Trouble At Home: Celebrity Couples Who Disagree On Politics

Here’s a look at celebrity couples from the past and present who haven’t shared each others’ political views but have somehow managed to make their union work. Some couples agree to not talk about their political views or agree to disagree on important matters. Our list includes celebrities from recent years and some older couples who famously didn’t share the same political views. It might surprise you to learn that many couples from U.S. presidencies didn’t even share the same political ideologies.

James Carville and Mary Matalin

James Carville and Mary Matalin

Louisiana natives James Carville and Mary Matalin always keep it real despite their differences in politics. Carville was the political strategist behind the Clinton campaign and he is a very well respected pundit in the world of Democrats. Matalin is a Republican pundit. She worked for former president George H.W. Bush during his campaign in 1992 during his reelection. Carville and Matalin have two daughters and have been happily married since 1992 despite differences.

George Bush And Barbara Bush

George and Barbara Bush

George and Barbara Bush have been married for over 69 years, but that does not mean they haven’t had their disputes about politics. Newsmax asked her what she thought about having more Bushes in the White House eventually. She said “there have been enough Bushes in the White House and we see no entitlement.” Barbara also told her son George that his dad was the better president. In the meantime, the elder Bush has supported the idea of a Jeb Bush presidency. They might agree on a lot of the GOP’s policies, but they don’t seem to agree on this major sticking point.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt And Eleanor Roosevelt

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote a book in 1938 titled This Troubled World, which tore apart FDR’s foreign policy strategies. She totally ripped apart his logic, yet they still kept their marriage alive. Can you imagine your spouse tearing you apart in public? Well, she did just that by having the book not only drafted, but put into actual circulation. Would you want to still be together after that?

George And Laura Bush


George and Laura Bush are certainly a good example of a political couple making things work even though they fight in the political arena. Laura Bush kept her feelings and views to herself while her husband was Commander In Chief. She did, however, later reveal that she is for gay marriage and is also pro choice. Talk about opposing views! They are a real political power couple!

Gerald And Betty Ford

Gerald And Betty Ford

Gerald and Betty Ford had their differences but despite her belief in pre-marital sex, marijuana, and Roe v. Wade, they made it work. Betty Ford was one of the most real and outspoken first ladies in White House history. However, Gerald and Betty did agree on one major thing: the Equal Rights Amendment. It makes you wonder with all of their differences how they got along with each other.

John Kerry And Teresa Heinz


Teresa Heinz, of the Heinz ketchup fortune, married Democratic politician John Kerry. Mrs. Heinz became a naturalized citizen and later became a part of the Republican party. She has been quoted as saying “The Democratic machine in this country is putrid,” according to The Grindstone. John and Theresa have really “made it work” despite their differences in politics.

Bruce Willis And Demi Moore


While they might not be an item any longer, the pair were married for thirteen years, which by Hollywood standards at least, is a lifetime. Willis is said to dislike both major political parties equally, and claims to identify as an Independent, however he has reportedly voted for Republican candidate’s since 2000. Moore, on the other hand, has campaigned for and donated money to both of President Obama’s campaigns and identifies as a liberal.

Donald And Melania Trump

Donald And Melania Trump

While these two presented a united front for most of the 2016 election, there have been moments when even Melania was forced to voice her disagreement with some of Donald’s statements. Speaking to CNN during the election, she is quoted as saying “I don’t always agree with Donald, and that’s OK”. Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States soon after, but that didn’t stop the POTUS and FLOTUS from their squabbles, as Melania’s hand swatting in Israel went viral.

Ronald And Nancy Reagan


Nancy Reagan was another of the most outspoken First Ladies on the block. She always had something to say, and usually in a no-nonsense tone of voice. Ronald, on the other hand, took a gentler approach when speaking to the press or congressional cabinet about politics. Even though they disagreed on their political approaches they were married until the day Ronald Reagan died. In her memoir, she said “I make no apologies for telling him (Ronnie) what I thought.”

George And Amal Clooney


George Clooney is famous for his work as a humanitarian, most notably bringing publicity and awareness to the genocide happening in Darfur that occurred under despised dictator Omar al-Bashir. Amal is a Human Rights Lawyer who has worked on the defense of a number of controversial clients, including Abdullah al Senussi. Al Senussi served as the “intelligence chief” to Muammar Gaddafi another one of the most brutal dictators in the world. It makes you wonder what exactly their political arguments sound like.

