These Foreign McDonald’s Food Items Will Have You On The Next Flight!

McDonald’s is an iconic fast food chain for various reasons. With so many options at a reasonable price, it is hard to resist the pleasures that the Golden Arches provide. The American choices like a Big Mac or Chicken McNuggets are heralded classics. But did you know that there are 100 countries that serve McDonald’s? And these foreign McDonald’s have menu items that you can’t find in the U.S. For instance, Korea has a huge shrimp burger! Here are the most awesome McDonald’s dishes you can’t find in America. Just wait until you see the Canadian version of the McRib!

Japan Lets You DIY

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Japan is home to the Shaka Shaka Chicken. This isn’t just your regular chicken finger, this chicken is customizable with a set of three different flavors to choose from. If you’re in the mood for powdered cheese, red pepper flakes or BBQ on your chicken then you are in luck.

All you have to do is pour the topping into the Shaka Shaka bag and shake! You can shake a little or a lot it just depends on how well you want your chicken to be coated. With ten grams of fat in these, it looks like you might need to shake off some extra weight once you’re done.

The Ultimate McFlurry

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Many restaurants cater to the holiday season and release limited edition menu items. McDonald’s is no exception to this. For example, around springtime, you are able to order a Shamrock McFlurry. But in Australia, the UK, and Canada, you can get the Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry

It tastes just like a Cadbury Creme Egg. The base is the vanilla soft serve and the toppings include egg fondant sauce and chocolate pieces. Now you know what country serves your late night craving.

Quench Your Thirst With The McBeer

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Located in Germany, Spain, Austria, Italy, France, and Switzerland is the highly sought after McBeer. Order more than you need and you’ll find yourself sliding down the children’s slide in the play area.

We only have one question… why isn’t this available in the U.S.?! McDonald’s is missing out on some serious revenue by not including this on the menu. It would make a perfect component of an adult happy meal.

Behold, The McKroket

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The McKroket can be found all the way in the Netherlands and packs a load of sodium, something you want to consider before trying one. (With 2,300 milligrams of sodium, this is much more than some regular chicken sandwich!) At first glance, it looks like some variation of a McChicken with some type of sauce.

But the croquette is actually filled with beef stew. Add in the mustard sauce and you now have yourself a very rich and savory foreign McDonald dish.

The Nutella Filled Sandwich

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Fans of Nutella will certainly find this one attractive. If you are ever in Italy and have an urge to have a quick sweet snack then make your ways to McDonald’s and ask for a Sweety Con Nutella.

From a distant view, this sweet treat can be mistaken for a burger but that’s one mistake you don’t want to make. It’s simply two slices of soft bread with Nutella thrown in between. Enjoy a couple on your cheat day but not whenever… as the website suggests.

The McLobster Is For Real

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The McRib is one of the most anticipated events for McDonald’s customers in America. In Canada (and parts of New England), they have something else and that is the McLobster. You don’t really expect people to look for lobster at a fast food restaurant but McDonald’s made you look for it.

This was a summer menu item but unfortunately, McDonald’s had to discontinue it due to rising prices of lobster. We don’t know if the McLobster will be returning but it had a nice run while it was available.

Find Black & White Buns in China

tazgriffin / Instagram

A black burger or a white burger, the choice is pressing. These half-sized burgers are found exclusively in China. Interesting fact, the black bun is dyed with squid ink and the white bun is covered with black sesame seeds.

And don’t think they’re both burgers because they are not. The white one is just a fried chicken sandwich. One other weird thing to note is that they both come with a scoop of mashed potatoes and slices of bacon.

The Big Mac Just Got Bigger

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Only Korea, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates have the power to serve the MegaMac. Think of this as the Big Mac’s older brother who just got out the military and is ripped. You get all the goodness of the regular Big Mac, just with two extra patties.

Not many adults have the stomach to handle this but if you do, just know you’re consuming 736 calories, 1,420 milligrams of sodium and 44 grams of fat. That’s one big burger for you.

Would You Like Spaghetti With Your Chicken?

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The Philippines are taking their menu to the next level. Fried chicken is available for sale in the Philippines and its called the Chicken McDo. You can get it by itself or with a side of rice. But if you’re feeling extra risky, you can get a side of spaghetti with it.

In America, you don’t really see that combination together when you eat. So to go out there and find this, it is for sure a culture shock. It’s just one of those meals that you have to try for yourself.

The Poutine Fries

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As if McDonald’s fries aren’t already a fan favorite, Canada went and added their twist to them. Because salt isn’t enough, you can order the poutine fries that are covered in gravy and cheese curds. This Canadian staple also has maple-flavored BBQ and bacon bits thrown on top.

