The Most Extraordinary Celebrity Photobombs Ever

Sometimes we forget that celebrities are just like us. They have to pay bills, work, or run errands just like us. Even though we all know it’s a drag, having the chance to act foolishly can bring some fun moments into our lives. Pulling pranks on our friends and family can be a lot of fun, but so is photobombing.

Whatever you think of it, it’s a fine art of inserting yourself into another person’s photo in an unexpected way. There are so many ways to pull it off, like jumping in front of a camera or hanging in the background with a silly facial expression. Either way, it’s an entertaining moment for everyone involved!

Kristen Bell Just Popping Out Of Nowhere

Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The People’s Choice Awards

Who doesn’t love Kristen Bell? The cute actress is small but one of the best people in Hollywood. You can really tell that she hasn’t been blessed in the height department, but she somehow managed to be seen in the back with Adam Sandler, Olivia Munn, and Anthony Anderson.

It’s almost as if she is a ghost, but the look on her face is rather priceless, to say the least. I don’t even know if Adam Sandler knew she was hanging around back there.

George Clooney Is Known For His Elaborate Pranks

Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images for the USC Shoah Foundation Institute

The former ER star knows a thing or two about pulling elaborate pranks. It’s no surprise that we see the actor being his goofy self as he hangs around with some of Hollywood’s finest.

Even when he photobombs Spielberg and the Seinfeld’s, you can tell he’s always the life of the party. Jerry is certainly a funny guy, but Clooney is the real funny guy because we can’t help but laugh when he makes this face.

Benedict Cumberbatch Has Mastered The Photobomb

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The British actor is kind of a master of the art of photobombing. It’s pretty easy to tell how Benedict turned a serious U2 shot into something funny, especially because he can’t help but stand out at this viral event.

If he ever retires from acting, he could start his own photobombing course or something like that. It’s not the only time he’s done this. Check out what he did to his wax figure just ahead!

Wil Wheaton Couldn’t Pass Up On This

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Star Trek actor couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work in a photobomb in this group picture. He thought he’d surprise these people by adding his face to their nice photo.

We could hang out with Wil all day, even if it means making funny faces for a laugh or two. It would have been funny if he did this to Jim Parsons too, but I guess we’ll have to wait for that on the next season of The Big Bang Theory.

Zach Braff Walks In Front Of A Wedding Photo

Photo Credit: @zachbraff/Twitter

What is he supposed to do? Stop and wait in the middle of traffic? I doubt it. However, this couple will have another story to tell their kids and grandkids. The Scrubs actor is casually walking with a coffee in his hand as this sappy couple takes an iconic photo in the middle of the road.

So, why not take the opportunity to give this couple a special wedding gift? Having a celebrity in their wedding album is a memory that will last a lifetime.

Benedict Cumberbatch Is At It Again

Photo Credit: BBC America/YouTube

Oh look who it is. Benedict is at it again! This time, while on a talk show with host Graham Norton, there was a wax figure of the actor with Miranda Hart and Timothy Spall.

Cumberbatch is an expert at photobombs, so it’s not a surprise that he crept up from behind to be in the photo too. It looks like he has a go-to move though, which isn’t necessarily the worst thing ever. Coming up, one star from Mad Men decided to interrupt his co-star’s lovely photo.

Dustin Hoffman And Jack Black Decided To Have Some Fun Of Their Own

Photo Credit: Eddy LEMAISTRE/Corbis via Getty Images

Angelina Jolie is a big celebrity considering all of the movies she’s done. The actress looks gorgeous here and fellow actors Dustin Hoffman and Jack Black decided to have fun.

In fact, the actors pulled off a photobomb double act, with their heads popping up from behind Angelina. Of course, when she realized they were there, she laughed it off. This almost looks like a photo that the trio might capture at a Halloween party, where Jolie is obviously dressed up as an angel.

Ellen DeGeneres Doesn’t Know Kelly Clarkson Is Behind Her

Photo Credit: @wonderwall/Twitter

It seems as if celebrities get starstruck by other celebrities just as often as we do. For example, take American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. The singer saw talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi take a photo.

So, she secretly joined the couple in the picture. It’s no shock that Clarkson didn’t bother hiding how excited she was to do this. I can only assume this will be brought up if Clarkson is ever a guest on Ellen’s show.

Jon Hamm Interrupting His Mad Men Co-Stars

Photo Credit: @meganpaolone/Twitter

Jon Hamm has shown that he can do comedy just as good as he does dramas. Not only does he like to troll, but he can photobomb too. This time, he’s doing it to his Mad Men co-stars January Jones and Kiernan Shipka.

It’s an interesting family moment, especially when dad sneaks into a picture taken of his on-screen wife and daughter. Never change Jon, and keep rolling out the trolls. Just ahead, Hamm strikes again with the photobomb. This time, it’s with a late night TV host.

Darren Criss Was Feeling Playful On The Red Carpet

Photo Credit: @mydeerlilly/Twitter

The former star of Glee decided to photobomb his former co-star, Lea Michele. The beautiful actress has a voice that’s almost a mixture of Fergie and Jesus.

