This Woman Looks Like A Barbie Doll, But The Reason For Her Transformation Has A Deeper Meaning

Whats considered beautiful is different all around the world, but one of the most iconic images of ideal beauty in the last century is Mattel’s Barbie doll. Mattel released Barbie in 1959, and since then, over a billion dolls have been sold around the world. The figure of a tall woman with long, platinum blonde hair, big blue eyes, large breasts, and a thin waist has dominated Western beauty for decades.

And so it’s no surprise that when we laid our eyes on Ukrainian beauty Valeria Lukyanova, our first thought was “she looks just like Barbie.” Read on to learn about the Eastern Bloc Barbie, her rise to fame, and the reason why she absolutely hates the nickname.

Meet Valeria Lukyanova, The Eastern Bloc Barbie

valeria13 (1).jpg

Photo credit: Valeria Lukyanova / Facebook

When you place a Barbie doll side-by-side with Valeria Lukyanova, the resemblance is uncanny. Her porcelain skin, perfect makeup, tiny nose, and platinum straight blonde hair is like looking at a lifesize doll. It’s no wonder that this beauty from the Eastern Bloc has been compared to a Barbie doll.

Even her actions and presence are doll-like. She sits up pin-straight and walks with incredible posture. Her head is often slightly cocked to one side, with a small smile permanently etched onto her face. Many people have commented that she has a translucent, almost dead, look in her eyes. It’s no wonder that her appearance has enthralled us.