These are possibly an acquired taste but that shouldn’t discourage you from trying them. Gravy, bacon bits, and cheese curds sound like an interesting combination that must have some type of appeal.

NYC Flavor Found In New Zealand

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If you’re ever in New Zealand and need some type of dish that has some American flare to it than look no further. The NYC Benedict Bagel is a playful twist to classic U.S. breakfast sandwiches.

This one comes packed with eggs benedict, bacon, cheese and Hollandaise sauce between two bagels. The only thing is, eggs benedict is served open-faced so the top bagel eliminates that. This bad boy will cost you 500 calories.

Wrap Your Head Around This

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India has a dish that is for sure something, unlike any other meal you’ve had at McDonald’s before. The Big Spicy Paneer Wrap packs a lot of cheeses if you’re into cheese. It is mainly made of fried paneer which is a popular cheese curd in South Asia. But that isn’t all the cheese, it also has melted cheese on top!

Outside of the cheese, there are plenty of vegetables and a creamy sauce. This delicious wrap can be purchased in India and has 808 calories with 51 grams of saturated fat.

Chocolate On Your Fry? Yes, Please

selina539 / Instagram

Japan is home to the fries that give sweet and salty a new meaning. Some foodies have expressed their liking of fries dipped in their milkshakes so this is quite similar to that as far as sweet and salty goes.

The McChoco Potato is drizzled with white and milk chocolate sauces and a customer can put however much their heart desires on top. It would be interesting to see if this dish would ever catch on in America.

The Tremendous Shrimp

jisoong / Instagram

Korea has you covered if you were in the surf and turf mood. That is correct, you can purchase a shrimp and beef burger that is sure to fill your stomach. This is because you can get bold if you like and add a regular patty on top of the fried fish patty.

The regular burger toppings are also included making this burger just a shrimp away from being regular. But one thing you must always keep in the back of your mind is the 984 milligrams of salt inside this bad boy.

South Korea Brings The Wings

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A good wing place can be found most anywhere in the U.S. And even if they aren’t that “good”, they are still enjoyable. In South Korea, the McWings are a good option if you want some wings in a foreign location.

User reviews are always positive for this item with few people bringing up any concerns. So don’t hesitate to order up a few of these and be prepared to give your taste buds the experience they’ve been waiting for.

The McNoodles

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Just when you thought you’ve seen it all being offered across the world, Austria goes and throws a curve ball. McDonald’s making their own noodles in a country that isn’t even known for noodles is bold.

The interesting thing about this dish is that the ingredients were imported from Thailand. You had two choices of either curry sauce or sweet-and-sour bowl. This was only a limited time offer as we assume importing the ingredients must have been costly for this menu item.

A Simple Breakfast Option

Behold, the McToast. A simple yet delightful breakfast option that can be found only in Germany. It comes with only two ingredients which are ham and cheese. Think of this like an American Hot Pocket that you purchase at your local grocery store.

They didn’t reinvent the wheel with this one. They just took classic pairings and turned into a breakfast choice. Oddly enough, there are 35 grams of sugar which probably comes from the ham but it still isn’t that bad when considering health.

A Different Type Of Fry

reddiferlopez / Instagram

Many fast food spots carry a different type of fry. For instance, Wendy’s has the regular cut fries whereas KFC has potato wedges. In Mexico, you too can order some potato wedges from a McDonald’s.

It is noted that the lunchtime crowd in Mexico usually purchases these McPatatas. They come with packets of McQueso to make your fry experience much cheesier. This might be one of the more accepted items if it were to come to America.

Slice It Up

ryanpradophoto / Instagram

Yes, more fry variety. But you can’t say you didn’t expect these slice chips in Italy. The fried, spiced scalloped potatoes have Italian written all over them. Indulge in these savory treats like you would with any regular fry and you might be surprised at just how good they are.

If you aren’t into spicy then maybe these aren’t for you but the spice level here isn’t that high. These are tolerable and tasty as well as perfect for a to-go snack while at the airport.

Have A Bite Of The McRice!

prityoj_me / Instagram

There was a time not too long ago when you were able to order a burger that didn’t consist of the regular buns. In Singapore, there was the mythical McRice Burger. This consisted of sticky rice patties as buns.

They are no longer available but when they were you were able to have them with beef, fried fish or fried chicken! They were also available in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. Those who love rice were sure in for a treat when this came out.

