Sports Signs So Funny They Deserve An ESPY

One of the best parts of going to sporting events are the signs fans make to cheer their team or taunt their rival. They can be silly or mean, but they’re almost always funny. College gameday signs have been the standard for a long time, but fans of the major leagues have been stepping up their games recently. The amount of care and lack of thought put into the signs you’re about to see is breathtaking. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re at a baseball game or a Nickelback concert. We get it, and soon you will too.

Tim Tebow Will Never Catch A Break

Photo Credit: pinacoleaukes/reddit

Tim Tebow is one of the greatest college football players of all time. Unfortunately, that’s about as far as his talent was able to take him. After fizzling out of the NFL, Tebow got into broadcasting and joined the New York Mets minor league system.

At the time this sign was made, he was struggling to hit in Single-A. If you don’t know, .226 is a terrible batting average. Today, Tebow is in Double-A and just made the all-star game. The Mets, desperate to draw fans to the stadium, might have to bring him up to the big league. He won’t do very well, but no one really cares.

That’s Pessimistic

Photo Credit: Frog_Todd/reddit


These fans clearly don’t have much faith in their team. To be fair, Baylor University does have a history of choking in bowl games. The last major bowl game they played was the Cotton Bowl in 2015. As the fourth-ranked team in the nation, they took on the seventh-ranked Michigan Wolverines.

The game ended with a score of 42-41. Can you guess you lost? Making matters worse was the score at halftime when Baylor was up 41-21. Not only did they fail to score any points the second half, the let Michigan roll over them to victory. Coming up, which Hunter Pence sign is your favorite Hunter Pence sign?

Hunter Pence Signs Live In Infamy

Photo Credit: Destructoid

As soon as he broke out as a star with the Giants, Hunter Pence’s off-field quirkiness led to this trend. Countless signs just like these flooded stadiums everywhere. Amazingly, everyone was in on the joke. The signs were never mean. “Hunter Pence has Sharknado insurance” isn’t going to make him cry.

Of course, Pence brought this on himself. He rides his scooter to the ballpark every day and freaked out when it was stolen. Luckily some kind citizens found his missing vehicle and returned it to him. Still ahead, NHL players learn a harsh truth about golf.

He’s Not Wrong About Golf

Photo Credit: reddit

This sign isn’t wrong. Golf is fun, although we’re sure no one at the hockey game cares. If you’re good at golf there’s more money in it, too. Hockey isn’t America’s most popular sport. Just don’t tell NHL fans that!

This sign is the epitome of harmless fun. No one is going to see it and want to start a fight. We look at it and can’t stop laughing. There should be another sign next to him saying, “golf is safer too,” or “real men wear Lacoste.” You’re welcome for the inspiration the next time you go to a hockey game.

It’s Going To Be A While

Photo Credit: Tom Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

It’s not easy being a Cleveland Browns fan. The last time the team made the playoffs Derek Anderson was their quarterback. In 2017 they became the second team in NFL history to not win a single game. The other team was the Detroit Lions in 2008.

After losing every game in 2017, Cleveland stuck to their morals, keeping their head coach in place. In two seasons, he’s won once. They also drafted Baker Mayfield with the first overall pick in the draft. The last time they took a quarterback first overall was Tim Couch in 1999. It didn’t work out well. Next, that one person who likes Nickelback makes their presence known.

This Is Not The Nickelback Concert

Photo Credit: 52hoova/reddit

Someone ended up in the wrong place, wasn’t quite sure about it, and made a sign just to check. We can confirm, College Gameday is the not the Nickelback concert, although they’re probably performing somewhere in the state.

This is not the photograph you’re looking for. This isn’t even a photograph. This a screenshot. Somehow, “look at this screenshot” just doesn’t have the same ring to as that one Nickelback song everyone pretends to hate but sings at the top of their lungs when it comes on the radio in the car.

Let’s Hope He’s Not Really Naked

Photo Credit: CFBGamedaySigns/Twitter

This guy is claiming to be naked. We’re desperately hoping he’s not. If he is, though, the woman behind him is not impressed. She looks more disturbed, actually. Did he really manage to sneak into the stadium without clothes? Maybe he ran to the bathroom as soon as his ticket was checked.

Whatever the case is, this guy is incredibly excited. Or screaming because it’s starting to settle in how cold it is. There are a lot of people wearing jackets and beanies around him while he’s wearing… nothing.

Brothers Reunited At Last

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Poor Pau Gasol, if only he grew up knowing he had a long-lost brother. Is the alpaca from his mom or dad’s side of the family? It really is uncanny how similar these two look. We’re not sure which is Pau and which is his mammalian brother.

These days it’s easier to tell the two apart. Pau really cleaned himself up when he left Boston to play with San Antonio. He’s also won a ring or two. What has his brother done lately? Eaten some grass, probably. Maybe kicked something. Not everyone is meant for great things in this world! Up ahead, a sibling rivalry in the bleachers!

