These Beauty Queens Had It All But Their Lives Still Ran Into Horrific Tragedy

Pageant queens hold a special place in society. They’re the essence of what it means to be beautiful on the outside. Magazines lust for them, and people around the world are fascinated and captivated by their beauty.

It’s one thing to be beautiful, it’s something completely different to be a beauty queen. The standards are incredibly high, and the future is incredibly bright. It’s those same standards that make the tragic ending and collapse of a beauty queen so much more jaw-dropping. This article dives deep into pageant stars who had it all and ended up with nothing to show for it.

JonBenet Ramsay

It was the murder story that pierced the heart of America. JonBenet Ramsay, an American child beauty queen, was killed in her family’s home. A ransom note was left for the family, and her body was found in their own home eight hours after she was reported missing.

There are many rumors and conspiracies that follow this case. It still has yet to be solved which makes it still very relevant today.