These TV Shows Had Some Serious Drama Going On Behind The Scenes

When watching a television show, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the actors in the show aren’t the characters they play and that the relationships on screen aren’t real. We like to imagine that actors who work closely with each other behave similarly when the camera isn’t rolling, but that’s far from the truth. From actors assaulting writers to co-stars flat out despising each other, here is the ugliest behind-the-scenes drama from major television shows.

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Bruce Willis And Cybill Shepherd Put On A Huge Front For Moonlighting


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Although fans of the 1980s show Moonlighting loved Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as co-stars, the two can’t say the same for themselves. The actors actually had a rather nasty feud on the set of the show because their personalities just didn’t mesh. It created a hostile work environment for everyone involved in the show, with a lot of tension and blatant disrespect for one another.

The rather unorganized set and hard work required for the show didn’t exactly help to cool the tensions either. In 2005, Shepherd told W that “I remember at one point in the show it had just gotten to the point where we hated each other”. Well, at least it wasn’t obvious to viewers!

Thomas Gibson Was Fired From Criminal Minds

Thomas Gibson Was Fired From Criminal Minds

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Thomas Gibson once acted on the CBS hit series Criminal Minds, but not anymore. He was already on thin ice after he had pushed a producer a few years prior. For his actions, he was forced to attend anger management classes yet wasn’t suspended from the set immediately.

However, he was officially let go from the show after he attacked and kicked a writer while on set. It was announced by ABC Studios and CBS Television that “Thomas Gibson has been dismissed from Criminal Minds. Creative details for how the character’s exit will be addressed in the show will be announced at a later date”. His character was then written out of the show.

Will Smith And Janet Hubert


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On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the characters of Will Smith and his Aunt Vivian seemed to get along better than fine. Sure, they have some squabbles here and there like, but that’s natural for any mother and son-like relationship. Yet, not everything was as it seemed off of the camera.

Apparently, Will Smith and actress Janet Hubert were less-than-friendly to each other in real life and were often at odds with one another for the first three seasons of the show. Eventually, the fighting became too much and Hubert left the show. She was replaced by Daphne Reid which was a relief to everyone on set.

Alec Baldwin wasn’t used to having very little creative power…

John Belushi On SNL


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Before his untimely death, John Belushi was a major player on the hit television show Saturday Night Live. However, during his time on the show, he was known to make rather sexist and offensive remarks to the women writers of the show.

He was also known to scrap sketches by female writers because he didn’t think that women were as funny as men. After his death, his fellow cast members kept quiet about his behavior out of respect but eventually opened up. They talked about how he would sabotage pieces written by women, which created major tension on the show.

Trouble On Grey’s Anatomy With Isaiah Washington


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As if there wasn’t enough drama on Grey’s Anatomy already, apparently there were some pretty serious problems off-screen as well. The issues took place between Isaiah Washington, Patrick Dempsey, and T.R. Knight and even made the headlines of some news sources.

Originally, an argument had broken out between Washington and Dempsey which was eventually turned on Knight, whom Washington said a homophobic slur about. Washington publicly apologized after the news made the headlines and was able to keep his job. It wasn’t until after he repeated the slur again in a Golden Globes cast interview that he finally lost his job.

Alec Baldwin Wanted To Leave 30 Rock


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When Tina Fey was able to use her talent and skills to become the writer and creator of the comedy show 30 Rock, she jumped on the opportunity. She also jumped on the opportunity to have actor Alec Baldwin as one of the show’s main characters.

Although Baldwin is no stranger to feuds with people he’s openly insulted, such as Donald Trump and Harrison Ford, it wasn’t a feud but a supposed lack of creativity that made him want to leave the show. Around the fifth season, Baldwin claimed that the show’s creative quality was going down and that he wanted to get out since he had no control.

Turns out that Real Housewives had even more drama behind the scenes.

Shots Fired By Katherine Heigel At Grey’s Anatomy


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Although there was already some drama on the show with Washington and Knight, they weren’t the only two with problems on Grey’s Anatomy. At one point, drama erupted between Katherine Heigl and Shonda Rhimes, who was the creator and showrunner.

The problem started when Heigel refused to submit herself for any awards during the Emmy Nomination season, claiming that “she didn’t think the material she was given was worth rewarding”. Rhimes was obviously insulted by Heigel’s statement and was happy to see her leave the show in 2010.

Shannen Doherty Wasn’t Charmed


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In the third season of the fantasy television show Charmed, Shannen Doherty announced that she would no longer be acting in it. This came as a surprise to most, and she gave little reason why although many believed that it was related to the abandonment of her previous television series, Beverly Hills 90210.

As it turns out, her leaving the show had more to do with her co-workers then she let on. There were rumors that Doherty didn’t get along with co-star Alyssa Milano and said that being on the show with her was rough and “akin to high school”. However, the two made amends after Doherty was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Chevy Chase And Dan Harmon Of Community


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The show Community was already off to a rough start at the beginning of its first season. The comedy and tone of the show were catered to a very specific audience which annoyed the network because they wanted a general comedy show. Creator and producer Dan Harmon also had issues with actor Chevy Chase, who has been known to be the center of many feuds in the past.

It wasn’t long before Chase himself and the network agreed that Chase should no longer be a part of the show. Harmon was also fired in the process. Although Harmon returned after a year, he and Chase still have issues today.

You’ll never believe what Nicolette Sheridan claimed about Real Housewives.