Someone Really Doesn’t Like His Brother

Photo Credit: YouTube

This kid hates his brother! He’s had enough of the wedgies and stolen chicken nuggets and now he’s doing something about it. He’s been saving his coins all year for this moment. All it takes is one good swing of the bat and some lucky baseball player is getting a big payday!

It’s unlikely any of the Rangers took this kid up on his offer. Trailing by five runs, however, a few bombs into the bleachers would turn some frowns upside down. His mom is the only happy one. She looks like she’s glad to be included for once.

The Captain Obvious Of Signs

Photo Credit: pekoe84/reddit

Captain Obvious would be proud of this gameday sign. Not only does it have nothing to do with the game, it’s describing its only function. We just feel bad for the poor soul behind him stuck with the world knowing his view is being blocked by a sign.

Then again, it looks like the guy behind him is laughing and clapping, so maybe he’s in on the joke. Or the sign holder warned him about his antics before doing them. It would have been the polite thing to do.

Wow, This One Gets Personal

Photo Source: Twitter

These people are no fans of Tom Brady. That much is clear, with their sign stating that the Patriots quarterback sits when he pees. What does this even mean?

Boston Magazine even weighed in on the weirdness, saying that “the best part of this weird bit of second grade gender-shaming is that the sign writer isn’t claiming that Brady is a girl. (“…when he pees”). Just that he urinates like one.” The magazine also pointed out that Brady has a super nice bathroom at home, so why shouldn’t he sit if he feels like it.

Hair Of The Dog?

Photo Source: Pinterest

We’ve all heard of this hangover “cure,” right? Hair of the dog means you treat your pounding head to another round of drinking. It’s really not a cure at all (or even a good idea) but it might be the best idea if you’re stuck in this lady’s position: hungover and at a big game with plenty of refreshing beer to be had.

This kind of honesty is refreshing. Maybe I’ll make a sign like this to hang up at work. Give my coworkers a heads up that I’m not feeling my best so please leave me alone. By the way, the woman behind the sign does NOT look amused.

How Do You REALLY Feel About Your Wives?

Photo Credit: Pinterest

I guess once you’ve been married long enough, there’s nothing better than getting out of town with your wife. At least that’s what these fans have to say about it (loudly and publicly). Hopefully, their wives all have a good sense of humor in case they happen to tune into the big game to check on their hubbies.

We’re just curious why “hotel + beer” were included in one lump sum. Does that mean $100 for a cheapo room near the airport and $400 in beer, or vice versa? And $150 for souvenirs seems a bit steep.

Get Your Eyes Checked, Dude

Photo Source: Pinterest

These basketball fans aren’t mincing words when it comes to expressing their disagreement with the referees. This is a pretty clever idea for an insulting sign, making it look like a vision-testing chart but with the text “E Refs U Need 2 Have Ur Eyez Chkd.”

You gotta hope the refs get a kick out of signs like this, especially since these guys look like they’re sitting right up at the front. It’s not like the sign is terribly insulting, just a good-natured ribbing.

That’s The Right Attitude

Photo Source: Twitter

Hey, it’s a game right? Everyone should have fun and just enjoy themselves. Chances are that this guy’s being sarcastic but it’s a nice sentiment even if so. “I just hope both teams have fun.”

Either that or he really doesn’t give a crap about whichever teams he’s watching. Maybe he was dragged there by a buddy and chose to express his displeasure with this amusing sign. At least he can reuse it when he goes to his kid’s Little League game next weekend.

All By Her Lonesome Self

Photo Source: Pinterest

This lone woman seems to have a legit question: “am I the only Ball State fan here?” It certainly looks like she might be, as her green Ball State shirt is the only one visible in the photo. Every other shirt around her is Clemson orange.

What is the woman behind her wearing, by the way? It appears to be the frilly top of a bright orange formal dress but with a burlap sack on the bottom? Maybe there are other components of that ensemble that she forgot to put on in her haste to get to the game.

No Ideas? Doesn’t Matter!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Imagine the intense pressure of coming up with the perfect sports sign. Now imagine that game day is creeping up, hour by hour and minute by minute. There’s a good chance you’re going to choke, hit with a sports fanatic’s most dreaded condition: sign writer’s block.

This person here did not let the lack of an idea hold him back, though. He decided that honesty is the best policy and proceeded to make a sign announcing that he couldn’t think of anything. Looks like there are actually some blank signs nearby so guess he did better than some of his neighbors.

When The Honeymoon Is Officially Over

Photo Source: Pinterest

This sign is obviously (well, hopefully) a joke. “Honey, call me when your water breaks. GO ANGELS” insinuates that this diehard fan’s wife is indeed about to go into labor any minute while he’s out at the ballpark watching his favorite team, the Anaheim Angels, play.