When Darren saw her taking photos, so naturally, he leaped into the frame like no tomorrow. It was impressive he did it because she was snubbed by Jessica Lange, who rushed passed her when Michelle tried to greet her. Poor Lea. She just couldn’t catch a break that day.

Rihanna’s Photobomb Was A Perfect Opportunity

Photo Credit: @YahooCelebrity/Twitter

Not only is Rihanna cool, but she proved she could absolutely slay at this game too. The musician noticed the cast of Full House and decided to take a selfie together with the Tanner family.

It’s fantastic because she seized the perfect opportunity and struck a pose for the camera too. It probably took the actors more than five minutes to realize that they had a photo with the girl who sang “Umbrella.” I smell a spinoff!

Jon Hamm Is At It Again, This Time With Jimmy Fallon

Jon Hamm is a man of many things. When Jimmy Fallon introduced his Celebrity Photobomb segment, the pair went down to the Rockefeller Center. There, they had a special surprise waiting for unbeknownst tourists.

None of them, including this family, realized that Fallon and Hamm were standing right behind them. We can only imagine the family’s reaction when they got back to the hotel. Which celebrity has a theatrical way of doing photobombs? Hint: he’s on Modern Family.

Nicholas Cage Just Doing Nicholas Cage Things

Photo Credit: monkeydragon12/Reddit

All the actor wanted to do was go to the store. However, the woman just wanted a picture of her baby. So of course, they both came together and Cage made sure to make her picture one in a million.

The Ghost Rider actor thought he was surprising a fan, but he became a meme after this shot. Oh, Nicholas, don’t ever change. You’re more than welcome to photobomb us anytime! Just don’t steal our Declaration of Independence.

Cara Delevinge Is Very Close With Sienna Miller

Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Huffington Post

The two are surprisingly close. Their relationship actually caused a stir in Cara’s former relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez.

The two split up, and we can certainly see that close bond between Delevinge and Miller in this shot. Only a true friend would photobomb another friend, and it’s thanks to Cara’s sense of humor. Only Cara can be strutting the red carpet one moment and making the perfect face in the background in the next.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Is An Expert At This

Photo Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images

When it comes to having photobomb experience, Jesse Tyler Ferguson has plenty to go around. The Modern Family actor has a theatrical way of spoiling photos which grabs everyone’s attention.

Ex-couple Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were posing on the red carpet when JTF just couldn’t resist leaping in the air. Maybe he was showing off his acting chops in a more action-packed scenario. He might have a photobombing problem, but so does his co-star on the show. That’s just ahead shortly.

There’s A Story Behind Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield’s Photobomb

Photo Credit: @NYMag/Twitter

Once upon a time when Emma and Andrew were dating, they were out having a nice meal. Suddenly, they noticed someone was stealthily taking a photo of them.

Of course, the culprit was doing this by sipping on tea, but they went along with it and posed for the photo. They photobombed their own picture while outsmarting the sneaky fan. We always think that celebrities don’t have the time for us so we resort to these kinds of pictures. Just ask nicely, but I guess it was nice that this fan didn’t want to make a big deal of their night out.

Lady Gaga Puts On Her Best Poker Face

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Whatever you want to call it, a poker face or a joker face. Nevertheless, Lady Gaga is looking pretty creepy here. Not only did she spoil Katy Perry’s shot, but the musician was waiting her turn on the red carpet.

So, she put on her best face while managing to creep out all of the photographers who were present. It doesn’t seem quite like a photobomb, but more like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Sarah Hyland Gets Back At Her TV Mom

Photo Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for ELLE

Julie Bowen did not expect to have her photo spoiled by her Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland. Clearly, Hyland was waiting for this moment to pull a prank on her TV mom and totally nailed it. The definitely have that mother-daughter bond.

It’s brilliant, and it’s just the kind of thing her character Haley Dunphy would do to her mom if she were to ever photobomb her. Let’s give a quick clap for Sarah for her hilarity and being herself.

Joe Jonas Just Doing What Older Siblings Do Best

Photo Credit: Imgur

There’s nothing like sibling love, and that’s exactly what’s going on here between Joe and Nick Jonas. It’s always entertaining when one sibling is trying to take a beautiful photo of their hot date and it gets ruined by a family member

But being the oldest sibling, Joe doesn’t feel any remorse when he gave a silly face into his baby brother’s picture. I don’t think Nick or Demi Lovato would appreciate Joe doing something like that.

Justin Bieber With The Bizarre Stare

Photo Credit: Pinterest

As if Russell Brand doesn’t have enough of a “deer caught in the headlights” kind of look, this is just made even weirder by the Biebs hanging around in the background. It seems as if Katy Perry is a target for photobombers everywhere.

Here, we have the musician taking a photo with her then-husband. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Canadian singer Justin Bieber manages to pull off a bizarre facial expression when he saw the bright lights capturing the couple. His stare is creepy, but it’s legendary.