Puff’n Stuff

justfood_things / Instagram

Well, here’s another entry from McDonald’s India and this one sounds pretty tasty although not anything we’d expect from the fast food chain. Patrons in India have a lot of vegetarian options, including the “Veg Pizza McPuff.” This is kind of similar to a hand-held pot pie. It’s dough filled with tomato sauce, cheese, beans, onion, peas, carrots, and peppers.

Relatively low in calories at just 226 per serving, we think they should bring this one to the U.S. Instagram user justfood_things purchased the pictured McPuff at a McDonald’s in Mumbai, and seemed pretty excited to eat it.

Only Once Or Twice A Year…

luv.yummlicious / Instagram

McDonald’s aficionados in certain areas of Asia must look forward to the one or two times annually that they can indulge in their appetite for this dish: the Samurai Pork Burger. In Thailand, one of the countries where it makes an appearance, people refer to it as the Thailand Pork Burger. It’s also available as a promo item in Malaysia and Singapore.

This menu item is a pretty thick pork patty that’s slathered in teriyaki sauce, lettuce, onions, and tomato. This burger has about 370 calories.

For Those Who Like Dessert

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Who doesn’t enjoy a sweet indulgence from time to time? In the U.S. and other countries, people are familiar with McDonald’s apple pies. But people in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hawaii can get a really special type of pie that isn’t available worldwide.

In 2017, the golden arches re-released a pineapple pie. In a statement, the company used this description: “Get your zing on with the return of your favorite Pineapple Pie!” McDonald’s touts. “Every mouthful is an unbelievable mix of sweet and zesty pineapple chunks enveloped in our crispy pie crust, absolutely yum!” Wow. Want.

Start The Day Right, With Brekkie

pauline_olsen / Instagram

In Australia, McDonald’s lovers can start off their day with a unique sandwich called the Big Brekkie Burger. In case you didn’t know, “brekkie” is a term used for “breakfast” in parts of the world.

The McDonald’s Australia website has a tantalizing description of the sandwich: “It starts with a warm, crisp hash brown, melting cheese, rasher bacon and a freshly cracked egg. Finished with a 100% Aussie beef patty and a generous dollop of BBQ sauce in between a toasted sesame seed bun.”

Hawaii’s Taro McDonald’s Pie

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You can’t have a proper Hawaiian spread without including Taro. The tropical plant is found on Hawaii and other Pacific islands. When you cut it open, it’s purple, and Hawaiians love to make bread and other treats with it.

McDonald’s found a sweet way to work the plant onto their Hawaiian menu. The McDonald’s on the Hawaiian Islands offers taro pie- the original McDonald’s pie crust with sweet purple taro filling. It does look pretty awesome.

Find Potato-Bacon Pies in Japan

kyungeun35 / Instagram

Just when you think McDonald’s pies couldn’t get any better, they do. If you travel to Japan, pop into a McDonald’s and order a potato-bacon pie. This super savory dessert is made with McDonald’s pie crust, stuffed with mashed potatoes and bacon.

You can’t really go wrong with these ingredients, especially when it’s fried. This special menu item is a far cry from traditional Japanese cuisine. It could be a very decadent treat compared to their average meal.

Have You Tried S’Mores In Canada?

allthatdesserts_ / Instagram

S’Mores are awesome, and they shouldn’t be limited to the rare camping trip. McDonald’s knows this, and came out with a S’Mores pie. This special menu item appeared in parts of Canada and the U.S. during summer of 2012.

The pie crust is, of course, made of graham crackers, stuffed with chocolate and marshmallows for that classic trio that’s gooey goodness in your mouth.

Russia Offers The McShrimp

is.ruby / Instagram

No, the McShrimp is not a sandwich, but breaded shrimp. These would definitely be one of the most popular menu items at McDonald’s if it were offered everywhere. But no, the lucky people who live in Russia get to enjoy it all.

So rather than getting a side of fries, McDonald’s customers can enjoy a side of McShrimp, fried shrimp. Not only that, they offer six different sauces to dip them in. We’re not sure why Russia paved the way on this one, but our hats go off to whoever decided to add this to the McDonald’s menu.

You Had Us At Cheese

katyraisis / Instagram

If you’re ever in Costa Rica, Mexico, or Panama, we beg you to stop in at a McDonald’s and grab one of these! It’s another delicious McDonald’s pie concoction, this one with cheese as the primary filling.

Called “pay de queso,” these are really not much different than a standard cheesecake, except the entire thing is fried in its dough wrapper. Consider us sold on this one.

The Mighty McMuffin

ahsb16 / Instagram

Another awesome breakfast menu item found in Australian McDonald’s is the Mighty McMuffin. If the McMuffin just doesn’t fill you up enough, the answer isn’t to order two, it’s to go Mighty.

