People Who Treated Their Last Day Of Work Like You Treat Your Garbage Can

The last day of work is bittersweet. On the one hand, you’re leaving some people you’ve bonded with for years and will thoroughly miss. On the other hand, you’re leaving people you want to stab in the eye with a fork.

Celebrating your new path in life is important, but exacting revenge on your arch-nemesis is important too. The people in this article prove that ‘goodbye cakes’ are completely overrated and unnecessary when you’re creative and stop caring about what your co-workers think of you. We’re all living vicariously through these badasses on their last day of work.

When Your Best Work Friend Hates The Fact That You’re Leaving

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We all have that one work friend who makes going in every day actually bearable. This one wants his work bestie to know how he feels about the departure.

It’s not damaging, but it is annoying enough to get the point across, which is exactly what he set out to do.

When You Can Finally Be Yourself

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When you go to work year after year and you’re not allowed to fully be yourself, it’s a devastating feeling. You always have to put on a professional front for your co-workers.

But, it’s this guy’s last day and he can finally be free of the fakeness. Being Batman is just a state of mind, and he exudes every essence of the superhero.

Seeking Revenge On All Your Work Enemies

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This is such a brilliant idea. This guy came into his last day of work locked and loaded with revenge on his mind.

Susan from HR is about to get a face full of NERF bullets for the way that she treated him throughout his time at the company. It’s perfect because it won’t hurt too much, but it’ll get his point across. Coming up, someone was fed up with a co-worker stealing their milk so they took some desperate preventative measures, and it’s hilarious.

Zero Cares To Give

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I do have a lot of questions about the origins of that shampoo/whipped cream/ icing that’s spread all over.

With that being said, this is the definition of not giving a crap on your last day of work. Who cares if you poison one of the customers in the restaurant? You won’t even be there for the lawsuit.

Uniform- Shmooniform

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If you want to know an immediate way to let your boss know that your last day is going to be a joke, come in with no shirt.

This is probably the only Subway employee who can both make a sub and try to get a tan at the same time.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

On your last day of work, you don’t have time for the BS of having your milk stolen from you.

You stop caring about what others think and just bring a lockbox to put it in. This is aggressive, but stealing someone’s milk is no innocent offense. Coming up, a shrine that perfectly sets the mood for your final work-walkout.

This Is Just Straight Up Bullying

Photo Credit: Reddit / The_Fronz

Yes, this might be considered bullying, and yes it’s probably not the right thing to do, but when it’s your last day who cares?

This employee took the time to wrap up their bosses car and make it very inconvenient to get out. It’s the right amount of revenge mixed with not actually hurting anyone.

The Last Supper, Thank God

Photo Credit: Reddit / jaybee319

These co-workers decided to give their fleeing friend a Last Supper that was only matched by the original way back when.

This guy should be VERY skeptical about the food and drink choices. There could be poison in ANY of the items. It’s happened before, and it can easily happen again. There’s no stopping a bitter employer.

A Shrine Of All Shrines

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This is a necessary last day memorial. It sets the tone accurately and perfectly portrays the loss that this company is feeling.

Shrines like these are also necessary for when your friend gets into a relationship. You know that they’re no longer going to be around anymore and there needs to be a time of mourning. If you’re going to bring a cake on your last day, make sure you bring the one that’s just ahead, because it’s perfect.

When Your Boss Wants You To Have The Worst Day Ever

Photo Credit: Reddit / nlane515

It was the last day for a grocery store employee and he walked into a prank pulled by his boss. They flipped every cereal box upside down and are making him flip them back.

This manager must want to see the world burn. They’re the ones that are happy to push your head underwater if that means that they get on the dock.

“We Helped You Pack Your Office”

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This probably isn’t exactly what this guy thought when his co-workers told him that they packed his office.

This would be a simple solution for me. I’m setting the rest of the office on fire. I understand there are steps that should be taken before that, but I need my point to be driven home that I’m not happy.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You”

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It’s important that your co-workers know that they’re losing an important asset when you leave.

You don’t want them thinking that they’re the big winners in this transition of employment. Coming in with a cake that says “Sorry for your loss” is a perfect way to portray that image. Just ahead, a prank that is literally nightmare material and you’ll need to check your pants after seeing it.

Last Day Of Work AND Your Birthday? That’s A Life Hack

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A life hack that many people don’t use is setting your last day of work to be on your birthday. This allows you to literally do WHATEVER you want.

This person chose to ruin the cake they were given by their co-workers by taking a middle slice and therefore contaminating the slicing process for the entire office. Well done.

When The Final Day Frustration Boils Over

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This is what happens when you’re on your last day and every little thing your co-workers do make you unnecessarily angry.

It’s true though — there’s nothing more unprofessional than having a Comic Sans poster on a door. At LEAST pick Times New Roman. This is an unnecessary fight that you only pick if you’re out the door in a few hours.

Yeah That’s A Nope For Me

Photo Credit: Reddit / SatanPB

A co-worker decided that putting this creepy picture in the ceiling was a good idea, and it absolutely wasn’t.

If I look up and see this in my office, I’m taking the next red-eye to outer space and never coming back. That is nightmare material. Coming up, someone decided to get real LOW at their office for their last day, and it’s kind of a great idea.

This Is A Blessing In Disguise

Photo Credit: Reddit / LukaLark

The joke is on the person who took the time to wrap your desk in wrapping paper because that looks like it takes a stupid amount of your day away.

This girl now has an excuse to be bitter on her last day and not do any work. She should be thanking the wrapper.

It’s My Last Day And I’ll Ball Pit If I Want To

When you still have to go into work for your last day, but you just want to be at the McDonald’s PlayPlace — you bring the ball pit to your office.

This is what happiness looks like. Yes, Janet from accounting might be pissed off because she doesn’t know how to have fun and balls keep hitting her foot, but she needs to suck it up.

Keepin’ Them On Their Toes

Photo Credit: Reddit / tsaven

Why be the boring co-worker who just clocks in and clocks out? Be the one that sits inside the floor tiles and does their work.

Ripping the floor up on your last day so that you can sit in it is a power move. This has a lasting effect, and it’s something they’ll remember you for forever.


Encouraging Last Words

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This is at least honest. When a co-worker that you don’t like is leaving, give them something like this.

Don’t be fake, just be straight up. You don’t wish them well. You wish them the complete opposite. You hope they fail, so say it loud and say it proud.

Susan, We’ve Had Enough Of Your Fish

Can we just talk about those co-workers who literally live in their own world and don’t think about the people around them?

Anyone who microwaves fish in the kitchen should be charged with a felony. It should be a law that you can’t bring seafood to work. The smell is mortifying and this sign needs to be in every workplace.