We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he was just kidding around with this sign. No one would be that callous and expect to remain married for too long.

When The Team Gets Involved

Photo Source: Pinterest

This might be one of our favorites so far. It’s not often you get to see the team actually getting involved in a “sign fight.” Here we have the Georgia Tech baseball team in the dugout. Tech is known for having seriously smart students who go on to well-paid and respected careers.

Fans of the opposing team thought it’d be funny to call the Tech players “nerds.” Bad move. The team made its own sign, telling those sports fans that they’re the players’ “future employees.” Ouch.

Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Photo Source: Pinterest

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the people who are proudly carrying this sign around are not Alabama fans. It’s also a pretty safe bet that they’re not from the state, either.

“Alabama, where and are the same.” In case you weren’t sure, Ancestry is a site to track your lineage and eHarmony is a dating site. So this sign was a pretty clever way to insinuate that the entire state consists of people who hook up with their own relatives. Burn!

A House Divided

Photo Source: Pinterest

We see it all the time. A couple who don’t share the same favorite sports team and resent each other for it. Usually it’s all good-natured fun but this guy took things a step further.

Holding a sign that reads “I hate her” (Go Oilers), with an arrow pointing directly at the woman he’s at the game with, is pretty mean. We’re guessing she’s used to it though. Maybe she has her own sign at home and they take turns insulting each other. Home games = he gets his sign. Away games = she holds her sign.

So What Will She Say When You Come Home Empty-Handed?

Photo Source: Twitter

We’d say this guy probably should have planned this one out a little better. Sure, he’s getting away with his lie NOW, but what is he going to do when he returns home sunburned and empty-handed?

We hope the game was worth it dude, because you’re totally going to get nailed for this lie. Unless, of course, he stocks up on souvenirs and stuff from the concession stand before he goes home. Nobody’s going to be very pleased with what Santa brings this year.

Doesn’t Even Look Like A Bad Spot To Watch The Game

Photo Source: Pinterest

This one leaves us with some serious questions. First: did he provide that sign? Because if he’s too cheap to buy tickets, that sign probably cost a pretty penny. Money that he could have used to, you know, buy a legit way to see the game.

Or did the stadium put that banner up there to deter other people from watching without buying tickets? It honestly doesn’t look like a bad vantage point, so we can imagine that other people sneak up there on game day and watch from “the cheap seats.”

Using Funny Signs To Protest

Photo Source: Twitter

This is a hilarious way that some fans chose to protest racist comments made by the Los Angeles Clippers’ then-owner, Donald Sterling. He was recorded saying offensive things, including asking his girlfriend not to bring her black friends to Clippers games.

You can see how these fans reacted to Sterling’s comments. Members of the team also protested, by refusing to wear their warmups. Sterling was eventually banned from the NBA. We’re pretty sure he’s not missed.

Not A Big Fan Of The Referee

Photo Source: Pinterest

This Washington Capitals hockey fan is clearly not a fan of the calls their ref has been making lately. “Hey ref, does your wife know you’re screwing us” is a pretty clever way to let him know about it.

We wonder if the referee’s wife did indeed see the sign and have a momentary panic before she realized that it’s all a joke. If so, let’s hope she had a sense of humor about it!

Is This A Compliment Or… ?

Photo Source: Bestfunnies

While some people might take offense by being told that a dog was named after them, most would probably be flattered. Sean Avery played left wing for the New York Rangers (as well as the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, and Dallas Stars) before he retired in 2012.

We’re guessing that the woman pictured here is a big fan, and that the decision to name her dog after Avery was meant as a huge compliment. We hope he took it that way, at least.

Hide Yo Tigers, Hide Yo Gators

Photo Source: Pinterest

Everyone remembers Antoine Dodson, even if they don’t recognize the name. He was the guy who went viral after being interviewed about a series of home break-ins that were going on in his neighborhood. “He’s climbin’ in your windows, he’s snatchin’ your people up… So y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband…”

This sign cleverly turns Dodson’s words into a chant supporting their team. We’re not sure which team it is, but as long as they do it’s a good one.

Getting’ Political

Photo Source: Pinterest

Here’s a great way to get in a political jab while you’re at a ball game. After all, politics seem to be played like a sport these days: you root for your team at all costs. Even if the players aren’t doing well (or even if they’re crooks).

“Hillary deleted my other sign” is a reference to the problems that former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had with a computer server and some emails that seemed to have gone missing. While this photo was probably taken during the presidential race, it could just as easily be from later years. People can’t seem to stop bringing it up.

That’s One Cruel Packers Fan

Photo Source: Pinterest

Toward the end of Brett Favre’s tenure as the Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, the team hired a young man named Aaron Rodgers to eventually take his place. The two did not hit it off and had an icy relationship, with Favre even telling the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, “My contract doesn’t say I have to get Aaron Rodgers ready to play. Now hopefully he watches me and gets something from that.”