This McMuffin stacks much higher than the original, filled with two slides of bacon, egg, cheese, and sausage. You can only hope that they offer breakfast all day in Australia.

The Cyprus Greek Mac

Micayd / Instagram

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, the country of Cyprus is incredibly picturesque with beautiful sunny beaches. When you’re relaxing in the warm sun and taking dips in the sea, you don’t want a large lunch to weigh you down. McDonald’s recognized this and added the Greek Mac to their menu in Cyprus.

This Big Mac is actually made with pita bread, Greek chicken, and tzatziki sauce. Very, very different from its original. But just as loved by its fans!

France Is About Beer And Donuts


If you ask the average American where donuts were first made, there’s a good chance they would assume they were invented in America. But no, it was Europe. The McDonald’s in France offers not only donuts, but beer. Now that’s a combination that Homer Simpson could get on board with.

They have Le Donut Nature, a sugar donut, as well as another donut with chocolate drizzle. It’s said these McDonald’s also offer Kronenbourg 1664 beer!

Crayfish Soup? Many Are Lovin’ This Hong Kong Treat

beatlecris / Instagram

In Hong Kong, visitors and locals alike can get soup at McDonald’s. Specifically, crayfish soup. For 13HKD, you also get fries and a drink with your seafood soup.

The crayfish soup is a limited-time promotional item that’s only around once a year or so. Supposedly it sells out pretty quickly when it is brought back in stock, so it must be popular!

Costa Rica’s Incredible Coffee Bar


Costa Ricans love their coffee, which is absolutely delicious in their region. That’s why McDonald’s Costa Rica went all out with McCafes. These cafes have a menu that rivals Starbucks, with plenty of variations of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, teas, and blended drinks.

They also carry quite the pastry menu! Once McDonald’s saw what a hit the McCafes were in Costa Rica, they extended the restaurants to Australia in 1991.

Brazil’s Savory Cheddar McMelt

mcdonalds_br / Instagram

It’s almost painful to talk about without having one in your hand. The McDonald’s in Brazil outdid themselves with the Cheddar McMelt menu item. This burger is made with creamy cheddar cheese, grilled onions, soy sauce on a whole wheat bun.

This is one of the few McDonald’s items that includes soy sauce as an ingredient, and one of the rare times that you’ll see cheese and soy sauce together, but it just feels right.

Chile’s McDonald’s Has Avocado Paste

mjaeggi / Instagram

For avocado lovers, this is a sure shocker. Yes, McDonald’s in Chile has avocado- paste, that is. Customers can add it to any sandwich or burger. The avocado paste also comes as part of the Avocado Cuarto Palta (their name for the Quarter Pounder) and the McPalta, which translates to McAvocado.

Order one of these with a side of cheese empanadas. The locations in Chile also have special sauces, including spicy chili pepper, and merkén, which is a smoked chili pepper.

Fried Yuca Sticks in Venezuela


Much like the Hawaiians like taro, Venezuelans like yuca. McDonald’s locations in the South America country decided to add fried yuka sticks to their menu. The shrub is loaded with carbohydrates and when fried, looks a lot like french fries.

While this might be an alternative to a side of fries, we can’t imagine that they compete with the flavor of plain potato McDonald’s fries.

Brazil Burger

iamkanako_smile / Instagram

You can’t go wrong with a soccer ball-shaped bun! In 2015, The “Brazil Burger” was launched in Australia to commemorate the 2014 FIFA World Cup. This limited-time snack was the real deal, complete with a bun that looked just like the surface of a soccer ball.

The beef burger was also filled with more unusual items like corn and peppers. According to MyFitnessPal, it had about 599 calories — not too bad considering some of the other foods on this list!

McDonald’s With A Twist


In Hong Kong, this unique McDonald’s offering is called the “Good Morning Breakfast.” It’s a cooked egg sitting on top of twisty noodles and some mixed vegetables and broth.

McDonald’s says: “There’s no better way to start the day…It’s not only tasty, it’s good for you!” We have to agree that this one sounds like a pretty appealing morning option. Next time we’re in Hong Kong…

Wild Berry Smoothies in Ecuador and Peru

purpledemon / Instagram

Um, yes? Blackberry is one of those flavors that a lot of people love, but you don’t see everywhere. McDonald’s in Ecuador and Peru added wild berry smoothies to their dessert menu, and it’s so good.

A mix of strawberry, blackberry, blueberry, and yogurt, this delicious treat is blended together for a sweet smoothie. McDonald’s first opened in Peru in 1996, making it the 96th country McDonald’s has opened a location!