This Redskins Coach Peed Into A Gatorade Cup During A Game

There have been many weird things to go down on the sidelines of a football game, but this one definitely takes the cake. Ben Kotwica, an assistant coach for the Redskins, decided to expose himself for all the world to see during a recent game.


The Redskins were playing the Detroit Lions during a game on Sunday when fans got more to see than just football. Not only did Kotwica pee in a cup on the sidelines, but he did the action in front of a group Detroit Lions fans. The incident was caught all over social media and on video formatting apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

There are a few problems here: first, it is incredibly gross and just uncalled for. And second, it might also be considered an act of indecent exposure. The pictures which were released to sources were taken by a woman and her two very young children, who are under the age of 18. The family saw ALL of Ben Kotwica’s assets and everything that he was up to on the sidelines.

A representative for the Washington Redskins has yet to respond to the incident and it’s not something that the team is freaking out about. According to a Redskins’ team source, many players and coaches actually do this all the time. There are no repercussions for this type of action, nor will Ben Kotwica get in trouble for his bathroom break.

The problem with these actions is that the coach wasn’t discreet at all. The pictures show that the coach’s entire body is completely visible and he is not trying to hide what he is doing at all. The NFL needs to realize that most of their fans are actually children who look up to both the players and the coaches. The pictures that were released are definitely not safe for work or for children’s eyes.

Yet another issue that arises with these pictures is that they are of a coach, not just a player. Twitter users went wild when they saw these pictures which stated that they would expect this behavior from a player, but not a coach whose in charge.

Twitter user @CwickB stated, “A coach doing something stupid like this I wouldn’t expect. Player, yea. Coach, no. More embarrassing than the loss.”

The Twitter user points out a double standard that exists in the NFL today. This act of indecency will go completely without repercussions, but Colin Kaepernick’s act of quiet protest is causing an uproar. This not only proves that the NFL has no real idea of what discipline is or when to use it. Players who are participating in peaceful protests or “excessively celebrating” should not be penalized, especially while a coach who is flashing the crowd gets away with it. The NFL has always been lopsided when it comes to punishment.

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Sources were specifically told by a representative from the Washington Redskins that coach Ben Kotwica is not in any trouble and will continue to use a Gatorade cup as a bathroom. Again, this incident proves again why the NFL needs to reassess their priorities.