.jpg

Photoshop has been somewhat of a nightmare for Victoria’s Secret as a brand and company. While they have tried very hard to seem like their message is about making every woman feel comfortable in her own skin, their ads and campaigns portray a completely different message. What is this supposed to tell the customer?

Listen to the customer – save the butt cheeks!

Every body - Victorias Secret.jpg

These models already offer an un-achievable look that most women loathe, but their Photoshoppers also remove butt cheeks and shave away any bodily imperfections behind the scenes. The Victoria’s Secret Models get instant breast enhancements and liposuction just with the click of a mouse when in reality, they are already as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Some models secrets include…

Swimsuit- Victorias Secret.jpg

Victoria’s Secret is all about their models, or “Angels” as they have called them. Their Angels have several personal beauty secrets to help them prepare for photo shoots and runway shows that make them picture perfect. There are skin treatments, lip treatments and adding padded bras underneath the bathing suits. Interesting to say the least!

Hydrate inside…

water - Victorias Secret.png

Victoria’s Secret Angels’ focus is on hydration for everything they do… photo shoots and runway shows alike. The number one beauty secret is making sure your skin is super hydrated so their beauty regimen includes taking advantage of a good moisturizer along with drinking tons of water. They also load up on as much green leafy vegetables as they can because those detoxify the body, too.

And out

hydrate - Victorias Secret.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Angels have break outs! The biggest mistake the Angels can make is to stop moisturizing, especially if they are breaking out. What happens is the top layer of skin is drying out and all the bacteria is getting clogged underneath. They have to continually hydrate with a really great moisturizer or even a facial serum.

Ice, ice baby

Light makeup- Victorias Secret.jpg

One of the best beauty products to instantly refresh skin, de-puff eyes, and make you feel more awake is ice! If it’s an early call-time, or a particularly long shoot, the models’ refresh their skin by putting a few ice cubes in a ziplock, wrapping it in paper towel and pressing it gently all over their face for a few minutes. This helps them look fresher and brighter.

Another big beauty secret?

Lips - Victorias Secret.jpg

Lip scrub.They always use a lip scrub. It increases the circulation in the lips so they look nice and rosy and plump. Plus, it helps to get rid of any dryness or flakiness in the lips due to long days, travel and air temperature changes. Their lips can sure take a beating!

They always use primer, but…

Skincare - Victorias Secret.jpg

Once the skin is hydrated, it is good to add a moisturizing primer, which helps pores appear smaller. Who would have thought that Victoria’s Secret models even have pores!? It is nice to know they are human after all and that apparently, just using a light, moisturizing primer gives them that flawless look.

Go light on the product

Makeup 2 - Victorias Secret.jpg

Getting that fresh-faced look means using the right product minimally. The Victoria’s Secret Angels hardly use any foundation and if they do, it is a cream-based one that is applied with a sponge that has already been dampened with Evian water (ohh, Evian!) They must only use two drops of foundation, so that light and fresh look isn’t clouded by tons of foundation.

Their noses are a big deal

Victorias secret 2 - Victorias Secret.jpg

The nose is the focal point of the face so once their skin is hydrated and primed for makeup, it’s time to conceal. Most of us already know to apply concealer under our eyes and on any blemishes but models know of a key everyone else is missing. Right by the nose, both under and on either side of the nostrils is really important to conceal.

Use your fingers…

makeup 4 - victorias secret.jpg

People spend so much money on makeup tools and popular items from celebrities that we really don’t need. What kind of makeup tools are used on Victoria’s Secret Angels? Oh, the makeup artists use their fingers! Clean, recently washed fingers of course. But fingers are best for natural application and blending.

…to apply lipstick…

Lipstick -victorias secret

Victoria’s Secret’s look is all about a beautiful, sheer lip. To get the look, try using your fingers to apply the lipstick because it kind of bleeds over the edge of the line and that makes the lips look bigger. And to make them look even poutier, they dab a little dot of gloss in the center of lips.

…and bronze and blush

Victoria’s Secret – The “Perfect Body” or Body Shaming?

