Top Vacation Spots The Rich And Famous Enjoy

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is something we all want to dabble in. Having loads of cash and being able to go wherever we want when vacation time is upon us is a wonderful dream. Well for the rich and famous, it is not just a dream anymore. They actually get to live it.


One place the rich love to venture out to when they are on vacation is the city of Las Vegas. You always see Instagram posts of famous people in their luxury hotel rooms in Sin City. Maybe it’s because of the highly entertaining nightclubs, or maybe it’s all the opportunity to make quick money if they enjoy gambling.

Even though everyday citizens get to enjoy Vegas as well, they do not get to experience the same luxuries that famous people do. VIP everywhere they go, the DJ at the club making special announcements for them when they enter their private section, and even special hotel suites that the rich can afford — but only the famous have access to.

And to top it off, Vegas is known for its warm weather.

Another good destination would be Dubai. Because when you think of Dubai you think luxury.

Home of the tallest hotel in the world, Dubai is a playground for the richest of rich. Some of the hotels are even underwater! If you ever wanted to ski indoors you can do so when in Dubai. Even actor Will Smith doesn’t go strictly for the luxuries, there are other reasons that bring him there.

“The way the energy is in Dubai, the way the people are, that’s what brings me back to this city,” said Will Smith via VOX Cinemas.

It’s hard not to love a place that procures A-listers through its luxury and vibe.

Even though those two locations are everything they’re hyped up to be, there is a number one vacation destination that you can count on the rich and famous always traveling to.

A warm climate with a nice sandy beach is a highly sought-after location where you can depend on seeing the rich and famous. Just check their social media pages for the proof. And if the wealthy are not in the mood for sharing the beach, they just travel to a private island.

Take, for instance Rihanna, who went so far as to buy a $22 million villa in her homeland Barbados. If you know you are going to be on an island whenever you are not busy trying to further fatten your bank account, why not spend your hard-earned cash to live comfortably while you relax on an island?

Stars such as Jay Z, Matt Damon and Ashton Kutcher take their talents to the French West Indies and enjoy St. Barts. Another popular Caribbean destination is none other than Jamaica. Among those who travel there include Ralph Lauren, Gwen Stefani and LL Cool J.


With the world as their oyster, the rich and famous can choose to go wherever their souls desire. These are just a few of the spots they may be headed.