So this fan sign telling Favre that he was no longer needed must really have stung. It’s a good one, though!

Ooh, That’s Low

Photo Source: editimage

This sign goes a step beyond the others on this list and attempts to discredit the rival team for having been the school attended by Casey Anthony. Anthony is the woman who was suspected, but never convicted, of murdering her daughter in 2008.

The sign maker also made sure to point out that supermodel Kate Upton attended her school (UM) and asks us which university we’d side with. Hmmm. This doesn’t seem like a very sportsmanlike sign to us. This lady must be a hardcore fan if she’s willing to go so low.

Iowa Isn’t Heaven

Photo Source: Pinterest

This sign is one way to look at not living in Iowa. That college football there is goo and so is the corn, but that’s about it. If you can find any other reason to want to live in Iowa, please let us know.

Really, we have nothing against Iowa. It’s a perfectly fine state. We do wonder what this guy hates so much about the the state that brought us Field of Dreams among other American classic tales.

Poor Raiders

Photo Source: Pinterest

There’s no love lost for this hater of Raider Nation. He’s a Broncos fan, and he’s willing to keeping a team when they’re down. The Raiders, after all, are so bad, they’re leaving Oakland altogether for Las Vegas!

If you’ve seen a Raiders’ game in 2018, then you know it’s hard to disagree with this sign. Although we’re pretty sure The Biggest Loser isn’t on the air anymore. Oh well, you can’t win ’em all! Right Oakland fans?

At Least Someone Does!

Photo Source: Pinterest

Okay, who really knows if Alabama head coach Nick Saban really uses the shake weight. There must be some secret to his winning ways. It’s supposed to be great for forearm dexterity, too! Go ahead and pick one up at your local CVS and try it out.

Just don’t us it in public. Some people might not appreciate the gesture. Some find the mechanics of the shake weight suggestive and offensive, hence the sign mocking Saban for trying to take care of his health.

No Longer America’s Team

Photo Source: Pinterest

This Texans fan has one wish; to destroy the Dallas Cowboys. Since the ’90s, the Cowboys have been known as “America’s Team.” In recent years the Texans have been just as competitive, and this fella is ready for a change.

He believes that if you have kids, you should raise them to hate the Cowboys. No team is worse than the one run by Jerry Jones. Who ares if they have won five Super Bowls, right?

That Hurts!

Photo Source: Pinterest

If you’ve ever tried to get tickets to Hamilton then you know just how much this insult hurts. Entering the lottery for the play every day is a practice in heartbreak. So is watching University of Florida try and score a touchdown apparently.

It’s sad how much Gator fans miss Tim Tebow. He changed the face of college football in Florida. Then again, at the NFL level he had a miserable time trying to score, so maybe we should have seen this coming back at his alma mater.

May The Force Be With You

Photo Source: Pinterest

We’re not sure what team these companion signs were made for, but it’s pretty incredible they got so many in the crowd to help hold them up. Imagine how many people can no long see the game.

They must truly believe in the power of the light side to be triumphant. If Luke can fight off lasers while wearing a mask, they can watch a football game without seeing any of the action. May the force be with them!

This Man Is Confused

Photo Source: Pinterest

There was only one thing this young sports fan could think to put on his sign. He really wanted to motivate his team, but just didn’t have the words to say. In the end he kept it simple, asking them to simply “sports harder!”

It truly is a motivational statement like no others. We’re inspired to get out and play a sport of our own, just to sports a little harder. We’ve never felt more motivated to sports as hard as we can in our lives.

A Thought Bubble And An Egg Roll

Photo Source: Pinterest

We never thought we’d talk about thought bubbles and egg rolls in the same sentence, but here we are. We’re going to rethink our life choices now. That sounds like the logical and smart thing to do.

The funniest part about these two signs is how absolutely different they are. One is clearing just trying to get on television while the other one has a problem with the referees and is taking his last great stand.

Weak Password, Bro

Photo Source: Pinterest

The first thing this sign maker did wrong was tell the entire world what their Gmail password is. Hopefully when they realized it was so “weak” they went with something a little stronger, like “Army.”

For those still confused, Army and Navy have college football teams, and their yearly game is one of the biggest rivalry games every year. These Army studs have clear eyes and full hearts when it comes to how they feel about the competition.

They Cost The Same, Anyway

Photo Source: Pinterest

We hope either way this coupe got engaged. We’d prefer World Series tickets, too. They aren’t cheap, so if someone who loves you is willing to buy them for you, you say yes, just like you would if they got down on one knee.

We’re guessing she’s a Red Sox fan? Boston sports fans are crazy. Who knows if she even has a boyfriend. Maybe a stranger gave asked her which she would prefer. Then out of the kindness of her heart she took the tickets and friend zoned him!