Apply a cream blush just on the apples of the cheeks with your fingers and when you apply bronzer for that sun-kissed look you’d get after spending day at the beach. You should only dust light bronzer on the nose, cheeks, chin, and even a little into your hairline. Don’t overdo it – and blend with your fingers!

Eyelashes and eyebrows are serious business

Eyelashes - victorias secret.jpg

An eyelash curler is a must — it makes all the difference. The models call it an instant face lift. And the mascara they use is waterproof mascara, regardless of the situation because it doesn’t smudge throughout their long days. To make brows stay put, they use non-aerosol hair spray and combs the brows with an eyebrow brush.

Models require a good spritzing

Eyebrows - victorias secret.jpg

To refresh makeup, or to minimize any cakey-ness that can be caused from using powder, models get their faces spritzed with Evian water spray. That Evian water sounds like their go-to option again! How fancy. Maybe all of us regular folk can get by with using tap water — a budget-friendly spritzer option.

They have to create light

light 2- victorias secret.jpg

The models’ cheekbones and brow bones are highlighted very lightly because when one of them turns, they have this little sheen or glimmer, which creates a sense of light. Highlighter will also be dabbed right in the corner of the eye to brighten up the face. So much for natural lighting!

Hair should look natural (even though it’s not)

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway and Performance

The look they are trying to achieve is that look you have after taking a swim in the ocean and you let it air dry–that natural wave. But models obviously get all done up by hair stylists for anything they do and this includes adding a weave or extensions almost every time.

Yes, curly-haired girls can get beachy waves too!

Show - victorias secret.jpg

Girls who have curly hair can get beach waves by blow drying very roughly and then adding a spray of salt and water on to their hair. To get that beachy look with straight hair, you can spray damp hair with salt water spray and focus especially on spraying the roots to get that volume going.

Wax on, wax off

Victorias Secret 1.jpg

Wax is a secret tool for all models and their hair. You may be thinking “ew, that will make my hair oily and gross” but it doesn’t make the hair greasy! It just gives exactly the right amount of separation. With a softer, oilier wax, it should be used minimally all over the hair, being mindful to the amount of grease while still creating texture. Afterward, the hair gets one final spritzing of salt spray.

Damage control

damage control - victorias secret.jpg

All of this blow drying, curling and treating means the hair is super damaged. And salt spray can be drying, too! So the Victoria’s Secret models swear by leave-in conditioner, especially for color-treated hair, when they shower. And they try to put the blow dryer away as much as possible.

They have to start very early

Friends 3 - victorias secret.jpg

And this applies to anything they do – the earlier the better. The natural look gets better as the day wears on so they get prepared a couple of hours before and then by the time their shoot is, the look is settling in. Wow, it must be nice to have a full team of hair and makeup to do it all.

Organic Valium, anyone?

Friends - Victorias Secret.jpg

The Victoria’s Secret models regularly take advantage of an organic “flower power” to chew on–a small pastille filled with organic flower essences that helps them to relax and sit still for a little while. In other words, it’s like organic Valium. Where can we all get some of that to chew on?

They pick their own diets

choose diet - victorias secret.jpg

No diet is one-size-fits-all. Some models do participate in detox diets before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show but they really shouldn’t be dieting or losing weight right before a show because everything is fitted to them prior to the event. So they have to be especially careful with their body weight fluctuating.

Models like to eat, too


Even though a lot of them choose to diet, not all of them watch their weight. Many of them admit to cutting sugar and sodas and fast food, but those methods are universally recommended anyway. The regimen they try to stick to is eating mostly grilled meat, vegetables and skipping dessert.

Competing for the spotlight

big moment - victorias secret.jpg

All the Angels want the spotlight, and during fittings they fight over who gets the biggest wings. Just imagine that argument. It’s not about the bras or panties, it’s about which pair of wings they want for their runway moment. Walking down that runway is a huge, and that moment deserves jaw dropping attire – and wings. Who would have thought that would be the deal breaker?

Friends or foes?