Bill And Hillary Clinton

Bill And Hillary Clinton

Bill and Hillary Clinton have certainly kept it together despite many trials and tribulations throughout both of their careers. Bill and Hillary don’t always agree with each other, but they have stuck together through thick and thin and supported each other in their campaign runs. And when Hilary didn’t win the presidency in the 2016 election, Bill was still by her side.

Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff


This quirky actress and outspoken guitarist are quite a pair. They are very much for LGBT rights and according to Women’s Health they would not get married until these rights were passed. Dunham has been a long-time Hillary supporter and often voices her political opinion via social media. “I believe that nothing will send a stronger message to America and the world at large than electing a competent, experienced, and brilliant woman to the highest office in the land.” Antonoff shares many of her views but is outspoken about many of the issues she supports.

Beyoncé And Jay-Z

Beyoncé And Jay-Z

The celebrity power couple held a fundraiser for Obama and they have donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They hosted a fundraiser for Obama in the year 2012 and they still stay involved in politics to this day. Beyoncé and Jay Z both have an avid interest in the political world and have shared differing views from time-to-time. Perhaps what keeps them together politically are people like politician Mike Huckabee, who bashed Beyoncé and Jay Z in his book God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Pitt

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Pitt

Angelina has gotten so fired up about politics that she has actually considered going into the field, and has thought of leaving Hollywood. She told US Magazine that if she thought she could make a difference in the political world then she would go for it. Brad tends to favor Obama while his wife has other more liberally minded politicians she prefers. Even though they disagree they do not let it tear their relationship or bond apart.

Barack And Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama was not aware of her husband’s political aspirations when they first laid eyes on each other at the corporate law firm Sidley and Austin. “If I weren’t president I would be happy to catch the shuttle with my wife to take her to a Broadway show, as I had promised her during the campaign, and there would be no fuss and no muss and no photographers. That would please me greatly.” “The notion that I just couldn’t take my wife out on a date without it being a political issue was not something I was happy with,” Obama also said. Both Michelle and her husband may have different political views, but they have kept things together despite their political opposition.

Joe And Jill Biden


This power couple is all smiles in pictures you see of them on the web. Jill Biden is Joe Biden’s number one advisor. When Jill is not happy, neither is Joe. Whether Joe will run for President in the future likely depends on how his wife feels about another campaign. There is truth to the saying “happy wife, happy life.” Joe Biden is spontaneous in his political views, while his wife Jill is more reserved. But they make it work.

Andrea Mitchell And Alan Greenspan


Andrea Mitchell can be found anchoring the political arena for NBC and her husband Alan Greenspan is an American economist. Greenspan served as Chairman of the Federal Reserve from the United States from the years 1987 to 2006. Currently, Greenspan works as a private advisor. He runs Greenspan Associates, LLC. Even though Mitchell and Greenspan disagree heavily sometimes on political issues they have been married since 1997. They are another couple that agrees to disagree.

Maria Shriver And Arnold Schwarzenegger

Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger

For decades, Maria Shriver served as a prominent supporter of the Democrat party. When her husband decided to run for Governor of California she was a crucial part of his success. That’s pretty amazing considering the famed action star is in fact a Republican who was representing his own party’s political beliefs.

Ann Coulter And Andrew Stein

Ann Coulter and Andrew Stein

Andrew Stein, the former New York City council president, decided to start dating Republican troublemaker Ann Coulter, the controversial author of If Democrats Had Any Brains, They’d Be Republicans. They made the relationship work for a while but then split, citing “irreconcilable differences.” They might not have withstood the test of time but they made our list just for having the audacity to think this could work.

Mike Tyson And Lakiha Spicer

Mike Tyson And Lakiha Spicer

Mike Tyson makes no bones about being a Trump supporter. However, his wife’s past may not sit well with Trump and his supporters. Spicer once served six months in jail in a federal pen after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy. Of course, Donald Trump does have lots of skeletons in his closet, so maybe he won’t hold Spicer’s past against her!