These TV Shows Stayed On The Air For WAY Too Long

Television is like any other business. As long as people are watching a television show, a network is going to keep pumping out new seasons. We never asked for The Simpsons to run for 30 years, but as long people keep watching it, Fox will keep renewing it. As frustrating as it is for your favorite show to get canceled after one season, it’s more frustrating when your favorite show is ruined by those one or two extra seasons that were made for nothing more than a cash grab by the studio. These are those shows.

Let’s Be Honest About Friends

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No one is denying that Friends is one of the greatest sitcoms of all-time. We’re just saying the race might not even be close if the show ended after nine seasons instead of ten. Did anyone really enjoy the plot line where Joey dates Rachel? Everyone knew she’d end up Ross in the end!

Also, the show just wasn’t funny that final season. The characters were loud and not nearly as nuanced and complex as they felt for nine seasons prior. Some shows know exactly when to end. The producers ofFriends just didn’t know when to call it quits.