Friends 2 - - Victorias Secret.jpg

They do actually really like one another. When you spend so much time together, it is easy to imagine you become more like family. Sure, they have had their arguments and cat fights. They have to get along as colleagues and peers, otherwise their career as a Victoria’s Secret Angel would probably be a total nightmare.

Hours of prep

prep 2 - victorias secret.jpg

It takes about five hours of hair and make-up to prepare for the day of the show — and months of workouts. You can probably imagine all the work that goes into getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, but some people may be surprised to learn that these models don’t wake up like this. They also have to put the work in to make their looks what they are.

They are athletes

Fashion show 3 - Victorias Secret.jpg

Many of the Angels take on a new sport or fitness trend that becomes their new everyday workout. In fact, they often boast being able to take on any sports athlete in a serious workout. Some favorite sport choices? Boxing, kickboxing, and cross fit. You don’t want to challenge a Victoria’s Secret Angel to a fight!

Pizza and Cupcakes

pre-show - victorias secret.jpg

A back stage favorite? Pizza and cupcakes! People can’t imagine these models chowing down on pizza and cupcakes backstage before hitting the runway, but it happens! After months of strict dieting and workouts, they are ready to hit the runway after carb loading on junk for a much needed energy boost!

There are actually 2 Victoria’s Secret Runway shows

history - Victorias Secret.jpg

The Victoria’s Secret Angel fashion show isn’t just one event. They actually tape two identical fashion shows, which are edited together from different angles. This gives the viewers only the perfect angles of all the models – sure, just what we all need is more points of perfection from models! Heaven forbid we see any imperfections to show us they are real people, too!

Suitcases are the new closet

Travel- Victorias Secret.jpg

Victoria’s Secret Angels are always travelling so they virtually live out of suitcases. They are the best at traveling light because part of their job is packing suitcases. But most of them loathe packing. Having to repeatedly fold, remove and refold everything to cram into suitcases doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend time. But it is safe to assume the experience is worth it!

Caffeine is life

coffee - victorias secret.jpg

Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Espresso, in particular, is an Angel’s best friend. Espresso is great because it offers a quick shot of immediate energy that is very low in calories (or no calories at all) that doesn’t deliver enough volume to bloat their bellies. Espresso is a win/win for all the models to utilize during their prep, travels and shows.

Party time

party - victorias secret.jpg

Once the show is over, they always know where the after-after-parties are located. Celebrate good times, come on! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate after so much hard work and restriction? And these Angels know how to party. Forget all the arguments over wings! They are looking forward to tossing back a few beverages and letting loose.

Confidence is faked

Wings - Victorias Secret.jpg

Would parading around in your bikini in front of thousands (or millions) of people be easy? Not a chance. While they might look perfect to us, even stunning models admit to having insecurities about their body. If they don’t feel confident they just have to fake it because feeling confident in a bikini is essential to looking good on the runway and in every day life.

Insecurities are real

Confidence - Victorias Secret.jpg

So how do they do it? How do they jump in the teeniest and tiniest bikinis and walk out in front of the unforgiving public eye? Beating insecurities is credited to positive, uplifting people they surround themselves with. Some models say they can block it out after years of building up a tough skin.

They don’t sweat it (But they do sweat it out)

Workout- Victorias Secret.jpg

Exercise is somewhat of a curse word, isn’t it? Whether you love it or hate it, it is key not only for a healthy body but a healthy mind. If the models don’t feel comfortable about in their own skin or have physical insecurities about their body, then they’ll sweat about it. They go straight to the gym to feel better.

They admit to having to work at it


If changes can be made to look or feel better, they’ll do it. But they admit that you can’t always change everything so you have to accept yourself also. Whether they are told to slim down or build more curves, they have to work at it regularly and consistently to see any kind of results.

They try to be as natural as possible

prep - victorias secret.jpg

Whether they are scoring a catalog-worthy bikini beach photo or strutting their stuff on the runway, it is all about being as natural as possible in front of the camera. The models have said that being natural is being confident with who you are and what you are doing. The photographer has a talent to capture the most amazing images when they’re not trying and just being themselves.