William Shatner And The Crew Of Star Trek


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Although William Shatner may have played the valiant and bold Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek, it turns out Shatner had a different demeanor off-camera. He was known to try and take as much time in front of the camera as possible and steal his fellow cast members’ lines.

He wanted to make it known that he was the center of the show, which really got on the other cast members’ nerves. However, the biggest feud on the set was between Shatner and co-star George Takei. Shatner would even completely ignore Takei on set and their beef eventually went public years after it had begun on the set of Star Trek.

Sex And The City


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Apparently, some of the dramatic scenes on the HBO show Sex and the City had some real tension behind them. The female co-stars had numerous issues between themselves and with HBO over their payment for the work they did on the show.

As it turns out, the women were paid differently to correspond to their characters’ importance, which caused conflict among the actresses. Although Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon admitted that at times tension was high on set, the rumors made everything sound a lot worse than it actually was.

Real Drama On Real Housewives


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When a television show is based on the drama and secrets of real people, it’s only a matter of time that legit drama occurs between the cast and crew. This is exactly what happened between Real Housewives star Nicollette Sheridan and producer Marc Cherry.

At one point, Sheridan filed a $20 million lawsuit against Cherry, claiming that he had assaulted her on set and that she was fired from the show after she tried to report his behavior to the network. After she had tried to report him to Disney, she was written out of the show. The trial ended with an inconclusive jury and a re-trial was not granted.

The show Game of Thrones has more to worry about than just White Walkers.

Fake Romance On Castle


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Some actors are so good at pretending to be romantically involved onscreen that it’s easy to forget that they aren’t in real life. This was the case for Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion during the filming of Castle. The show was canceled after its eighth season because Katic said that she wouldn’t be returning to the show.

Apparently, Katic and Fillion refused to speak to each other off the set and even went to couples counseling in order to help them get along throughout filming. Although nothing too extreme ever happened between them, their seemingly genuine relationship on the show was impressive considering the real-life situation.

The Cast Of Glee


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A television show centered around young actors and stage performers fighting for solos and exposure — what could go wrong? Throughout the course of the television show, the actors on Glee were no strangers to heartbreak, drama, and everything in between.

There was the tragic and untimely death of actor Cory Monteith, Dianna Argon leaving the show for personal reasons, and the sex scandal when Mark Salling was arrested for possession of child pornography. On top of all that, there were also rumors that Naya Rivera had serious issues with Lea Michele and even requested to be in less of season six then originally planned.

The ‘Half’ Of Two And A Half Men Wasn’t Happy


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Though there was some serious drama concerning Charlie Sheen and the show Two and a Half Men, that wasn’t the only thing that the show creators had to worry about. As some time passed and the dust settled, actor Angus T. Jones who played the “half” part publicly criticized the show calling it “filth” and encouraged the audience and its fans to stop watching it.

Jones received some backlash for this after he spent so many years collecting huge paychecks, only to publicly denounce it later. As if the show hadn’t been through enough, it looks like only Jon Cryer is left standing.

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Victoria Jackson And The Cast Of SNL


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Saturday Night Live is no stranger to having drama between its cast and crew. However, when it came to casting member Victoria Jackson, things were a little bit different. Her religious and political views became a major issue for the satirical show.

Although it didn’t start as anything much, it escalated into backstage arguments and eventually Jackson even publicly opposed her former cast members. She was eventually supported by the Tea Party years later. She then openly discussed her issues with what had been going on behind the scenes of the show. She was the only SNL cast member not to be in the main audience during the 50th anniversary TV special.

The Dynamic Duo Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer Deteriorated Over Time


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Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar were the guardians of their town and best friends in the timeless show Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although they started out as good friends and had good chemistry both on and off the set, things began to change as time went on.

While still filming the show, both actresses started fostering their external careers which eventually led to the two becoming at odds with each other. It was reported that Gellar had been unhappy since season three, and she really ruffled feathers when she announced that season seven was going to be her last, without notifying the cast and crew first.

Battle Rages Behind The Scenes Of Game of Thrones


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If you’ve never noticed, the Game of Thrones characters Bronn, played by Jerome Flynn, and Cersei Lannister, played by Lena Headey, have never shared a scene before. This was done on purpose due to personal issues between the two and it is even in their contracts not to be in the same room as each other.

Jerome and Lena are no longer on speaking terms because they used to be romantically involved but things ended pretty messily between them. It must be tough working with an ex that you no longer speak with. But then again, nothing is easy in Westeros.

Laverne & Shirley Weren’t As Close As It Seemed


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Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams did quite a job pretending to be best friends on the show Laverne & Shirley. The two were very different from each other which caused some issues behind the scenes. The creator of the show, Gary Marshall, was Penny’s brother, so it seemed only natural that his sister would be the lead of the show.

However, Williams has claimed that Penny had been trying to get her kicked off of the show so she could be the solo star. Then, Williams got pregnant during the eighth season and asked for time off from the show, but was refused. She then sued for $20 million and got out of her contract, leaving Penny as the star of the show titled Laverne & Shirley.

Gabe Kaplan Stirred The Pot On Welcome Back, Kotter


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Comedian Dave Kaplan starred as the funny and endearing schoolteacher on the show Welcome Back Kotter. He was on the show for four seasons and although the relationships he had with his students may have looked bright, his relationship with the rest of the cast was not.

Marcia Strassman, who played Kotter’s wife, had some negative things to say about him. She stated, “it has always been hard to act with him, especially in intimate scenes. I hate the series. I pray every day for a cancellation”. Once this became public, it created a major rift in the crew. Kaplan began to appear less and less on the show although he was the main character.