Uniforms On Beautiful People: It Only Makes Them More Attractive

We all enjoy a woman or man in uniform. Some people wear uniforms because they are required for the job. Some people wear uniforms just for fun and also to get a rise out of people! In either case, at work or for cosplay, these individuals look scorching hot in these delicious uniforms! We have cheerleaders, first responders, volleyball players, flight attendants, and much much more. And they all look amazing.

Cheerleaders’ Uniforms are Always Amazing

Sometimes they are professionals, sometimes they are students. Either way, these uniforms are some of our all-time favorites. Check out Oregon’s ladies! This university certainly makes sure they put their best face forward and the squad is often referred to as the Ambassadors of the U of Oregon!

The squad generally rolls 42 deep, which is a perfect side for this co-ed group of loyal athletes. To be a cheerleader for the Ducks, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA, as well as have excellent technical and athletic ability. The girls travel across the nation in order to cheer on the various sports teams of the university. Tumbling is not a required talent but it is encouraged.