They’re Just Like Us: Stars Who Were Roommates

Whenever we hear that famous people are friends and hang out with each other, it for some reason is one of the coolest things in the world because we see that the stars like to have social lives outside of their work. The celeb-ception is taken one step further whenever we hear that stars used to live together! Here are some examples of celebrities who used to be roommates.

Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson

Director Wes Anderson and actor Owen Wilson were roommates while attending the University of Texas at Austin. According to sources, Anderson won the bigger room in their apartment by writing a paper for Wilson on Edgar Allen Poe, for which Wilson ended up getting an A.


They teamed up for Bottle Rocket, which was Anderson’s directorial debut in 1993. Since then, they have been close collaborators. Wilson has been in every one of Anderson’s films, save for Moonrise Kingdom and Rushmore, the latter of which Wilson co-wrote.